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Since the body’s natural immune system uses fever to kill infections it is not always necessary or advisable to treat a fever.  Here are some basic guidelines for fever treatment and some home remedies using herbs. If your temperature stays above 103 F or lasts for longer than three days you should get some medical advice.  To make yourself more comfortable you can use these herbal teas to reduce the fever.
You can also purchase ginger ale from your market or health food store and drink it as a healing tonic.  Make sure the ginger ale has real ginger, not artificial flavorings, as a main ingredient.
The main reason for ingrown hair is improper removal of hair  either by waxing, shaving or by use of depilatory cream. The saying, “prevention is better than cure” holds true for ingrown hair as well.While getting your hair removed, take care that they are pulled out from their follicles completely. Using a strong exfoliator for scrubbing your legs is the most effective way of getting rid of ingrown hair. Vitamin E may help in reducing the attack on body tissues and prevent inflammation caused by lupus.
Tulsi is not Basil, Tulsi is another name for Holy Basil which is a totally different plant. If you have been diagnosed to have kidney stones surely you have heard about natural ways to reduce the size of stones. Uva ursi (Scientific name Arctostaphylos uva ursi) may also be known as bearberry; it is described as an evergreen shrub or plant that is common in so many places in the Northern Hemisphere including the United States. Free Report! Discover How To Dissolve & Pass Kidney Stones PAIN FREE In Less Than 24 Hours From Right Now, Using A Safe, Natural, Home Remedy. That's Right --  This Report Will Show You Exactly How To Dissolve & Pass Kidney Stones In Less Than 24 Hours By Using A Little Known, Yet Powerful Kidney Stones Removal Solution! You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Sting causes redness and swelling on the affected area and gives lot of pain and itchiness. Flea bites are too itchy to control scratching until they bleed.  It is necessary to clean the affected are with good antibiotic soap. To get rid of fleas, bedding and carpets should be cleaned regularly with hot water. Some other natural products that give relief from insect bites and sting are Lavender oil and tea tree oil.
Using few drops of lavender oil will help to get relief from pain and swelling.  Tea tree oil can sooth and heal sting and bite in the same way. For a hair to grow out of the skin,it is important to pull out the previous hair from its root. Incomplete removal of hair will result in ingrown hair. Treating ingrown hair is an ardors task and requires time and effort. Often our legs do not get shaved or waxed in a proper manner resulting in in-growth of hair.

It is an adaptogenic herb which has been used traditionally in different Ayurvedic medicines. Symptoms such as irregular heartbeats and tightening of the arteries may be experienced in some cases.
Intake of vitamin E is essential to provide strength and improve the functioning of the immune system.
Natural kidney stone treatments are techniques that do not involve the use of medications, surgery or any other invasive procedure to deal with stones; natural treatments are safe, practical, readily available and are effective which makes it the most popular way to treat kidney stones.
The leaves of the uva ursi are the most commonly used part of the plant; leaves of the uva ursi contain natural compounds that are known to improve the function of the urinary system.
Large stones made of accumulated minerals and salt deposits are easily softened and broken down; bits of the stone are thus removed through the urine. Tea is prepared the usual way: a tea bag is placed in a cup of pre boiled water and taken 3 cups per day for maximum effect.
People who would like to take this herb are cautioned for mild nausea for the initial days of treatment; individuals who are allergic to the components of the herbs should avoid taking uva ursi for kidney stones. There are natural and simple home remedies that can relieve you from immediate discomfort and pain. Medical help is needed when there is allergic reaction like swelling on the face , or affected person feels difficulty in breathing. Another effective way to get relief from pain and swelling is to soak a cotton pad in lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and apply the soaked pad on the wasp sting. So protecting kids and family from mosquito bites is necessary by taking protection beforehand. So, women have to hide their legs under long dresses instead of showing off their smooth and silken legs. Let us look at some of the natural ways in which in-grown hair can be prevented and treated. It is recommended that one should start using oatmeal scrub for exfoliation immediately after hair removal. It is interesting to note that this natural cure can also provide protection against skin rashes.
Excessive intake of vitamin E can lead to toxicity and should be taken as per the instructions of a medical consultant. Yucca contains steroidal saponins and polyphenolics which can help in curing the inflammation and pain. And when you speak of natural kidney stone treatments, one herb has been making news as one of the most effective in treating urinary tract infections as well as kidney stone formation: uva ursi.
Compounds and constituents like tannins, triterpenes, flavonoids and piceosides are just 4 present in the leaves of uva ursi.

With these impressive uva ursi  benefits, small stones are prevented from growing into large and painful stones. This herb is also contraindicated for pregnant women, mothers who breastfeed and for very young children.
Either break open a leaf and apply the gel in affected area or use a pure aloe vera gel product available in the market. Ingrown hair are a headache especially during summers when you want to show off your toned body in short dresses.
Take a coin sized amount of scrub in your palm and apply it on your legs. Wait for two minutes for the scrub to sink in.
This will considerably reduce chances of ingrown hair. You can prepare oatmeal scrub at home easily. Vitamin D can help in better absorption of calcium by the body and thereby provide relief from the symptoms.
Uva ursi for kidney stones is a popular natural approach to soften kidney stones which can ultimately lead to breaking large stones into small bits which are enough to pass through the urine.
These compounds are well-known to have natural antibacterial properties which may be effective in infections of the urinary system. If you have been diagnosed to have kidney stones, consult your doctor if you would like to use uva ursi as a natural kidney stone treatment. Take half a cup of oatmeal and grind it coarsely in a grinder.Transfer the oatmeal powder into a clean jar or tub. An individual is also required to consume food items rich in omega -3 essential fatty acids to deal with the symptoms associated with the disease. Application of warm compress will help soften the skin. Now gently rub the spot with the towel to release the hair from under the skin. Add two tablespoons of cold cream in the jar and mix well. Wet your skin and apply a generous amount of oatmeal scrub on the skin. Intake of salt, animal protein, dairy products, caffeine and processed foods should be reduced. It naturally increases the flow of urine so that stones may be easily flushed out of the body. This treatment should be done regularly for a week to get rid of ingrown hair completely. Exfoliating will also make your skin more responsive to any form of hair removal.

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