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Could you please update a map that shows the peasant and arable farming in Jamaica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Areas with temperate climates tend to be densely populated as there is enough rain and heat to grow crops e.g. Good job opportunities encourage high population densities, particularly in large cities in MEDCs and LEDCs around the world. The major reason for population changes, whether in an individual country or for the whole world, is the change in birth and death rates.
Over the past 150 years improvements in health care and sanitation around the world have led to a drop in the death rate. The Demographic Transition Model attempts to show how population changes as a country develops. The population structure for an area shows the number of males and females within different age groups in the population. The Department of Energy (DOE) issued new efficiency standards today that will dramatically reduce the energy use of a little-known home energy hog.
The good news is that big energy savings can be achieved by switching out the motor used to drive a furnace fan. Besides saving consumers money on their energy bills, the new standards for furnace fans can also improve comfort in two ways. Second, in addition to improved motor efficiency, the new standards are also based on the use of multi-stage controls for furnaces.

The energy savings from the new standards for furnace fans will also translate to reductions in CO2 emissions of about 180 million metric tons, which will help in meeting President Obama’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 3 billion metric tons by 2030 through efficiency standards.
By taming this costly energy hog, the new efficiency standards for furnace fans will save consumers money, increase comfort, and help protect the environment all at the same time.
The birth rate is the number of live babies born in a year for every 1000 people in the total population. Furnace fans, which circulate heated and cooled air throughout a home, consume more than twice the electricity in a year as a typical new refrigerator. But in homes with central air conditioning, the fan circulates cooled air during the summer in addition to the heated air during the winter. Typical furnace fans use permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors, but brushless permanent magnet (BPM) motors, which can be used to meet the new performance standards, are much more efficient and are available today.
First, furnace fans using PSC motors are often unable to provide sufficient airflow to achieve desired comfort levels throughout a home.
Population pyramids of LEDCs (Less Economically Developed Countries) typically have a wide base and a narrow top. The new standards will cut the cost to power furnace fans by about 40% and also deliver improved comfort.
Furnace fans consume about 1,000 kilowatt-hours per year, or almost 10% of the total electricity use of an average U.S.
The new standards will save an average consumer about $340 to $500 over the life of a furnace fan and will ensure that all furnace fans provide good efficiency performance.

Furnace fans often encounter significant resistance to airflow, and as this resistance increases, the airflow that a furnace fan with a PSC motor can provide drops off significantly.
Multi-stage or modulating furnaces, on the other hand, can provide two or more levels of heat output (high and low, for example), allowing the furnace to better match the actual demand for heat. On a national level, DOE estimates that the new standards will reduce electricity consumption by about 500 billion kilowatt-hours over thirty years of sales, an amount equal to the annual electricity use of about 47 million U.S. Furnace fans using more efficient motors can improve comfort simply by doing a better job of providing sufficient airflow.
As a general rule the higher the life expectancy the more healthy (or developed) a country is. Population pyramids of MEDCs (More Economically Developed Countries) typically have a roughly equal distribution of population throughout the age groups. And yet, while the energy use of furnace fans is significantly higher than that of other common home appliances (see below), because furnace fans are inside a furnace, their energy consumption is hidden to most consumers. Population pyramids are used to show the structure of the population according to age and sex.

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