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While chronic sinusitis brings with it a host of other complications, acute sinusitis headache may last for even a week and make you suffer immensely. The experts opine that it is always best for a person suffering from sinusitis to drink warm water instead of cold.
Other fruits that are included in this list are pineapple, strawberry, pomegranates and Indian gooseberry mainly.  Vegetables that are ideal for sinusitis patients are broccoli, cauliflower, green chili, etc.
In case you are suffering from tremendous sinusitis headache, there is a home remedy that will work as an emergency cure.
Now, use two separate sponge clothes and dip them in these two bowls filled with water extremes of temperature. Patients suffering from chronic sinusitis can get relief from their severe headache when they opt for hot shower every day. So, you can either eat raw, shredded ginger or drink ginger tea or use it as a major spice in your every day cuisine.
This blockage cause severe pain that is irresistible.  Several home remedies are very helpful in treating sinus infection and can help cure sinus very fast. Two spoons of apple cider vinegar in 8oz of water is a very good home remedy for sinus infection. Isn’t it funny that you don’t realize how good you feel until you stop feeling good? This is usually the first place I start. I genuinely find these to be far more effective than over the counter pain relievers. Lavender: I use this oil often, and find it super helpful for headache and tension relief, as well as sleep. Valor: This blend of Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, Rosewood, and Frankincense is both calming and grounding. Contact me if you have any specific questions about these oils, or to find out how helpful they’ve been in my health journey! If I happen to be at home when a headache comes on (or have a few extra minutes and some space), I’ll do the following yoga poses.
From all fours, walk your hands forward, tuck your toes and lift your hips, creating an inverted V with your body.
Laying on the floor, scoot your bum all the way up against a wall (it can be helpful to sit with one side of your body against a wall, then spin yourself around and lay down). I’ve had great feedback from Fueled+Fit participants reducing their headaches AND their need for OTC pain meds while on the program.
Causes of Throat Pain Bacterial and Viral Infections Inflammation of the larynx, pharynx and tonsils, sinus, blockage of nose, common cold, strep throat and blisters can cause throat pain.
Also, throat pain is caused by viral infections such as mumps, influenza or herpangina and mononucleosis.
Irritants Throat pain can also be caused by irritants such as air pollution, smoking, low humidity etc.
According to the American Cancer Society, people who smoke are at high risk of throat cancer, lung cancer and oral cancer. Diseases Certain diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and allergies can cause throat pain. The treatment options for glandular fever include drinking plenty of fluids, gargling, taking painkillers such as ibuprofen, taking antibiotics and steroids and getting plenty of rest.Mouth breathing, chicken bone, fish, measles and surgery such as adenoidectomy or tonsillectomy are some other causes of throat pain. How to Treat Throat Pain If you have pain in your throat due to common cold symptoms, drink tea with honey and lemon, drink cold fluids, consume cold foods such as watermelon, apples, bananas, peppermint, yogurt, citrus fruits, tomatoes etc., ditch acidic foods and try over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen after consulting with your health care provider. If your sore throat is caused by a strep throat, take antibiotics prescribed by your doctor, try over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen after consulting with your health care provider, eat foods that are easy to digest and avoid acidic foods. Are you struggling with obesity and trying out every possible means to curtail the fat from your body? The quest for a family begins with an overall assessment of the personal health and fertility of both the partners. Bael is a very significant tree which has been used for treating variety of illnesses since ancient times.

