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PRIME ASTHMA RELIEF temporarily relieves mild symptoms of intermittent bronchial asthma, including shortness of breath, wheezing and tightness of chest. I have been looking for Primatene Mist replacement for such a long time and found this to be the closest out there. I recently signed up for your website, because of a link on your facebook page, regarding the Prime Asthma Relief product line. I have received your product and have just started using it and to this point it has been helping with my breathing when I need it. After returning my EZ Breather by Asthmanefrin to the manufacturer due to it quit working only four months , I came across your Prime Asthma relief kit and tried it.
I was skeptical as to if a dry powder would be effective, but i needed something immediately due to my albuterol inhaler running out. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are a great combination to treat allergies naturally and without any side-effects.
Many patients suffer with allergy symptoms triggered by everyday foods that are causing our immune system to be hyperactive. Acupuncture is used effectively in the treatment of asthma by stimulating the body to produce anti-inflammatory agents naturally and decrease inflammation. Chinese herbal medicine is used in the treatment of acute and chronic asthma to strengthen the lungs, stop wheezing, improve circulation in the lungs and chest, improve breathing and eliminate phlegm. Acupuncture point “Dingchuan” (translation: arrest wheezing) is very effective along with points on the upper back corresponding to the lung and diaphragm area.
Dr Stephanie has helped my family so much with all of our issues ?? My son loves going and getting his treatments! I was a little nervous to see an acupuncturist but on the recommendation of a friend I called and made an appointment.
In addition to pills, you can also treat this disease using fresh organic vegetables and fruits.
Free radicals, also known as cell-damaging chemicals can cause inflammation, lung swelling, and chest tightness but the natural foods covered in this article can help you eliminate them.
This comes due to the fact that natural foods are very rich in antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and vitamins C and E. Millions of people in America and countries all over the world are suffering from this inflammatory disease known as Asthma. This is because of constantly increasing toxic load on environment and our unhealthy lifestyle, particularly decreased nutritional value of our food.
Another effective remedy is to mix ? cup onion juice and 1 tablespoon of raw honey and ? tea spoon of black pepper.
Drinking tea made of basil leaves or bark of cherry tree gives considerable relief to asthma patient.
To relieve yourself from congestion in lungs, patient should be given sun bath, steam bath or hot foot bath. During the attack, the patient should be given a massage on the chest and back with mustard oil with little camphor mixed in it to gain immediate relief. I received my inhaler today and after having discomfort this afternoon I took my first dose…..
New to this groundbreaking discovery of dealing with asthma attacks, I have found that this product works exceptionally well. Your product saved my life on more than one occasion, and even saved my own child’s life, in the past. When they removed that from the market I tried everything OTC to help with shortness of breath.

I have COPD, not asthma but I have been using Primatene Mist because the prescription inhalers made me much worse. This product works exceptionally well with almost no side effects that you get from asthmanefrin ( race-ing heart, ect. The pollen starts floating around creating an epidemic large enough to get most people to share the same symptoms. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture work very well together to boost and balance the immune system and target the underlying deficiencies causing your allergies. Acupuncture helps to balance and strengthen the immune system and decrease the body’s reactivity to substances triggering a histamine response.
We offer IgG food allergy and sensitivity testing to help you pinpoint which foods may be triggering your allergy symptoms. Cupping involves the use of glass suction cups on the skin applied to specific areas of the body to improve circulation to the lungs and chest, break up congestion and phlegm and improve asthma and lung function. She made me a formula two days ago, I could barely breathe and today I am truly breathing effortlessly… So thankful. I’m not a fan of needles, but she assured me that it was not like the ones the doctor uses to inject with. Asthma inhalers and steroids, commonly used in the conventional treatments, may cause some side effects. According to this fact, there are almost 1.75 million visits in American hospitals in general. Try to “digest” the information that there are over $18 billion spent on asthma treatments, deaths caused by asthma, etc.
It is believed that this number will increase over time, or, there will be 100 million more people suffering from this disease by 2025. Besides the fact that asthma medications can cause some terrifying side effects, which can seriously damage your health, it pulls out millions of dollars of the national budget each year. When it comes to health, 100% natural plants NEVER have any side effect or harm your health.
Take 3-4 garlic bulbs and boil the cloves in 2 cup water until the water is reduced to 1 cup and garlic becomes soft.  Now make syrup adding ? cup of honey and 1 cup vinegar by boiling the mixture. Add one teaspoon honey and one tea spoon ginger juice in it and give to the patient thrice a day. To clear away the mucus from the chest, give the patient fennel to chew on a regular basis.
Prime Asthma Relief has never given me bad side effects, it’s much less expensive than EZ Breathe, and Prime Asthma Relief gives me good results when I use it. And it’s discreet, easy to use, and as I mentioned previously…it won’t let you down when you need fast relief. I had previously used Primatine Mist and after that was discontinued had to use Asthmanephrin, which I did not like at all due to the inhaler being defective. Due to numerous different incidents, being able to obtain proper medication has been a struggle for some time now. They had a rebound effect on me to the point that I was waking up at night unable to breathe after just 4 days of using them.
While it is an adjustment to handle the powder inhalant, it did hold me and helped my attack.
Taking allergy medication only masks the symptoms and often comes with undesired side-effects. This natural treatment helps patients suffering from symptoms including: watery eyes, sinus congestion and pain, itchy skin, post-nasal drip, sinus headache, coughing and sneezing.

The unique causes of asthma are addressed which include environmental factors, diet, emotions (sadness and grief), congenital weakness, birth trauma or chronic illness.
I used to always be sick and constantly go to the doctors and all they would give me was antibiotics. But, fortunately,  various natural remedies are  at your disposal and you can use them   to relieve the symptoms.
Asthma caused due to inflammation of breathing passage is mostly triggered by bronchial infections, lung irritant like smokes, chemical fumes etc.
Mainstream medicine treats asthma with various drugs and inhalers which improves the condition. This product certainly beats Albuterol and the ” other” OTC inhaler which breaks down frequently. Whether it’s seasonal or all year round, it doesn’t matter when our allergies are making us feel miserable and getting in the way of our daily activities. With the help of natural medicine, your body will have the ability to heal itself as well as prevent futher allergy attacks. Patients find a significant improvement in their allergy symptoms and over time the response to allergens is lessened to produce long lasting relief. Not all patients suffer with the exact same symptoms or underlying causes, which is why this approach works very well – we customize a formula to treat your specific case to help you achieve the most relief. By removing these trigger foods and strengthening the immune system, your body can heal and repair chronic inflammation.
I returned for another treatment this week for more symptoms and immediately afterwards I realized I felt GREAT! I am ordering refills next week to have on hand and hope you carry this for a long time to come! I bought up a fair supply of Primatene Mist inhalers when I heard that they were going to be pulled off the market. During off season, formulas are given to strengthen the immune system and treat underlying causes to prevent allergies from returning. I have been feeling run-down and depressed for months, but that second treatment left me feeling WONDERFUL! My Chiropractor says the improvement in such a short amount of time for my injury is significant.
The safer option is to rely on nature for preventing asthma and make the condition better by supporting the lungs. When the powder hits my throat I cough which then causes the powder not to reach my lungs how it should. I do hope in the future the product becomes more widely availale so that we will be able to purchase a product I KNOW works, from a company I KNOW we can trust. She has also helped me make progress in recovering from a nasty elbow injury due to over-training. The powder does make me cough a little so I am anxiously waiting for the epimist but, meanwhile, I am thrilled to have the Asthma Relief dry powder inhaler available.

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