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In normal circumstances, the immune mechanism of the body protects the urinary system from bacterial invasion.
Uva ursi is an evergreen shrub, found in the alpine forests of Europe, North America and Asia. Marshmallow root helps to soothe the mucus membrane of the urinary tract following an infection. Occasionally, owing to various reasons this natural defense mechanism of the urinary tracts breaks down, increasing the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI). However, owing to the anatomy of the urinary tract, women are more likely to develop UTI.Although the symptoms of the infection subside within a week when treated with antibiotics, in a large number of cases, the infection recurs within six months.
Before the discovery of antibiotics, this medicinal herb was widely used for treating urinary tract infections.Uva ursi owes its antibacterial property to the compounds called hydroquinone and arbutin.

In folk medicines, cranberry juice is recommended for treating urinary tract infections.Cranberry juice is especially effective in preventing recurrent infections in the urinary tract. A compound called berberine present in the herb can kill several types of bacteria, including the E.
Tannins are responsible for the astringent property of the herb, which helps to reduce the inflammation, thereby enhancing the infection fighting property of uva ursi. The acidic components in cranberry slightly lowers the alkalinity of the urine, thereby creating an acidic environment unsuitable for the survival of the bacteria.By preventing the bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract, cranberry prevents further infections.
Bacteria might grow in the urine trapped in urinary tract, leading to urinary tract infection.
People suffering from urinary tract infection can drink tea prepared with marshmallow root several times, daily.

It can reduce the frequent urge to urinate that occurs in people suffering from urinary tract infection when they can’t empty the bladder. The diuretic property of horsetail helps to flush out the stones from the urinary tract by increasing the urine output.

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