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Physicians of ancient Egypt were probably trained in the temples, as were the priest- magicians and sorcerers.
Dealing primarily with wounds, the Edwin Smith papyrus is admired for the diagnostic acumen exhibited in the case histories detailed, where symptoms such as feeble pulse (2500 years before reference to the pulse appears in Greek medical treatises), palsy, and deafness are all recorded and referred to as due to one common cause- a head wound. The papyri prescribe many rational methods of treatment, such as diet, physiotherapy and drugs. The cases of the Edwin Smith papyrus are not only systematically constructed; each within itself, but their arrangement throughout is a systematic one.
Egyptian physicians were highly respected all over the ancient world for thousands of years. Please stop eating corn or limit consumption to Oregon Tilth Certified Organic corn (USDA certification permits GMO). When we talk about Native American traditional medicine, we are really talking about a combination of practices. As with most other ancient traditions, Native American medicine has been around since long before the written word, and even then, it wasn’t their written word, but that of the settlers and those who came after them.
Like so many other traditional medicinal styles, Native American medicine is completely holistic. With Native American healing, everything around the sick person is taken into consideration.
The medicine men of the Native American traditional were considered extremely powerful, but in reality, they would be the first to tell you that there was no actual power inside them, but the power came from both the spirit world and the universal energy.
Some of the herbs that Native American healers had been using for thousands of years are still used, and have found their way to the modern herbal pharmacopoeia of the West.
The Native American healing tradition has been around for thousands of years, and based on the present day interest in its tradition, will hopefully be around for thousands more! When shopping for yogurt – buy unflavored yogurt and add in fruit to sweeten it.  Look for organic on the label, which lets you know that the yogurt was produced without the use of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and toxic pesticides. Nearly as old as mankind itself, practice of medical procedures in some from has paralleled man’s development.
Organized peoples, enjoying the natural habitational advantages of these areas, were flourishing 6,000 years ago. However, when recorded history dawned, medicine was already a well-developed profession, and its practitioners had a heritage of experience, knowledge and beliefs handed down from a long line of predecessors by precept and word –of-mouth through countless centuries.
However, they formed a distinct profession, organized in a rigid hierarchy with court physicians at the top. Just as they had transcended primitive levels in statecraft, agriculture, technology and especially architecture and art, so did the Egyptians also reach higher levels in medicine. In addition to many surgical conditions, a great number of recognizable internal afflictions are reported in the papyri, such as worms, eye diseases, diabetes, rheumatism and schistosomiasis. Many of the drugs named undoubtedly were worthless, but some, such as tannic acid, turpentine, gentian, senna, and lead, and copper salts, are still used in medical practice. The physician is confronted with a patient having symptoms paralleling those cited in the third diagnosis of the seventh case history recorded in the Edwin Smith papyrus.

Corn now manufactures its own pesticide which causes insects to die of gastro-intestinal bleeding.
There are so many tribes in the Americas, and each tribe had (and still does have) its own variation of traditional medicine, although it is all based on similar principles, in that Native American tradition encompasses the idea that man and nature are one. This means that it covers every aspect of human life, including emotional, physical, and spiritual. So, when a healer is taking a medical history of a patient, they will ask about spiritual factors, physical factors, emotional factors, and even environmental factors. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In not a few instances, the quality or lack of medical service has profoundly influenced the quality of medical service has profoundly influenced the course of civilizations.
Imhotep is said to have constructed the famous step pyramid of Sakkarah, near Memphis, for Pharaoh Zoser. The papyri (so Called because they were written on sheets prepared from the papyrus plant) dealing exclusively with medicine abound with magic formulas and prayers.
Some medical papyri are predominantly religious, but others are predominantly empiric rational. The ancient existence of some of these conditions is confirmed by paleopathology (the examination of bones and tissues of mummies for evidence of disease); and, unfortunately, those afflictions are still prevalent in Egypt. Castor oil, used externally and internally, was a great favorite with the doctors of Egypt. Most of the elements of ancient Egyptian medicine are here: The physician, clothed in clean white linen and a wig, as becomes the dignity of his status. The same thing happens in our digestive tract causing inflammation, leaky gut and eventually causing other health disasters.
The ancient and modern shamans all practice that ideology, which they say is a balance between our world and the spirit world.
The only detriment to the Native American practice of medicine was that it had never been written down, and was traditionally passed down through the generations through first hand information. There can be many aspects to Native American medical practices, including herbal medicine, spiritual ceremonies (these are the shaman practices that are so popular in Europe and the Americas these days), massage-type treatments, the sweat lodge, and even bone setting.
The essential difference is that in Native American medicine all of the energy around the patient also plays an important part in the healing process. These are all taken into consideration, and are seen to have an effect on the patient, and even the community’s health. The Native Americans believe that this happens naturally, and it doesn’t happen to all healers.
This is used all over the world, and is good for almost everything, including fever, infection, and inflammation, in fact, it actually cures the common cold!
She is the owner of East Bay Natural Medicine where she focuses on helping patients achieve their optimal health state using homeopathy, hydrotherapy, nutritional supplements, botanical medicine and bio-identical hormones. Throughout the dawning millennia and much of their recorded history, medicine was intimately associated with the magico-religious practices of various peoples groping for the light knowledge and a better way of life.

This was unfortunate, as much of the Native American medical tradition has been lost in this way. Since Native American beliefs include respecting the earth, this is a factor in disease as well, for example, if the earth isn’t being properly respected, then it will possibly cause people to be ill. Egyptian specialization seems to have been hangover of primitive conditions rather than a precursor of modern specialization. Beyond the psychotherapeutic values of magic and religion, Egyptian medical men made solid advances in observation and rational treatment.
Thankfully, though, this great traditional is making a huge comeback, as people from both inside and outside of the tribes are learning the practice of Native American medicine. This is a transcending theme throughout many societies and their ancient medical practices, and must have been part of a universal ancient medical tradition that was practiced when the first people were on earth.
The first was intended primarily for the use of a surgeon; the latter is a collection of recipes for the physician. Their contributions are worthy of a place beside other accomplishments of this great ancient civilization. The best care that the science and knowledge of the day can provide is focused on the patient. In the Native American healing tradition disease always has several causes that are all interrelated. Illness, in Native American tradition is through to be causes by an evil spirit(s), and as such the healer must call on it and perform ceremonies in order to get it out, or send it on to another, safer place.
This is fairly verifiable since shamanistic tradition can be traced independently to ancient Asia, including Siberia, Tibet, and more. In this later period, temples were erected to Imhotep in which patients looked for and supposedly found relief in their sleep. Each of these documents, though ancient in its own right, appears by language and explanations to reflect traditions much older. Since it is generally believed that the Native Americans are originally from those areas (from way back tens of thousands of years ago) this would make perfect sense. Another commonly used herb in Western herbal medicine is Dandelion, both the root and the leaf.
The Native American medical tradition uses dandelion in all its forms for several purposes, including as a blood and liver cleanser, a digestive, and an overall tonic. These are just three of the hundreds, in fact, thousands of natural materials that are used in Native American healing practices. In actuality, the shaman doesn’t believe that he (or she) is the healing force, but indeed, it is the spirit or the universal force that is healing them.

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