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Natural remedies have been around since the beginning of time, and most cultures still turn to them as their main means of healthcare. According to an extensive report printed in Life Extension Magazine in March, 2004, conventional medicine is now the #1 cause of death! Pharmaceutical companies make over $100 billion each year selling drugs in the US, and it seems clear that drug manufacturers are more concerned with making money than considering the overall effects the medicine will have on the patient.
What most people don’t realize is that more than 25% of all prescription drugs contain plant derivatives, and over 80,000 different types of plants are used all over the world for medicinal purposes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Headaches are usually a sign that something is wrong in the body, and they are the bodies natural way of releasing toxins.
Many medications these days can actually inhibit the removal of toxins the body is trying to get rid of, but this doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through headaches.
1. Feverfew in particular has been frequently used by migraine sufferers with much success. One of the benefits of using natural remedies, is that they tend to have a cumulative affect on the body. If you don’t have a local place that sells herbs in bulk, check out Mountain Rose Herbs for buying many of these herbs in their natural, whole form.
I believe that every single person on the planet deserves to live well, eat well, and thrive!
I have been using lavender for years and have converted several people to using this as the first resort. A migraine is a headache characterized by throbbing pulsing pain in one area of the head (as opposed to other headaches that cause pain on two opposite sides of the head) accompanied by other symptoms. Generally, migraines often persist for specific amount of time, from 2 hours to as long as 3 days.
Migraine sufferers with aura may experience prodrome symptoms one to two days before the actual migraine such as constipation, depression, diarrhea, hyperacidity, neck stiffness and food cravings. After the migraine attack some people feel drained of energy or even mildly happy, thought the positive feeling might be related to relief from pain.
Aside from being a symptom of other medical conditions, the primary cause of headaches can be attributed to oversensitivity of pain receptors around the head.
Headaches and migraines often happen with other symptoms such as abdominal disturbances, problems in hearing and seeing, and inability to perform mental work. Headaches and migraines can be a symptom of something, like medical conditions, too much stress in the body or even side effect of medications.
For those who are used to mild headaches and migraines, natural treatments exist to reduce intensity of discomfort and bring relief. After a century of society and the medical community blaming Migraines on their sufferers, advanced technology and the age of information gave us the knowledge to begin to understand this debilitating disease.
The human body is so very complex and I would say that swe are only beginning to unlock the mysteries of the human mind. I loved you article, I have never suffered from headaches this bad before so I don’t know what people are going through when this happens but now that I have read your article I have a little bit more understanding and can sympathize with them. I had a friend that would get migraines so bad that the doctors would give her some kind of shot and a special nose spray that was just a onetime use thing to relieve the pain.
Migraines are nothing to scoff at, I used to get the kind that would have you debilitated in bed for days.
I use to get migraines but I learned quickly that if you drink enough water to accommodate your body. I know the topic of this article is based on headaches and migraines and the possible remedies available. There have been few times in my life when I have suffered from headaches or even a migraine. It is amazing to me that in this day and age when medical science has advanced so much and we have things such as MRIs to scan the brain and its activity, among other things, that we cannot fully explain the cause of headaches.
Lupus, a chronic medical condition that involves inflammation in different body parts when the immune system begins to attack our own organs and tissues. Flaxseed, also known as linseed is one of the most effective herbal remedies for treating various signs of lupus. Tripterygium Wilforgii Hook F is an effective herbal remedy that is known for curing various ailments including arthritis and lupus.
Yucca is an herb that is considered to be a rich source of steroidal polyphenolics and saponins that helps in reducing the joint pain often associated with the inflammation caused by lupus.
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Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The United States, however, has only recently seen an increase in use after a long period of turning away from them.
National Poison Data System put out a 174-page report in 2010 stating that the number of Americans killed in 2009 by vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbal supplements is zero!
Learn about topics such as: holistic medicine, alternative medicine, addiction, natural cures for acid reflux, back pain and arthritis, biofeedback, Chinese medicine, chi, crystal healing, cupping, ear candling, aromatherapy, gua sha therapy, hologram therapy, magnetic therapy, massage, Native American healing, herbal cures, pilates, polarity therapy, self healing, therapeutic touch, vibrational therapy, and the benefits of vinegar. Pharmaceutical reps, who have no medical training, are coached to provide incentives and gifts to doctors who prescribe their medications. The pharmaceutical companies are starting to realize that the cures are available to us simply from our own earth, so they are beginning to add them to their drugs. By using natural remedies, such as medicinal herbs and other alternative methods, you are allowing your body the opportunity to heal itself.
On our Herbal Products page, you will find more information about how to create your own home remedies.
By growing your own herbs and creating your own products, you can save a ton of money that you would typically spend on drugs.
Headaches can have many different causes such as digestive disorders, muscular tension, PMS, stress, caffeine addiction, eyestrain and more. Many herbal remedies can help ease headaches while the body releases and removes toxins from the body. Many migraine sufferers that have taken Feverfew regularly for an extended period of time, have found themselves to be completely free of migraines. Valerian is somewhat of a tranquilizer and is a safe and natural alternative to sedative drugs.
Black Haw contains the pain reliever salicin, so it is often used for menstrual cramps as well as headaches.
Lavender isn’t just a wonderful fragrance, but is also know to help relieve tension and stress heachaches. Rosemary acts as a stimulant to the circulatory, digestive and nervous systems, and as a result can be a relief to headaches.
