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ANH-USA is working to protect access to bio-identical hormones, such as Estriol, from unwarranted interference by the FDA. Access to Estriol In January 2008, the FDA issued several warning letters to compounding pharmacists prohibiting the compounding of medications with estriol—a bio-identical estrogen that is produced naturally by a woman’s body—unless the pharmacist has a valid investigational new drug application on file with the FDA. In addition to their pleasing scents, aromatherapy essential oils have diverse therapeutic properties. Tagged with anxiety, anxiety in women, aromatherapy essential oils chart, cholesterol natural, d-limonene, essential oils, lowering cholesterol, lowering cholesterol naturally, oregano oil, oregano oil benefits, signs of anxiety, signs of anxiety in women.
I studied with the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy about 20 years ago and besides being a certified aesthetician and authoring a number of books on skin care and beauty, I developed my own 100% ORGANIC moisturizer made of 11 different organic essential oils.

Oh how awesome – can you give us the name of your ORGANIC Moisturizer and where we can get it??? I like to use lavender oil in my dryer to give my clothes a pleasant smell without all of the chemicals. This action was simultaneous to the FDA’s response to a Citizen Petition filed by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, the maker of the synthetic hormone replacement drugs Premarin and Prempro.
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This simple aromatherapy essential oils chart will help you decide which aromas can help you relax, fight infection, and more. You’ll get our healthy eating plan, find out why stress is so dangerous and what to do about it, learn how to get quality sleep, and much more! By doing so, you can encourage others who are seeking a particular aromatherapy essential oil of their own!

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