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Specifically regarding acupuncture, acupuncture has been shown in some studies to be beneficial for depression and decreasing symptoms associated with depression.
Botanical formulas have similar effects to medications, often without the side effects, however this is not true for all herbs and plants. There are several plants that have more research behind them in regards to their use in depression, but other plants exist that are effective as well.
Research has shown that not only are nutritional deficiencies associated with depressive symptoms, but specific dietary patterns can be associated with depression.
Hydrotherapy involves alternating hot and cold water applications to achieve the following goals: promote detoxification and relaxation, increase circulation, improve immune system functioning, promote digestion, and decrease pain. Hydrotherapy can be performed via a number of methods: constitutional hydrotherapy, sauna, peat bath, Epsom salt baths, or alternating hot and cold showers. Very little evidence has surfaced for the efficacy of hydrotherapy to treat depression, however, the research that has surfaced has been quite promising. Homeopathy is an energy medicine that involves finite doses of a substance that are diluted in water, which amount to a higher therapeutic dose overall.
In recent studies, homeopathy has been shown to be just as effective as anti – depressant medication in the relief of depressive symptoms. Some of the information provided above may not be appropriate for everyone, please consult with your doctor before trying any of the above.
However, there are treatments that can help, that can be provided through your naturopathic doctor.
This will be different for each individual based on the cause of depression for that specific individual, eg nutrient deficiency vs.

Specific herbs or plants will be selected based on their properties and combined based on the specific individual’s presentation of depression.
Therefore, it may be necessary to correct for these deficiencies in order to treat the root cause of the depression. Based on all of the following actions, hydrotherapy could be beneficial for depression based on different root causes. These therapies may not be available at every naturopathic doctor’s clinic, but if you are interested in these therapies, they can be performed by myself, Elisha Cook, at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic (416-498-9763). In this form of medicine, individualized remedies are chosen based on the individual’s specific symptoms and presentation.
These therapies might include massage, naturopathic manipulation, ultrasound, laser therapy, electroacupuncture, or Gua Sha.
By improving sleep, exercise, scheduling, and stress management, it is possible that some individuals may have reduced depressive episodes.
If you are interested in Naturopathic Medicine and wanting a different approach to your health care needs, please book an appointment with Elisha Cook at the RSNC (416-498-9763), and let me help you achieve your health goals. Each “organ” is associated with an emotion: Heart with joy and is the center of one’s personality, liver with anger, spleen with worry, lungs with grief, and kidneys with fear. For example, one person may need help with sleep, where as one may need help with stress, both in combination with needing help with mood.
In addition, various changes to one’s diet can help to improve mood and decrease inflammation (and thereby decrease inflammation in the body, which may contribute to the depression). For example, if an individual is depressed because they are stressed, hydrotherapy may be beneficial by helping the individual to relax.

The general effect of these therapies includes relaxation, increased circulation, decreased pain, and decreased inflammation. As one can see, all of these organs could play a part in depression, and so, individual cases are taken, and the root cause is determined.
Some beneficial properties that some useful herbs may have include: nervine, anti – depressant effect, sedative and adaptogenic.
Based on your specific case, several classes of action may be recommended for you, and thus foods or supplements recommended. Homeopathy does not interact with any medications, making it quite useful especially if you are taking other medications. Similar to what was mentioned above, depression may be decreased or alleviated based on these potential effects. By addressing negative thought patterns, poor sleep patterns, lack of exercise, or stress management concerns, one may experience decreased depressive episodes. Once a specific diagnosis is made, a treatment plan is created, and may involve using acupuncture, herbal formulas, diet, or lifestyle, all with the purpose of bringing the body back into a state of balance. Naturopathic doctors are trained to help individuals through lifestyle counselling, and can use methods use as motivational interviewing or cognitive behavioural therapy to do so.

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