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I was already aware that the Hand, Foot and Mouth virus was going around, thanks to my wonderful network of local mommy friends.
Three different people responded right away by telling me to take the advice in this post from Modern Alternative Mama., which is where I got the majority of the remedies in this post. Whether you use strictly natural remedies at your house, or would simply like to add some natural remedies to your tool box, you’ll love these safe, gentle, and effective treatments.
I headed off to my favorite pharmacy: The Nutrition Shoppe, a local store which provides high quality health foods, herbal supplements, and vitamins.
A note about herbal supplements:  It is very important to purchase organic, high-quality herbal treatments without additives and fillers like alcohol or sugar.
Since I am pregnant it is important to keep my immune system fortified while caring for a sick little one. My philosophy is that as long as a fever is with in a normal range of 100-103, I will stick to natural remedies and allow the fever to do it’s work (which is burning out infection).
1.)  I can use the items I purchased to treat the entire family and prevent potential spread of infection. 2.) These herbs will also last a long time, hopefully right into cold season, as all of these are remedies for viral infections. Many childhood sicknesses like Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease can be treated safely and naturally at home. Thank goodness so far I am not having any symptoms…lots of hand washing and herbal teas.
You should check out the bulk herb store online, and consider signing up for their e newsletter. I learned that for croup the best thing to do is bundle them up and take them into the cold night air! Thank you for the cures, my gran son came home from pre school, crying out for pains in his mouth, we first assumed he was teething, but as the pain increased we took him to his doctor only to be told that he had this virus. I just came from the doc, my 3 year old has a not so bad case, but she did say if it got worse that sometimes they will prescribe an anti viral medication in extreme cases.
This is an older post, but I wanted to say this just in case someone else still ready this and needs the info: be careful who you believe regarding the safety of herbs and essential oils.

My son is 9 months old and constantly fussy and has bad mouth sores cause of the hand foot mouth disease. Just for my readers, in general, I would caution against any internal use of essential oil, especially oregano! Hey Chelsey, I know it can be so hard to figure out how to administer these things to such a little on! For hoof and mouth disease you may drink goat milk straight from the milking after heating it til it starts to froth and rise..
If I’m correct, according to your original comment, you are talking about Hoof and Mouth Disease (aka Foot and Mouth Disease), which affects clove foot farm animals and is very rarely transferred to humans. They were all over her hands and feet, ankles and wrists, up her arms and up over her knees.
I’d even go as far as to say she had the freaking chicken pox except she’d been vaccinated!
I’m 26 I just discovered I have the hand foot n mouth as well… Any ideas how to kill the burning on feeling my hands and feet?
5 best home remedies for hand tremors - natural treatments, Home remedies for hand tremors teas and oils for hand tremors. 8 hand tremors home remedies, natural treatments & cure, Herbal remedies for hand tremors skullcap. Home remedies and natural cures for common illnesses, Home remedies, natural cures and information on causes, symptoms and diet conditions for common ailments and diseases. Natural homeopathic remedies for tremors, Homeopathic remedies for treating essential tremors. Between hair growth pills, hair growth oils and pomades that tingle when you apply them to your scalp, we are aware of how the black hair industry has dazzled us with their marketing hype and promises of miraculous hair growth. So much so that they have made us believe for years that you need certain products in order to grow your hair long.
It’s along the same lines as the diet and supplement industry blinding us every few months with miraculous fruits or herbs presumably consumed by the people of some remote Peruvian tribe for thousands of years which helped keep them trim.
Trust me I’m no better and I get sucked into the story just as much as everybody else and only tear my eyes off the screen long enough to liberate my credit card and order a two month supply of acai berry extract.

No ladies, those African bushmen are not thin because of all the hoodia they are eating but because of the fact that they are starving for a couple of days until they hunt and kill their next antelope. Alas it doesn’t look better in the hair industry, the most common question from newbies starting out in hair care is inevitably What product should I use in order to grow my hair long?
I too had to go to the hospital on christmas eve last year ( justice was still tiny) because she caught that awful stomach bug! My son had blisters on his toes and fingers several times and the nails fell of twice over a month period.
My son is 10 months old would it be safe enough to put a drop of peppermint essential oil in his oatmeal?
My daughter was up for literally two days because she couldn’t stop itching long enough to fall aslee, even after 36 hours!!
Yet the most common question in the diet industry remains What should I eat in order to lose weight? I have some friends that their child got hand, foot and mouth from daycare and my friend Rory ended up getting it as well.
Adelyn has a probiotic organic yogurt every day but I don’t have Camden on it yet since he is still 99% breastfed. This helped my daughter big time and helped prevent her from getting HFM disease as bad as the other children in her school. Throat hurts, headache, fever the blisters on my feet don’t srsl let me walk, it is so annoying! However, as evening fell she would become lethargic and her temperature would go back up, usually spiking in the night. I get very nervous with fevers but you had good info…I will try to resist reaching for the rarely used Tylenol next time!!

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