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The term heartburn can cause panic in many sufferers as they may think that they have got heart-related disease. A person suffering from heartburn may experience burning sensation post meal, which may continue for a few minutes or for a few hours. The patient generally gets chest pain after the consumption of a meal, or while bending over or while lying down.
Some other important heartburn symptoms include belching, loss of appetite, chronic coughing or wheezing. At times, prime diseases of the esophagus, hiatal hernia, or anti-inflammatory drugs may also cause heartburn symptoms.
One of the most popular cures for heartburn is to take an antacid, which works by absorbing the excess acid in the stomach. You know that it's great to learn about new advances in health, and better ways that scientists and researchers are developing for us to live better, but what really drives the point home--helps us to appreciate these things more that personal stories and experiences?If you (or someone close to you) has had personal experience with what you've been reading about on this page, why not add your story to the record?
There is more concern in traditional medicine with persistent burning because it might be what they call an acid reflux disease or GERD. Whereas, heartburn symptoms are usually accompanied by burning pain radiating towards the neck area (acids flow into esophagus area).
It is commonly believed to be known as a problem with too much acid(HCL-hydrochloric acid). Most common heartburn food to avoid would be spicy and greasy foods, tomato sauce and certain spices. What most patients dona€™t know is that sometimes most health healthiest food can be one of the causes of heartburn. Avoid eating white flour, bread, pasta, pizza, especially if you test positive for gluten sensitivity.
If you have low acidity, try a teaspoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice in a glass of filtered water.

You can also try a teaspoonful of bicarbonated soda (aluminum free) and add very warm glass of water. The diet for your metabolic type is your idividualized diet that should improve or completely get rid of heartburn symptoms. Digestive enzymes in capsule or liquid form help the stomach to break down food proteins for easier digestion. Most important is not to treat this digestion disorder as a symptom, but to repair the digestive system with healing diet, exercise, stress-relief techniques, digestive enzymes, probiotics, multivitamins and natural supplements for immune-system. Feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen, mild nausea, excessive gas formation, etc are some other important symptoms of heartburn. Excessive body weight, pregnancy, carbonated beverages and consumption of large meals can also lead to heartburn. Truly diagnosed GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease) requires conventional medication treatment and follow ups with a physician. And the goal of the natural remedies for heartburn is to keep the system alkaline not acidic. Please, specify the reason for contact on that page as well as double check your email address. One teaspoonful to one tablespoonful of vinegar mixed with 8 ounces of water can often be a relief.
But it's worth trying because many patients were thrilled with the results after using aloe vera. Learn about Functional Medicine Wellness Methods and make an appointment with your personal wellness coach on the phone. So just relax and try to collect the basic information regarding heartburn so as to find some simple cures.
The patient may also get bitter or sour taste in mouth and have complexity with swallowing of foods.

Some important causes of heartburn include excessive intake of alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, or foods high in fat content.
Don't you just hate it?Most people have experienced this digestion problem, but not many reached out for a natural remedy.
Most of the time, they will come out of the office with a prescription for Prilosec, Prevacid, Protonix, etc.
Crohn's disease patients are prone to getting this digestive disorder, just like anyone else with digestive disorders. They experience burning feeling in the stomach after eating pizza thinking it was the spicy sauce. Well, maybe you can give yourself one day a month to be a€?bada€? for pleasure's sake only because being good to yourself includes pleasurable activities. Any diet that you would find in books or on the net would still need to be adjusted for your needs. Pain occurring in case of heartburn is experienced in the lower portion of the breastbone and is often caused in the chest area of the patient.
True GERD is a serious condition that needs to be diagnosed with certain tests and labs, etc. Indigestion is usually accompanied by the feeling of fullness and epigastric pain (between the navel and the lower part of the chest bone). Gastrin is responsible for secretion of HCL and for contraction of muscles in the stomach to move food.
The functions of HCL include converting proteins to certain enzymes for proper digestion as well as preventing bacterial or fungal overgrowth in the small intestine and more.

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