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A smoker’s cough refers to coughing that normally occurs in people who are long-term smokers. At first it may be dry in smokers who have not smoked for very long, but over time it usually produces phlegm.
Due to smokers cough, it seems to be harder to catch breath or it is harder to climb a flight of stairs. If cough becomes old (more than two three weeks) and weight is also loosing, it can be the symbol of smokers cough. A hoarse voice that lasts more than a few days or is not accompanied by other typical cold symptoms, could be the symbol of smokers cough. This, in turn, leads to coughing as the body attempts to clear these substances from your lungs.
The best thing about natural home remedies is that they can be used to treat illness while over-the-counter drugs are disease specific.
These remedies are cheaper and the ingredients used in these remedies are very easily available. This entry was posted in Body Care, Cough, Health Care, Herbal Care, Home Remedies, Natural Cures, Smokers Cough and tagged Cough Remedies, Herbal Remedies, Herbal Remedies That Work, Home Remedies, Home Remedies That Work, Home Treatments, Homemade Medicines, Kitchen Remedies, Natural Home Remedies That Work, Natural Remedies, Natural Treatments, signs of smoker's cough, Simple Remedies At Home, smokers cough cure, smokers cough remedies, smokers cough symptoms, smokers cough treatment. Whooping cough is extremely contagious and can be passed on just by breathing in recycled air or coughs or sneezes of an infected person. Even with a vaccination early in childhood adults are still susceptible to being infected with whooping cough since the vaccination wears off after childhood. Doctors suggest getting the vaccination for young children, adults and teens should also receive booster shots just in case. For adults there is no known whooping cough treatment but there are several prescriptions and natural remedy for whooping cough that your doctor can provide for you to make your illness easier to bear. Cough is a common ailment that each one of us has to deal with at least once in a lifetime.
Cough often go together withsinus infections, cold, flu, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia and measles.
There are many kinds of medicines available in the market these days to get rid of cough and cold. A mixture of honey, salt and orange juice works as a very good remedy to treat sore throat, and cough and cold.
Bronchitis may be the result of a viral infection, usually catching hold of the nasal passage and spreading to lungs. Fortunately there are many simple and economical home remedies that help a lot in managing the bronchitis cough.
Mayo clinic and University of Maryland canter strongly recommend the use of ginger tea for cough. Goodness of honey will sooth the dry throat and lemon juice will give the much needed vitamin C, so essential for sore throat.Take 2 to 3 tbsp of finely grated ginger. Turmeric  is  well known to be an antiseptic.  It is taken as a part of regular diet in Indian-subcontinent. Boiled for a little lesser time  than a half- boiled egg, it comes around as a quick acting remedy for bronchial cough.
If it is winter season, keep yourself warm, specially your chest should remain warm.It helps a great deal in getting rid of bronchitis cough.
You can drink a cinnamon tea, or clove tea or even a garlic tea, if you may like to call it a tea. While looking after yourself so well, trying all sorts of remedies, you must keep in mind that you should stay away from cold food , cold water and cold drinks. Cough and cold are common viral infections that are found to occur among both the children and the adults.
It is an extremely contagious ailment and the adults can get affected at least 2 to 4 times in a year while the children can suffer from it about 12 times in a year. Cilia are tiny hair-like cells that catch toxins in inhaled air and move them upwards toward the mouth.