When an irritant causes inflammation in the walls of sinus cavity and traps the mucus within, it is referred as a nasal infection.
By understanding the early signs of a developing nasal infection, one may be able to treat it early and get over the tedious and irritable symptoms, thereby preventing chronic infection.
At the initial stage of a nasal infection, the sinus cavity gets irritated by swelling and cuts off the usual nasal drainage and airflow. One may feel facial pressure, while leaning or during head movements as the inflamed sinus membranes and mucus, puts off the correct perception of the brain, giving a feeling of ‘off balance” and fullness of the face. Mucus drips at the back of the throat as an early nasal infection sign, known as postnasal drip. A colored mucus discharge from the nose or through throat is an indication of nasal infection. Bad breath or Halitosis can be the byproduct of the nasal discharge that clogs in nasal passage and drains down the throat. Productive cough is a sign of a nasal infection that is usually mistaken for bronchitis or cold.
Build up of pressure within the head may even reach teeth, giving impression of a toothache.
The natural ability to smell gets obstructed as signal does not reach the brain efficiently. Every medicine, pain killer and injection seems futile during the peak moment of sinus attack when you suffer from excruciating headache. If you are inclined towards home remedies more than drugstore alternatives, we can help you.
It is rich in antioxidants that boost the immune system and combat the growth and aggravation of infections that cause sinus. Therefore, make it a point to include these natural substitutes of Vitamin C in your daily diet in order to stay away from sinusitis and sinus headache. Applying hot and cold compress on your forehead helps in unclogging the blocked sinuses.  Take two separate bowls.
Not only will tremendous headache subside with ginger, it will also keep the complication at bay when used regularly. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Do neti pot every morning, this will help in throwing out the mucus and provide relief from sinus infections. Take steam bath preferably at night, this will help in sleeping and provide relief from pain. Inhale eucalyptus oil several times a day or you can also add few drops of this oil in warm water.
My suggestions may ease the symptoms of an existing headache, but it’s still necessary to get to the root of the issue so you can keep them from happening in the first place.
It’s a combination of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint and works really well for muscle tension and headaches. Take a full, deep breath in  – breathe all the way down into your belly, so you feel your hands expand. Remember that if you get frequent headaches, it is really super important to figure out the root cause. Strep throat is the most common bacterial infection, which is caused by streptococcal bacteria. Harmful chemicals such as ammonia, formaldehyde and hydrogen sulphide are found in cigarette smoke that cause inflammation and irritation of the throat. Throat pain can also be caused by glandular fever, which can cause severe breathing problems.
If you have pain in your throat due to the presence of blisters in and around the mouth, drink cold milk products, avoid fruit juices and avoid foods high in citric acid.
If you have a sore throat due to allergies, take antihistamines such as Claritin and Benadryl after consulting with your health care provider.

Though, usually nasal infections are mere result of common cold or seasonal allergies, at times, it could develop into a chronic sinus infection. Most of the acute sinus infections get clear up with time after using OTC (over-the-counter) medicines, but certain persistent cases, demand antibiotic therapy. But, during a sinus infection, these tiny passages get plugged and an increased nerve pressure results in pain and heaviness of head, eyes, ears and face. It is majorily caused by cold or allergies and can lead to chest congestion, sore throat and sour stomach, on drainage of excess mucus down the neck. Coughing from sinus infection gets worse in the morning and at night, whereas that of bronchitis is consistent throughout the whole day. Fever is normally low grade and is just an outcome of immune system fighting off the infection.
It is usually bilateral, occurring on both sides of the face and there is no actual pain in the teeth, but a little uneasiness. One may also not able to relish tastes, though differentiating extreme taste like sweet and salty, is still possible.
You will get rich sources of Vitamin C right in the vegetable and fruit basket in your kitchen. Fill one of them with steaming hot water and the other with cubes of ice and chilled water.
Again, leave a gap in between and repeat the same procedure.  Continue doing this home treatment for three to five times a day, as per the intensity of the headache. I’m willing to do anything to feel normal again…because I realize normal feels good! Those with sensitive skin should dilute the oil (mix with a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil) before applying directly to skin. So if a headache is coming at you in the evening hours, a calming oil like the following may be more appropriate. During the day I will combine lavender and peppermint in the diffuser and let that run most of the day.
Before bed, I rub a little on my jawline – I have found this to be extremely effective in reducing teeth clenching and grinding (something that causes headaches).
Bring a generous bend to your knees, reach your hips up and back, bringing length into your entire spine. If it feels more comfortable to tent your fingers tips on the floor in front of you, or bring hands to blocks, do that.
You can also do this in your living room, with legs up the couch, or before going to sleep on your bed, with legs up the headboard.
Some of the common symptoms of sore throat include headache, vomiting, white patches in your throat, hoarseness, blood in saliva, rash, joint pain and lump in neck. Strep throat can trigger rheumatic fever, which in turn can lead to inflammation of the kidney or heart valve problems.
Plus, throat pain can occur due to inflammation of the adenoids, inflammation of the uvula and inflammation of the epiglottis. A stuffy nose due to sinus infection usually stays for long than when it is a symptom of a cold. If fever does not appear initially and suddenly appears or get worse, one must consult the doctor.
I diffuse it during the day downstairs, I diffuse it in the kiddo’s room at night, and I rub on my chest with a carrier oil before bed. Secondary infections such as heart inflammation, meningitis or pneumonia, ruptured spleen and prolonged fatigue are some other complications of glandular fever. If your head doesn’t comfortable connect to the floor, stack your palms and rest your forehead on your hands instead.

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