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First of all, Hillary Clinton outright rejected a debate request from Bernie Sanders ahead of the June 7th California primary. Yesterday, Apple’s iPhone maker, Foxconn announced an immediate cut of 60,000 workers to be replaced by robots.
Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster, reports Adidas Shoe Manufacturing Will Return to Germany. To say that Hillary did not react properly to the damning State Department Inspector General report which yesterday found that she broke numerous government rules by setting up her own email server, would be a gruesome understatement.
My latest E-Mini S&P tout pulls out all the stops with an ambitious target that would be equivalent to a 700-point rally in the Dow. It is not yet in-the-bag, but the levels I’ve drawn on the accompanying chart provide precise benchmarks for gauging trend strength.
The various Hidden Pivot levels could prove especially useful to traders familiar with my ‘mechanical’ entry tactics. There have been more than a few awful people working on Wall Street and in the financial world.

How about the guys at the top of Enron who sold boatloads of shares while the employee pension plan was directed into the sinking ship? All of them terrible, but none of them compare to one particular “financial adviser”….Osama bin Laden. Indianapolis -- There isn't going to be much change on the Packers' roster this off-season, especially on offense. Many a-list celebs have tones of fame but their fortunes are small potatoes compared to these folks, the billionaires.
The story of millionaire Simon Cowell, who dropped out of school at 15, worked for Sony BMG and EMI Music.
Our roundtable guests talk about their roles as agents and being acknowledged by their clients.
The world knows Valeria Lukyanova as the girl who turned herself into a real-life Barbie doll. To say such a debate would be an unmitigated disaster for Hillary Clinton would be the understatement of the century.

Given Sanders’ recent momentum, as well as her need to persuade a significant number of his supporters to back her in November; such a denial was not only arrogant, it was highly insulting to voters in America’s largest state. But , there is a reasonable chance Green Bay loses its all-time receiving leader, Donald Driver. NO MATERIAL HERE CONSTITUTES "INVESTMENT ADVICE" NOR IS IT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STOCKS, COMMODITIES, OPTIONS, BONDS, OR FUTURES. ACTIONS YOU UNDERTAKE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF ANY ANALYSIS, OPINION OR ADVERTISEMENT ON THIS SITE ARE YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY.

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