During the night, these cilia begin to repair themselves as they are no longer exposed to the toxins in smoke.
Gum or candy can be used to keep yourself occupied, therefore clearing up the smoker’s cough. Water works to lubricate the throat so that the bruising caused from coughing constantly will be less painful.
Drink a lot of fresh lemon juice every day to replenish the body with vitamin C and calcium.
Inhale the steam from the boiling water, taking deep breaths, while covering your head with a towel. While the water cools, inhale the vapors from these leaves and this should help stop the smoker’s cough. Try these remedies for two to three weeks but if the cough still moving to more severe conditions, go for doctor’s opinion. Also infants under 6months of age are also susceptible because the vaccination is not full complete until you have had three doses.
If you suspect you have been exposed to whooping cough you should get lots of rest, it will help to fight off the illness.
Some foods that cause phlegm include but not limited to milk or milk based products, rice, sugary products such as soda, and refined flour products. Children under the age of 2 should be seen by a medical physician since in most cases they will be hospitalize due to the fact that children under 2 can be severally affected by whooping cough. Cough is, in fact, the reaction of the body to the inflammation or the irritation in the lungs, bronchial tubes, throat as well as the larynx. Mix the grated garlic with a teaspoonful of honey and consume it as many times as required. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. These health related problems occur due to intake of fried foods, cold drinks, and cold food. However, these medicines are enriched with chemicals which may pose certain kinds of side effects.
Once the mucus comes out, the relief will be on its way.You can buy a mini steam inhaling unit, it will be very useful for the entire family and it can be bought at a very little price.
When the upper respiratory tract gets affected with mild viral infections, it is known as common cold.
Sudden change weather, change from one season to another, weak immune system, sitting near any individual who has already been affected by cough and cold etc are some of the many reasons that can cause this ailment.
As per this therapy, the individual needs to drink lots of water. A compress needs to be put on the forehead of the individual and the body has to be sponged and wiped with the help of a towel. As the cilia are called upon to catch and remove the accumulated toxins, the result is an increase in coughing upon arising in the morning. Whooping causes the person to have long periods of coughing spasms which leave the person with labored inhalation and breathless which causes a high-pitched whooping sounds, giving whooping cough it’s name. Early symptoms of whooping couch are often misses as they are mild and resemble the common cold.
Children under the age of two are at the highest risk of developing severe or even life-threatening symptoms and complications caused by whooping cough. Good foods to eat while you’re ill are raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, and other fresh fruit. This powder of turmeric has to be consumed in 3 grams dosage twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Sneezing, congestion, sore throat, fever, body pain, headache, and lethargy are some of the common symptoms of cough and cold. So, natural home remedies are always considered to be the best for dealing with the problem of cough and cold. There may be some fever and fatigue.  But problem occurs when your bronchitis has left you, and the cough has decided to stay back.

Inhale steam for about 10 minutes, with a cloth  thrown over the head to trap the steam.Some people prefer putting essential oils in the water. Put a dash of salt and eat it warm with your favorite hot tea.  It will definitely bring relief for bronchitis cough.
Runny nose, sore throat, tickle in the throat, sneezing, headache, cough, muscle aches, mild fever, feeling of fatigue etc are some of the symptoms of the ailment. After boiling the water for about 2-3 minutes, strain the mixture and add half tea-spoon of sugar in it.
Instead of being caught in transit, toxins are allowed to enter the lungs, where they settle and create inflammation.
Drink this mixture twice a day for at least a week to see improvement in the smoker’s cough. A vaccine for whooping cough came out in 1976 and the cases of whooping cough declined but in 2004 it started to make a come back. You should also try to keep the air you breathe cleaner by not smoking or even investing in an air purifier.
Again, mix 3 drops of peppermint oil with a spoonful of olive oil and massage the chest as many times as possible all through the day. Mix one spoon of onion juice with one spoon of honey and keep it aside for four to five hours. This act will seal the goodness and warmth of gargles and give you a lot of relief from that nagging cough.
Though they do not do much to look after the bronchitis cough , they definitely sooth the flayed nerves which  need looking after that exhausting cough. A good home remedy to give healing touch to the incessant coughing is rest in the comfortable confines of home. The early symptoms are sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, red watery eyes, loss of appetite and a dry cough.
These severe complications in children 2 years old and younger can include dehydration, ear infections, slow or stopped breathing, pneumonia, hernia or an injury to the chest wall (a result of hard coughing) or even seizures or brain damage.
Another one of the great home remedies for whooping cough is to take 1 teaspoon of Fenugreek seeds, 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger and a dash of honey.
Strain, add honey and a bit of lemon juice.This wonderfully tasty tea is a boon  for healing your  throat, tired of coughing non-stop. It regulates the phlegm and coats the throat for the night.Turmeric powder is available in the grocery stores or health stores. Taking adequate rest from work will give a boost to the immune system to rejuvenate itself. It is an excellent remedy for cough and cold.These simple natural remedies can provide relief from cough and cold. Affected people are also encouraged to eat small meals since the whooping cough can be severe enough to cause vomiting.
These symptoms are frequent coughing attacks that result in a large amount of thick phlegm and end with a loud whooping sound when you take in a breath. These coughing attacks can be severe enough to cause the ill person to have bulging eyes, discoloration in the face or even cause vomiting. By taking 5-6 drops of almond oil and 10 drops of both ginger juice and onion oil you will make a mixture that can be given to the ill person up to 3 times daily. The later symptoms of whooping cough also cause fatigue due to the severity of the coughing attacks. Fresh radish juice, honey and rock salt can also be combined to make a mixture that can also be given to the ill person 2-3 times daily.

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