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A Haramaki is a wide Japanese ‘body belt’ made from cotton that can be worn next to the skin or over clothes to warm your body’s core and vital organs. Healing bamboo, also known, as ‘white diamond’ is charcoal created at high temperatures (1,400 – 1,800 F) over a period of two weeks. Now, if you’re less active, suffer from the cold and have twinges in your back the supporting, warm comfort offered by a Haramaki is perfect for sitting in front of the TV. Recharge your Healing Bamboo Haramaki by leaving in direct sunlight or a full-spectrum light bulb for 2 hours once a month. Tags: anunnaki, cuneiform, DNA, DNA repair, Dumuzi, enki, healing, inanna, sumerTalking about healing frequencies, like the alleged DNA Repair frequency of 528 hz, there is a story told on a cuneiform stone tablet going back to Sumer about when Inanna visited her half sister Ereshkigal.
From clay (ceramic systems…) of the Abzu (Africa), Enki fashioned two robotic androids beings without blood.

When your core is warmer you’ll find it helps keep your extremities warmer too, so expect warmer fingers and toes. First she told her messenger to ask Enki (father of Dumuzi) for assistance if Inanna wouldn’t be back as anticipated. Marduk was the one indirectly responsible for Dumuzis death and was sentenced and sent into exile. Large interconnected crystals in many colors in use in the Ekur (artificial mount), the Great Pyramid, and for special purposes like for the healing of Inanna.
A dancer, sportsperson, or golfer can wear a Haramaki while warming up and when wanting to call down all they have to do is pull the Haramaki down. Inanna wanted to demand her right with the one next in line, Nergal, to take her as a second wife.

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