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It helps to maintain a healthy and optimum weight throughout your life and not just as you grow older. There are a lot of foods, especially fruits and vegetables that help in preventing breast cancer. It is a little impossible when you are stuck in traffic and have to drive long distances in the city, but inhaling fumes while you fill up the gas and also fumes from other automobiles can increase the chances of you getting breast cancer. Fish and fish oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids are also a great choice of food in preventing the risk of breast cancer. Never did I imagine I would be writing about another type of shedding: the shedding of my hair!I admit, I’ve never had long, glamorous, Kim Kardashian locks, but after baby number three, my fine hair fell out at an astronomical rate.
Possible causes include some foods, environmental factors and other lifestyle related stuff.
I lovingly refer to my ripe old age of thirty and hair loss as my Dirty Thirty!The hair loss really affected me emotionally, and it’s been a daily stressor when I look down at the shower drain. The good news about the prevention of breast cancer is that it can be prevented by making small lifestyle changes such as eating the right and healthy foods, using less things that can release harmful chemicals and maintain a healthy weight as you grow older.
Seriously, I have had days where I count the strands, praying I don’t lose more than the normal range of fifty to a hundred strands a day.There are so many reasons for hair loss.
For me personally, all the hormonal changes due to having three babies in six years played a big role, in addition to iron deficiency and vitamin deficiency.There were a lot of surprises (amazing rewards too) after becoming a mother that no one ever told me about. And second was the little (or well) known fact that hair loss is imminent after childbirth and breastfeeding due to all the hormonal changes.I am not an MD, nor do I have my degree in nutrition, but I’ve met with my doctors, and read a lot about hair loss and nutrition online and in books (OK, I have seen a lot of Dr. Oz, we should rinse the conditioner out in cold water and wash our hair only when it’s dirty.

I can commit to washing my hair every other day, and if it looks oily, a good dry shampoo should do the trick. Invest in healthy oils. Argan oil is derived from the nut of the argan tree in Morocco, and is often referred to as liquid gold.
Add a drop to your hands and apply it to hair after a shower, or leave it in overnight and wash it out in the morning. Another good treatment that has been used to stimulate the scalp is an essential oil blend that smells amazing. Blend one tablespoon of organic coconut oil or jojoba oil with twenty-five drops of lavender essential oil and twenty-five drops of rosemary. Massage this mixture into the scalp and leave overnight, then wash out in the morning. Drink more water, get more sleep, and manage stress. I realize these are three large categories rolled into one, but it basically boils down to the fact that my health needs to be a priority. These are tough and lofty goals with a family of five, a growing blog, and the stresses of everyday life. For me, I need to increase my iron intake, so a lot more spinach salads topped with strawberries and lentils are in my near future. Insider tip: Iron is more easily and better absorbed when taken with vitamin C, and it does not absorb well when taken with calcium. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids are healthy for the heart and brain, and anti-inflammatory for the body, and some studies have indicated they may help reduce hair loss.
Wild salmon will make its way to our dinner table more frequently, and I plan to sprinkle more flax seeds in my smoothies and on my yogurt sundaes.

A good multi-vitamin may be a good idea too, for those days when BBQ chips and ice cream seem like a good idea. Remain good friends with my hairstylist. My hair will never look like Jennifer Lopez’s, even on a really, really good hair day.
Unless I get extensions and a hairstylist on the daily payroll, I’m dreaming to think my hair will ever be Pantene commercial ready.
So, I need to embrace a look that will work for my hair, my style, and the shape of my face.
With a background in Public Relations and wedding planning, Jessica can’t get enough of beautiful events and fine details. As a blessed momma to 3 amazing kiddos, she is always elbow-deep in flour, paint and laundry…or whatever else is on the menu for that day.  She is a total hopeless romantic, married to her high school sweetheart. She can’t live without her faith, her large Italian family, morning espresso, and red wine. She loves to write about DIY projects, yummy recipes, fun crafts for the kiddos, pretty weddings and creative parties at j.

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