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Whatever phase of treatment, or Stage you are at, Verita Life can help treat and defeat your Pancreatic Cancer.
Our expertise, clinical experience and personalised protocols are delivered in 5 separate Programmes, one of which is best for you or your loved one.
If you are already having Chemo or Radio therapy we can reduce painful side effects, increase therapy effectiveness, and increase your chance of remission.
Treatments are personalised, safe, and targeted to strengthen organ and immune system function. We offer a complete and comprehensive Pancreatic cancer treatment programme if you don’t want to, or can’t, undergo conventional treatment.
Undecided patients willing to wait a few weeks before committing to conventional treatments may want to ‘try Verita Life first’.
If Pancreatic cancer treatment has not begun yet, we can prepare your immune system and organs with our unique combination of protocols. If you are unable to travel to us you can start home care immediately by using our clinical expertise and 15 years of research by our scientific team. Verita Life will review your condition and send you powerful pharmaceutical grade combination packs customised to target Pancreatic cancer, and support your other therapies. It is a sad fact that so many cancers return within 5 years or less, especially if contributing factors are not addressed.
Rebuilding your weakened immune system, and also any damaged organs, is an essential and immediate need to regain full health and keep you cancer free. Verita Life clinics offer unique, customised, after-care programmes with measurable results. The exact combination and frequency of treatments is planned according to your specific needs. Chosen for proven effectiveness, every treatment has been shown, through numerous medical studies and extensive experience, to attack and defeat cancer cells.

Following your enquiry and review of your case by our medical team, you will receive a Doctor consultation. Excess body weight, chronic inflammation of the pancreas, diabetes, family history and smoking. 338,000 were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer within the year of 2014 and it represent 2.4 per cent of all cancer.
IPTA particular form of low-dose chemotherapy, which protects the organs and the immune system and can even be applied when classical methods no longer help. WHOLE BODY HYPERTHERMIAA significant increase in body temperature causes immune cells to leave the bloodstream and migrate through the body tissue.
ARTESUNATEIn addition to directly killing cancer cells, Artesunate cancer treatment can also inhibit the production of cancer vessels and enhance the effectiveness of cancer treatments by sensitising tumour cells to chemotherapy and radiation. GCMAF GOLEIC THERAPYGcMAF therapy regulates the human protein required to reactivate immune cells and boost patients’ immune systems. ENZYME THERAPYTumours create a layer of proteins and carbohydrates on the surface of their cells. HIGH DOSE VITAMIN CCancer cells are highly susceptible to damage by oxygen containing reactive compounds.
EXERCISE EWOTEWOT stands for ‘Exercising With Oxygen Therapy’, and involves the patient exercising whilst breathing in pure Oxygen.Exercising has a great many positive effects that are very important for cancer patients plus cancer thrives in oxygen-poor environments. ANTI-CANCER DIETVerita Life are experts at providing exactly the right personalised diet to help each patient fight their cancer. This will help withstand the damage that can occur from conventional treatment, and also improve treatment outcomes.
Examination of over 100,000 studies and much clinical experience has led to powerful herbal prescriptions for each Cancer.
In addition to rebuilding a diminished immune system, GcMAF Goleic inhibits angiogenesis (stops blood supply to tumours), activates macrophages and apoptosis (suicide of cancer cells); reverts cancer cells’ phenotype (characteristics) to normal healthy cells and reduces the metastatic potential of human cancer cells.

It “educates” T-lymphocytes (T cells), which are critical cells of the adaptive immune system. All programmes are managed according to the patients’ capabilities and are not high intensity. They are active from birth and need no training to be effective against foreign invaders or cells which turn cancerous.
It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment and advice of your doctor.All medical treatments have varied outcomes.
The patient lies on a special heat-bed; Infrared heaters passively warm the patient’s body to temperatures of around 39-40 ° C and safely provoke an enhanced immune response.
Essentially, enzyme therapy assists the immune system by attacking this layer and making tumour cells visible to it. These high concentrations damage cancer cell’s DNA and mitochondria shutting down the cancer cells’ energy supply and killing them outright.
We use thymus peptides to improve the immune system by supporting initial steps in teaching immune cells how to work. In short, enzyme therapy can enhance the immune system’s effectiveness and support conventional treatments. Once they recognise and attach to cancer cells, they then release enzymes and other substances that damage the outer membranes which leads to the death of these cells.

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