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Before choosing the appropriate treatment to deal with genital herpes, it is very important to understand the pros and cons of all the options available. Drinking lot of water in a day is one of the best ways to get rid of all the toxins from the body, thus helping to keep the body well hydrated. Application of baking soda on the affected area helps a great deal in providing relief to itching and irritation on the skin. The ones who have a gastric problem will read the post heading and say ‘At last!’ whereas the ones who do not have such problem may quote ‘Eww!’ When we said that having gas is normal we meant, it is not abnormal. Gas forms inside our stomach when we accidentally take in a gulp of air in between meal or liquid intake. Apart from over the counter medicines some (listed) herbs help in easing the gas condition and helps in stabilizing your body and stomach. Parsley is known to most individuals, as an aromatic herb, used to add flavor and aroma to dishes. Cinnamon and basil, both are used as a potent herbal aid in case of different health emergencies.

These herbs contain certain properties which help the individual relieve the flatulence, nausea and other stomach disorders.
The herb ginger contains digestive properties which make the one taking it, relieve the gas and also treat other such stomach disorders. Also, you should make sure to wear cotton clothes instead of synthetic clothes to deal with the problem in an effective manner.
Dip a cotton ball in cornstarch and apply on the infected area to get immediate relief from itching. Mostly, however, it has been seen that the condition occurs due to an irregularity in the order of meals or having foods with high saturated fat, oil, etc. Ginger also helps in stimulating the taste buds to produce saliva, which in turn helps in digestion. Your doctor would tell you everything in detail and explain you various options available in front of you to deal with the problem.
Can you believe an herb like this is sometimes chopped of by gardeners who feel these are weeds?

With the help of natural treatments to deal with genital herpes, future outbreaks would be prevented in a great way.
For the ones who don’t follow the thread, here are a few herbal cures that will treat your condition. Normally, it doesn’t pose much as an embarrassment but when the gas comes out via flatulence and with a bad odor, it breaks all hell loose. Herpes virus occurs in two forms, viz herpes simplex-1 (HSV1) and herpes simplex-2 (HSV2).  HSV1 infects the mouth.
You would be able to get rid of the problem of genital herpes in a very effective manner with the help of natural treatments.
Therefore, natural treatments are considered to be better options as compared to medical treatments.

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