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In our culture, menopause can best be defined as the cessation of menstrual periods and fertility in an adult female. However, this very simple definition of a natural body process requires a good deal more explanation to thoroughly understand what is actually happening in a woman’s body. When menopause occurs, the ovaries cease to produce eggs, which previously could result in pregnancy if fertilized. Most women experience their last period sometime between the ages of 40 and 60, with the average age being about 5l years.
A woman can also enter into surgical menopause at any age, if the ovaries are removed as part of a hysterectomy.
Diagnosing menopause is relatively easy to do, and identifying specific stages and symptoms is usually not a problem either.
It would seem that such a natural body process would be a somewhat painless and easy transition for most women. These symptoms can be many and varied, and sometimes it might seem that almost anything can be blamed on menopause. Of course, one might argue that some symptoms would gradually lead to the surfacing of others. Since all women who live into their middle years and beyond will experience menopause, it is in their best interests to be informed about the various remedies for these symptoms. This category carries the lowest risk, and would be beneficial to anyone, including the menopausal woman. A low-fat, high-fiber diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables will help maintain balance and help your body to resist those extra 10-15 pounds that often appear during menopause. Specific foods that help to promote estrogen production are soy, beets, carrots, alfalfa, apples, cabbage and papaya. When we look at this category, it seems easiest to divide the remedies into three groups: those that help with general aches and pains, those that help alleviate sexual dysfunction, and those that aid in dealing with memory problems and depression.
Another common complaint during menopause involves sleep disorders, which generally translates into a lack of sleep.
Preventive measures, or remedies to offset osteoporosis, should begin well before the onset of menopause. Gyne-Moistrin and Replens are creams that actually plump, or provide moisture to the vaginal cells, thus relieving dryness. Prescription hormonal creams and pills will be discussed in the Drug and Pharmaceutical category. Take time to communicate your needs to your partner and be willing to experiment with new ideas in your sexual practices. There is little question that all of us experience stress in our daily lives, but when hormones fluctuate during menopause, it can seem overwhelming.
Some experts would argue that the following remedies for menopausal discomforts would fit better into the Home and Herbal category, or maybe not in any category at all!
The three categories that we have explored thus far—Healthy Living, Home and Herbal Remedies and Further Alternative Treatments, have almost no, or very little risk, and are relatively inexpensive. The most well-known treatment in this final categoy is HRT, or Hormone Replacement Therapy.
In 2002, the Women’s Health Initiative of the National Institutes of Health completed a study that found that incidences of breast cancer, strokes and heart attacks increased in women that underwent this treatment. However, Estrogen creams and tablets like Estrace and Vagi-fem are often used to help relieve vaginal dryness and make intercourse more comfortable.
Menopausal symptoms can be treated with a variety of prescription drugs, some which may seem surprising, given the symptom.
These drug and phamaceutical treatments carry a higher risk, and generally, come at a higher cost, than the remedies in the first 3 categories. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years. Now, the main reason is not only the changes in the hormones in the body and their effects, but also the other changes that take place in the body and the way you feel the changes is also the cause of the stress. Well, in the menopause phase, many women feel the stress and anxiety symptoms and if you feel any anxiety symptom or any kind of sudden stress, relax, because millions of women from all over the world also feel these kinds of symptoms and they are natural. Whenever you feel stressed, take some deep breaths and try to calm down as much as possible. I simply want to tell you that I am very new to blogs and absolutely savored you’re page. Often called the change of life, the word, menopause, actually means just that—the end of monthly cycles.
This happens because the body is producing lower levels of estrogen and other hormones that control female characteristics, such as breast development, menstrual cycles, body hair, etc. Menopause is said to specifically occur when a woman has been free of menstruation for a period of 12 months.

When only the uterus is surgically removed, and the ovaries are left intact, estrogen and other hormones continue to be produced until natural menopause occurs in mid-life. The important issue here is that menopause is a function of the endocrine system, and thus, the entire body is affected, not just a woman’s reproductive parts. For example, if one is prone to sleep loss, then irritability and loss of concentration might result. Basically, the remedies fall into four categories: Healthy Living, Home and Herbal Remedies, Further Alternative Treatments, and Drugs and Pharmaceuticals. Obviously, there is nothing anyone can do to prevent menopause from occurring, but adopting a healthy lifestyle can do a lot to ease the transition into this new era. Walking, jogging, swimming or jumping rope are all simple exercises that cost little, if anything.
This will ensure your overall well-being and help with memory problems, irritability and depression.
The drop in estrogen directly affects the hypothalamus, that area of the brain that controls body temperature.
Because the bones are weakened, they become brittle and fractures may easily occur, sometimes affecting life style and life expectancy.
This can create a great deal of physical discomfort for a woman in a sexual relationship, as well as damage her self esteem. They can be used both internally and externally to provide more comfort during intercourse. It’s no wonder that some women may experience moments of forgetfulness and have difficulty concentrating. Certain herbs and minerals can be helpful in improving memory and achieving emotional balance. Music and dance have proven to be powerful anti-depressants, especially when coupled with aerobic exercise.
Of course, if you have tried some of these remedies and not had some measure of success, see your doctor. However, these practices have been found to be helpful in many instances in reference to pain and supporting emotional well-being. The final category, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, will involve higher risks and greater costs. This provides relief for almost all menopausal symptoms from hot flashes to depression and beyond. Estring is a type of flexible ring that inserts into the vagina to dispense estrogen into the vaginal canal.
