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Like many doctors, Chris pursued this career path because he wanted to be involved in science and healthcare.
Attracted by the philosophies of naturopathic medicine, he trained for four years at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) after completing his Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto. After graduating from the college in 2010 and writing his board exams, Chris didn’t slow down. Today he works as Clinic Director at Mahaya Forest Hill Integrative Clinic, Associate Editor at Integrated Healthcare Practitioners Magazine, and part-time faculty and Clinic Supervisor at the CCNM.
When he isn’t working at the college or the magazine’s headquarters, one of Chris’ many responsibilities is holding private practice hours at the clinic. When he sees patients for an initial consultation, he answers their questions, fills out forms, performs a physical exam and discusses treatment plans. What about the challenges of this unique occupation, and what advice does Chris have about pursuing this career? Naturopathic doctors are primary healthcare practitioners who, among other things, conduct medical research, do medical exams and recommend natural treatments to alleviate health conditions.
Chris was successful straight out of school, but this may not be the case for all of new graduates. In this article we have provided answers to frequently asked questions about angular cheilitis and its treatment. Angular cheilitis describes an inflammation that occurs in the corner of the mouth usually associated with a fungal or bacterial infection.
Although angular cheilitis is often aggravated by a fungal or bacterial infection, this is not usually the root cause.
A habit of licking the lips causing them to remain damp from saliva for long periods of time.

Malabsorption conditions where there is an abnormality in absorption of food nutrients in the gut.
Angular cheilitis is a condition that responds well to home remdies and it makes sense to explore the options. Most home remedies work by changing the local environment around the corner of the mouth to make it less conducive to bacteria and fungal growth.  As fungi and bacteria thrive in moist environments, the key is to dry out the area. Of course much depends on the actual approach used, but it certainly is possible to resolve angular cheilitis overnight. But bear in mind that if you don’t remove the root cause of the infection (see causes of angular cheilitis above), it may recur at a later date whatever angular cheilitis cure you use. In 1985, he received his doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine (also called “naturopathy”) from Bastyr University.
He began a two-year residency program which he says made his journey and entrance into the workforce a bit unique compared to those of other naturopathic doctors. In subsequent appointments he follows up on previous treatments, discusses a long-term treatment plan, and asks about new concerns. Especially when patients have already tried multiple approaches and seen other healthcare practitioners, it brings him joy to be able to find a way to treat them and improve their health.
It’s easy to see where the public might not understand the differences between naturopathic doctors, medical doctors and homeopaths. Instead of being paid by the hour, practitioners using this model are paid for each service rendered to the patient. Check out Chris’ online course to learn how you can hatch a career in this unique field!
Since then he has been a member of Bastyr University's academic and clinical medicine faculty.

Donovan was invited to join the medical staff of the first government-funded community health clinic project integrating alternative and conventional medicine at the King County Community Health Clinic in Kent, Washington. Donovan maintains a busy private practice as a licensed naturopathic doctor at his integrated medical clinic, University Health Clinic, in Seattle, Washington. After only two years of working as an ND, Chris Habib is already very successful and holds several jobs. Therefore, if there is a one-hour gap between one patient and the next, the naturopathic doctor is not getting paid for that time. He has had a number of articles published in various medical journals, has contributed chapters to the Textbook of Natural Medicine and has authored three books.
In 1997, he was one of the first two naturopathic physicians invited to join the medical team of the first fully integrated oncology clinic in the Northwest. He is a board member of the Naturopathic Academy of Primary Care Physicians (NAPCP) and continues his research, writing and lecturing in healing and spirituality. If a patient is late it will affect the next appointment, causing the practitioner to run behind.
This clinic, the Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center, integrates the full spectrum of conventional oncology care with nutritional and naturopathic medicine, as well as acupuncture.
He was one of 23 physicians featured in Burton Goldberg's book An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer. His areas of clinical interest include autoimmune inflammatory disorders, inflammatory bowel disease and digestive tract disorders.

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