White Willow is known as the original herbal aspirin, and may soothe inflammatory conditions and headaches. If you suffer from serious and frequent headaches or migraines, herbs may help to remove toxins and permanently relieve headaches if you take them regularly. Taking herbs when a headache begins or before as a preventative, may bring about the best results.
It is commonly treated as a symptom rather than a disorder; it is often a symptom of a medical condition like flu. And some people with migraines experience an aura (set of symptoms) before experiencing attacks. Doctors are aware of this and usually manage it by having the patient undergo series of tests and laboratory exams.
However, dangerous and outdated myths surrounding the Migraine disease have not yet been dispelled on a widespread basis. I am fortunate not to have a chronic problem with this, but the few times that I have suffered from headache it was excruciating. But I also imagine that those who stumble upon this article may be drinkers in search of some sort of cure for their hangover. I find it just as perplexing how or why top-notch professional athletes can be susceptible to migraine headaches.
Nevertheless, this article contains the best explanation for headaches that I have ever heard. Lupus can affect various systems in our body including the skin, blood cells, brain, lungs, heart, kidney and joints.It is often considered difficult to diagnose as its symptom often tend to mimic those of some other ailments. This herb is popular for the laxative properties that it has but it is also known to work significantly on curing different symptoms of lupus.The oil present in the flax seeds is an important source of fatty acid. In some of the extreme cases where the immune system goes out of control, this herb is used in suppressing the overactive cells in the body that fights to destroy the healthy tissues of the body.This herb is considered to be very safe when used in accordance to the directions suggested by an expert herbalist. This herb works as an immunosuppressant and helps relieve the inflammation caused by lupus, the autoimmune disease.It produces a substance that enables it to act as COX-2 inhibitor.
This herb is popularly known as tulsi and is being used in various ayurvedic medicines since ages.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. We are finally beginning to look back to what nature provided us with and the wisdom and power it holds, instead of trusting only in our own ability to create synthetic drugs.
While traditional medicine has its place and should certainly not be overlooked or ignored completely, it does have its downside.

Hopefully the percentage of plant derivatives will increase considerably over the next several years.
This only changed when chemical synthesis led to rapid drug production, meaning more people could be treated quickly and that pharmaceutical companies could get very rich. Natural remedies have an emphasis on prevention and curing disease, rather than merely putting a band aid on the problem and making the patient reliant on strong drugs for the rest of their lives. Typically, these side effects, however, are minimal to nonexistent, especially when compared to the side effects and reactions people have to conventional medicine.
Using a Rosemary oil on your temples or in your bath water can be very soothing and relaxing. Pregnant or lactating women should especially be careful and consult a professional before taking any herb or supplement. Headache is a more general term for any discomfort originating from the head or neck; it is further classified into specific descriptions like cluster headaches, thunderclap headaches, tension headaches, etc. Migraine pain is described as pulsating pain on a side of the head accompanied by nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, diarrhea or increased sensitivity to light, sounds and smells. People with migraine often report much suffering because attacks may not respond to over-the-counter medications. Not only are such myths believed by many loved ones and co-workers of those with Migraines, but by those with Migraines themselves. If this booklet is as good as advertised, and its remedies are as affective for anyone as they are to those in the testimonials, and it is more than worth the $87.
As anyone who has ever suffered from a headache or migraine noticed too well that it can debilitate you and sideline you. I know of a couple of cases where professional athletes have had to miss games because of a migraine headache.
The only times I can recall suffering from headaches have been after nights of binge drinking, when I’ve had a hangover.
Some people are born with the tendency to develop lupus, whereas others are triggered by different infections, drugs, or sunlight.This autoimmune disease can be treated through various effective herbs such as flaxseed, Astragalus, Yucca and Holy Basil.
But if you are consuming immunosuppressants, then it is suggested that you take the consent from your doctor before consuming this herb.
This herb contains anti inflammatory properties that helps in reducing stress, which is known to intensify the symptoms in lupus. Luckily, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is now funding clinical trials to help improve the understanding of herbal medicine in the medical world. This chemical synthesis turned out to be bad because pharmaceutical companies now refuse to acknowledge their roots in nature. Usually when these problems occur from herbal medicine, it is due to improper dosage and impurities. I’d much rather go with the solutions our wise ancestors used that came from what was provided for us naturally on this earth. I also think that the natural remedies are better way to protect us from health issues than Conventional Medicine.
Use in combination with Valerian to stimulate the digestive system and relax it so that toxins can be flushed out quickly and effectively.
So far, I have not found a better pick me up from a hangover than one of those five hour energy shots. I do not get chronic headaches but I have suffered a painful headache one time and I literally could not do anything – could not function at all. I can be surprising because you tend to think of star athletes as indestructible are invincible. Other than that, I tend to exercise and eat healthy and I attribute this to my good health. These herbs work wonders in reducing the symptoms of lupus and often protects the body from developing lupus as well. This herb may interfere in the smooth functioning of other medications, so make sure you consult your doctor before taking flaxseeds for curing lupus symptoms. It first relieves the symptoms of this disease, lessens the need for medicines and normalizes the blood pathologies. One problem may be alleviated with the drug, but a number of other issues are brought to the table.
It’s also important to point out that the manufactured equivalent of the original herbal product requires more processing by the body and leaves behind toxins in the body. Some people have allergies to lavender and it can actually cause headaches, so it is best to test it out at a time when you are headache-free.

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