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Jay and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your prayers and blessings this past month of April.
We have been having some feeding challenges and just found out that Sarah has what’s known as a tongue tie. Disclaimer: This information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. Though science and technology has made great progress, we still tag on to many ancient techniques and traditions. The Comfrey plant is grown in many parts of the world to make medicines and supplements from its leaves and roots.
Ointments and poultices made from Comfrey leaves can be applied to sprains, cuts, rashes and boils.
A few studies reveal that Comfrey might contain PAs, which are the chief cause of liver malfunction and cancer in animals. Comfrey leaves are dried and crushed into a powder, which is taken by people suffering from any lung illnesses.
Comfrey not only has medicinal values but also acts as a food supplement if taken in controlled quantity. Samuel Thomson, an early botanic physician included many accounts of Comfrey’s miracle in his writings. When you are wounded or burned, you can prepare a poultice out of comfrey leaves and apply it in place of antiseptic cream. To prepare a poultice collect a few Comfrey leaves and pure distilled water or mineral water. Comfrey performs multiple tasks such as curing diseases, maintaining health and healing wounds. Other infections and injuries that can be cured with this plant are burns, Eczema, spider bites, amoebic infections, minor burns, insect stings and minor fractures. Although this herb is known for its medicinal values and curing abilities there are a few side effects if taken inappropriately or improperly. The FDA has restricted the use of oral Comfrey products as traces of hepatotoxic pyrrolidizine alkaloids have been detected. Although many people throughout the world consume and use this herb regularly, reports performed on humans and animals by experts, state that Comfrey is safe only used or consumed under proper medical supervision. More than 3,000 years ago, Roman and Greek physicians used Comfrey as the main ingredient in their medicines. Wash the Comfrey leaves well, tie the stems together with a string and let them dry in your backyard.
Add two tablespoons of Comfrey powder (tea) to 2 cups of boiling water in a stainless steel or glass vessel. Dip a clean, sterilized cloth into this tea and apply to wounds and injuries for quick relief. You can increase the fertility of the soil in your garden by using Comfrey as an organic Fertilizer. Young and sprouting plants could die or have adverse effects if Comfrey fertilizer is used on them. If you wish to benefit from the medical magic of Comfrey, try to plant it in your backyard or garden. If the aim of growing the plant is for its leaves, keep cutting the leaves from the bottom, as this will control flower growth and promote more leaf growth. It is better to avoid any external or internal application in infants and children below five years of age.
You may either buy Comfrey products from nearby stores if available or place an order on any of the websites that sell Comfrey. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years. The antiseptic qualities of comfrey, in my opinion, should be limited to be used in soaps and other cleaning products. As to the comfrey – well the liver toxity issue is for massive amounts of comfrey not comfrey used in a time of need. I was told by a patient of mine that comfrey helps hair grow back, he brought me a jar of comfrey tea but now I dont know how to use it?
Swimmers ear is a type of problem which usually results in a mild irritation and blockage of ears.
The problem arises due to the entry of water into the ears resulting in softening of the resistant skin layers of ears. Entry of bacteria or fungi into the ears through contaminated water can be considered as an important cause for swimmers ear. A mixture of equal amounts of white vinegar, water and peroxide is also proved excellent in the treatment of swimmers ear. Applying a little of oil inside the ears, before swimming can be helpful in draining out the water and hence preventing the problem of swimmers ear.
Do not use sharp objects to clean out the ears as this can create infections, instead you can use a piece of soft cloth for cleaning your ears.
Sarah Grace gracefully came into this world on April 16th at 8:22pm in a wonderful home birth. We still use conventional methods of treatment with traditional herbs and ancient remedies despite the latest inventions in medical science.