For example, Clonidine is usually used to treat high blood pressure, but has been found to be helpful in alleviating hot flashes. Overall, the medical community seems to feel that a combination of remedies from these categories, using those with the highest risk sparingly, is the best approach to alleviating menopausal discomfort.
Apart from HRT, there are many other menopause supplements to help you through the menopause. It is a very slow transition phase in which there is a decline in frequency of occurrence of periods.
The amount of stress that the body faces due to the change is equal to the stress you feel.
It is mainly due to the changes that your body is going through and mainly the changes are hormonal and the effects of hormonal and mental changes are the main cause of the stress that you go through. It may be light, but it should be on a regular basis and keep in mind that you should like the exercise. I’ve read this post and if I could I want to suggest you some interesting things or advice. Hormone loss can be responsible for any number of uncomfortable or debilitating problems, relating to many different parts of the body. Until that time, she is considered to be in perimenopause, a time span of up to 10 years in which menstrual irregularities and menopausal symptoms may occur.
A blood test to measure the follicular hormone and estrogen levels in the blood can be done, but it is not a definite indicator of menopause. Studies show that up to 85% of menopausal women experience hot flashes, one of the most common, though certainly not the most serious of symptoms. The first three categories are the most preferred by the medical community, as the fourth one renders the highest risks and costs. Join a book club, or get involved with church activities—do something new and different, and you won’t have time to be depressed! Non-estrogenic herbs do not produce estrogen, but provide a supportive climate for hormonal glands so that they produce more estrogen. Blood vessels then dilate to try to control the heat, and profuse sweating and red, flushed skin are not unusual.

Some of this may be due to the aforementioned hot flashes and night sweats, in which case some of the remedies for those things might help with the sleep issues.
Menopausal women are at increased risk for osteoporosis because they have stopped producing large amounts of estrogen, which protects the body from bone loss.
Hormonal changes can affect the walls of the vagina and the glands that provide lubrication, thus making intercourse a painful experience. Join a support group through your church or community, or ask your doctor to recommend one. Generally speaking, women who have no uterus would be treated with estrogen, and women who still have a uterus would receive estrogen and progestins in a pill or patch form.
At this point, the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended that HRT be used for as little time as possible, if at all, in treating menopausal symptoms. These medications provide a low dose of estrogen, but it should be noted that some of it is absorbed systemically into other body cells. These drugs are bisphosphonates, which help prevent the breakdown of bones, and thus help to strengthen them.
Some anti-depressants such as paroxetine and sertraline also make this claim, as does Gabapentin, an anti-seizure drug.
Research continues in hopes of providing the means to a more comfortable menopausal experience for today’s woman. Black cohosh is used to treat symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats, and has also been found to alleviate irritability and restlessness. Obviously, doctors will do other tests to rule out certain illnesses if symptoms are severe.
True, some can sail through the period with minimal problems, but some experience these symptoms for the rest of their lives. However, when one considers that menopause is supposed to be a natural body process, it does seem rather overwhelming that all these unpleasant side effects can and do occur! Apparently the fluctuations in hormone levels are what cause the sleeplessness—kind of like a ragtime band where one instrument hits a wrong note causing the entire band to be thrown off course. Studies have shown that support groups can be uplifting and helpful in solving problems or stress-related issues. If possible, speak to a woman who is older than you, who has been dealing with menopause for several years. This was pretty much the Utopia of menopause remedies, but unfortunately, it is now rarely used. And of course, there are many anti-depressants that can be prescribed for mood swings, anxiety and depression. Combining natural remedies for the menopause brings you more of the benefits, as together they work synergistically, meaning that their combined effect is greater than their effect individually.If you're going down the natural route for menopause management, another great idea is to eat your way to an easier menopause. That usually leads to a lot of stress and uneasy conditions like the heat flashes in which the woman has sudden feelings of fever and the body temperature rises and there is uncomfortable sweating. You should take up the natural remedies anxiety attack, but it is better to take up the natural home remedies anxiety as that is more easily applicable.
You just need to calm down, relax and take some of the natural remedies anxiety attack, or natural home remedies anxiety as for that, you do not need to take any outside help. Sometimes this occurs in a subsequent fashion, sometimes at the exact same time, but whenever it happens, it certainly adds stress to your life. A support group may also keep you informed about the latest research in specific problem areas.
John’s Wort, ginkgo biloba, garden sage and dandelion root also claim to help with depression. As the mind and body are connected, there are also chances of panic attacks during this period and the natural remedies for panic attacks are also required.
There are also a lot of instances in which you may suddenly start to panic and feel stressed and helpless. In addition to all the normal responsibilities that most women shoulder—taking care of family, housekeeping, cooking, working at a job outside the home, financial worries, etc., it is no wonder that many women become depressed when menopause comes along. Common spices such as garlic, cayenne pepper and ginger seem to have phytoestrogenic properties. Soya contains phytoestrogens in the form of isoflavones, which are particularly beneficial and may help reduce symptoms such as hot flushes and vaginal dryness. So, there is a need to take up the natural remedies for anxiety and depression to cope up with the phase.
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