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A survey conducted in January 2010 by the UK-based Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin found that 75.5% of responding doctors feel they are poorly informed about herbal medicine.
Despite the low number of responses to the survey (only 14% of surveys were completed and returned) the responses demonstrated a considerable lack of general knowledge in the medical community regarding herbal medicine. My suggestion for those looking for safe, reliable, and effective information on herbal medicine is to seek out a Naturopathic Doctor or herbalist who is highly trained in the use of herbal medicines and can provide you with information regarding safety, drug-herb interactions, potential side effects and safe dosage recommendations.
Herbal medicine is very well known all over world and it’s result is also very positive. Around 200 AD the Japanese emperor sent a number of diplomats and Doctors over t o China to study their medical systems. From this period there followed centuries of self imposed isolation in which Japanese Doctors developed their own medical systems. From 1860 to 1930 the practice of Kampo almost died out as the government ordered that all doctors had to train in Western Medicine first and only then could they study Kampo as a specialization.
In 1940 Dr Atsuko studied the classics (Shang Han Lun and others) and that of the Kahohho School (evidence based herbal medicine) and gave Kampo prominance in the treatment of patients. Gretchen De Soriano studied with Dr Atsuko in Japan and runs the Kampo apprenticeship in London and where I was a student.

The center of Kampo Medicine at Keio University School of Medicine carries out research with the main aim of clarifying the mechanism of action in Kampo Medicine. Presently there are some150 formulas that have been researched proved to have efficacy and therefor available for physicians to use within the Japanese Health Service. Herbal Medicine There are over a thousand herbs, dried and treated without any chemical assistance, specifically formulated in Chinese pharmacopoeia.
The treatment is primarily concerned with establishing and eradicating the cause of ill health through holistic treatment of the individual.
The doctors prescribe combinations of herbs (carefully selecting up to 15 from a total of 300) specifically suited to treat you and your condition. Loose herbs - roots, leaves or fruits etc which are decocted (boiled up) to extract the pharmacoLogically active ingredients. Firstly the practitioner conducts a diagnost interview, which includes asking questions relating to your health problems, taking your pulse and examining your tongue, before making a prescription. Secondly the practitione considers the patient’s overall symptoms, as well as the type and severity of illness and how and when it occurs. Thirdly, following guidelines from classical texts, the practitioner forms a basic prescription and then adjusts the mixture to the needs of the patient by adding or deleting various herbs, or manipulating the dosages of the compounds to fit the precise disharmony.  Such a prescription usually contains 5-15 substances and the dosages averages 3-15 grams per herb.

Most formulas consist of between 6 and 16 type of herbs to be boiled and drunk as “ tea” (decoction), these are tailor made to suit the individual’s patterns of disharmony. Each herb has its own specific characteristics and particular medical use to treat diseases by rectifying any hyperactivity or hypoactivity of yin and yang, and to help restore the body to its normal physiological functions. Occasionally, because the body has to readjust, there may be some minor side effects, such as loose stools, or diarrhoea, of which you will be informed beforehand. To ensure that the herbal medicine prescribed for you is Legal and safe, you should only see a qualified and registered TCM practitioner  (more details).
There is also a range of herbal pills, tablets, juices, sachets, and external use lotions, creams etc.
The herbs are prepared and drunk as a decoction or taken in tablet or capsule form, to resolve the problem.

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