The juice of the leaves would drip out, the skin around the wound would contract, and thus healing would take place. Because of their properties farmers used to feed Comfrey leaves to their animals as a part of their diet. Ranging from broken bones to chronic ulcers and hereditary ailments these leaves can cure anything.
These chemicals are responsible for the plants anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and analgesic effects.
It acts as an expectorant and is capable of curing chronic coughs and respiratory ailments. Comfrey is a laxative and the mucilage present in it stops diarrhea and induces digestive juice for better digestion of food.
You can find these herbs growing in the pastures of Newfoundland and a few parts of Georgia and Louisiana. People call it boneset, healing herb, slippery root, salsify, common Comfrey and gum plant among others. The mucilage present in it acts as a moisturizer, which softens the skin and cures skin problems.
It has also been noted that many cases of Diarrhea and dysentery can also be cured to some extent using this herb. Just like any other medicine it is always advisable to take Comfrey only under medical supervision.
They also suggested that potions and beverages be made out of these herbs for a healthy life. Due to its toxic ingredients, medical practitioners have placed a hold on the ingestion of this concoction.
See that you spread the liquid in small quantities as lot of nutrients are contained in a small dose.
A child’s skin is very sensitive to chemicals and the Comfrey medication could cause damage to young delicate skin. Follow the instructions given on the box carefully and maintain the doses accordingly to avoid any side effects.
This is not a serious illness but should be treated properly in order to prevent the ailment from being persistent and creating lot more problems like auditory damages.
A number of home remedies are available in the case of swimmers ear and some effective remedies among them are mentioned below. A little of white vinegar can be put near the ear canal of both ears and can be left as such for about 5 minutes. Due to the antibacterial properties of garlic, it is used as a medicine for a variety of diseases. Rinsing the affected ear using a few drops of hydrogen peroxide can be helpful in curing almost all types of ear infections. A cotton ball can be soaked in the alcohol and can be gently scrubbed over the ear canal which is very helpful in curing the problem. This mixture can be used for rubbing inside the affected ear which is helpful in curing as well as preventing further infection. Dragging the ears in many directions after swimming can be helpful in draining out the water.Swimming in polluted water should be completely avoided as this is the main cause for the infection. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. I have been blessed again to work with some of the top Pediatric specialists who are also Natural Health specialists and can’t wait to share with you about their work. The products I talk about are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any illness or disease. Various leaves, roots, stems, flowers and fruits found in different parts of the world contain medicinal qualities, which researchers use to create new medicines. Herbal pastes, cosmetic creams and moisturizing lotions contain Comfrey leaf extract because of its medicinal value.
Due to its analgesic and anti- inflammatory properties, Comfrey is used in medicines for sprains, joint stiffness, pain in the joints or muscles and edema. A few of the elements present in this herb are Vitamin A, B12, C, B complex, proteins, calcium, minerals, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium, Magnesium, copper, sulphur and Germanium.
Now grind the Comfrey leaves by hand with a mortar and pestle or blend until they become a paste. Ailments ranging from arthritis to chronic Asthma, aches and illnesses can be cured completely using regular doses of Comfrey. The pepsin in this herb promotes good digestion and keeps the digestive system working well. In addition, if the cuts are too deep or badly infected Comfrey alone would not work effectively. Teas or concoctions made using Comfrey leaves was considered the best medication for any injury, wound or health problem.
If you wish to spread the herbal fertilizer in the garden, dilute it further and spread it all over your garden.
Ointments, lotions, poultices and creams made of Comfrey must be tested for skin adaptability before using. Though the sites claim that oral medications supplied by them are authentic and real, consult your doctor before consuming them.

1 month of daily comfrey tea, mixed withsome rooibos tea and liqourise root healed me with no side effects. The person may experience a sharp pain inside the ear which can be considered as a major warning sign for the swimmers ear. Rinsing out the affected ear using a simple saline solution can also cure the problem of swimmers ear.
Application of warm compresses is also proved to be very useful in the treatment of swimmers ear and is one among the commonly used home remedies.
Using an earplug is found to be useful in stopping the entry of water into the ear tract while swimming and hence can prevent infections.
Comfrey is one of those valuable plants, which have contributed a lot to the field of medicine. Both the roots and leaves are used to make skin washes and soaps that prevent skin diseases and fungal infections. Other ingredients include rosmarinic acid, steroidal saponins, triterpenoids, sugar, carotene, alkaloids, gum, beta- sitosterol, zinc, inulin, mucilage, protein and vitamin B12. This single herb plays various roles; it works as a Vulnerary (healing wounds), expectorant (expel mucous), Haemostatic (blood clotting), Proliferant (increase growth of cells), astringent (compress blood vessels and pores on the skin), Anodyne (pain relief), coolant and a sedative.
During the period of Alexander the Great, Comfrey was used to treat wounded soldiers of the army. You can use medicines that contain Comfrey to cure minor problems such as coughs, ulcers, sprains, rashes and more. As per the studies conducted recently, external application of Comfrey in any form is safe whereas internal consumption might have risks. This recipe works better than manure, as the potassium content in this enables better flowering and growth of the plants. The nitrogen content helps in overall growth of your plants, especially in flowering and fruit bearing ones. If you can get a hold of some fresh Comfrey roots, just follow the steps below and watch your Comfrey grow.
If you intend to buy any Comfrey products, make sure you purchase them from a licensed provider who deals in genuine medications.
At times, a toxic reaction happens when Belladonna leaves are mixed with Comfrey leaves by mistake. Blocking of ears may result in a decreased hearing which is another main symptom for the problem.
Protect your ears from chemicals, dusts, hair sprays and other cosmetics as entry of these may cause infection in the ear tract. People living in the Far East make tea out of Comfrey leaves and drink it as a refreshing beverage. Comfrey could close up a deep wound too quickly trapping dirt and alien objects inside the wound and causing swelling and pus. Once again, just be careful and check if the supplier is genuine and the products are safe before purchasing the goods. Excess usage or the wrong prescription could lead to disastrous consequences in any healthy human being.
Swimming, bathing and some times being in rain may also result in the problem of swimmers ear. Please seek the qualified health professional of your choice when making health decisions for yourself, your family and your pets. The roots of this plant are black in color and contain a pulpy, sticky, gelatinous substance.
Once the paste is well heated and starts getting thicker remove it from the stove and let it cool. So see that you buy raw materials or the medicinal form of Comfrey from reliable sources only. Yellowish fluid discharges from the ears are one of the significant symptoms of swimmers ear. This can very effectively help in checking further infection of ears and hence is used as a home remedy for the problem. It contains a chemical called Allantoin, which accelerates the healing of cuts, burns and bruises. In due course, catholic priests became physicians and started growing this herb in the Monastery gardens. Putting two to three drops of heated baby oil can be also considered as a good home remedy in the case of swimmers ear.
This can very effectively help in draining out the water and hence preventing the infection. As this herb has multi-curing abilities, the Christian priests concentrated more on cultivating these herbs rather than growing other plants. Infection caused in the middle ear can generate the problem of swimmers ear and hence is a cause for the same.
Heated baby oil can be put by drops using a dropper into both the ears and can be left as such for about 5 minutes.

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