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The licensed ND promotes self-healing by helping maintain balance in the various systems of the body -- hormonal, immune, nervous, elimination, etc. If you want to see what an ND can do support your health, first make sure you choose a licensed ND. The women I help have thyroids, ovaries and fat cells that have them ready to melt into a fit of tears worthy of a timeout. Dr Brooke Kalanick, ND, MS, LAc is a naturopathic doctor and graduate of Bastyr University - the leader in natural medicine education, research and the training of holistically minded primary care providers.
Her book, "Ultimate You," co-authored with celebrity trainer Joe Dowdell, offers the latest in nutritional and exercise science to help women lose body fat by understanding their hormones.
Many people believe that eating broccoli and soy is healthy, while others believe these foods can slow metabolism and negatively affect their thyroid function. If you think blood sugar problems are reserved for those with diabetes or its cousin, Metabolic Syndrome X – think again. It's March, so let's check in to see how people are doing on their New Year's fitness resolutions. When I say "naturopathic doctor," to some folks it conjures up ideas of magic wands, potions, and Kramer's holistic healer friend on Seinfeld. Applicants to accredited naturopathic medical colleges need a bachelor's degree and a competitive GPA in scientific prerequisites, just like applicants to "conventional" medical schools. After admission, the course work of the first two years of naturopathic and "conventional" medical school is comparable both in subjects and in hours of training.
Depending on the state, our naturopathic medical license covers everything from dietary advice to pharmaceuticals and suturing wounds. Another thing patients need to look out for are people who advertise themselves as an ND (or NMD) without having a license. Our patients often tell us the face-to-face time we spend with them is a lot longer than other doctors they've seen.
Our treatments are advised using the therapeutic order, where we start by laying the basic foundations for healthy living, and use higher-force interventions (like specific nutrients, drugs and surgeries) as conditions become more severe. We know our patients are literally atoms, molecules, cells and organs, but we appreciate that they are so much more those physical components.
So yeah, some of us are a little "out there," and "touchy-feely." But that's not all that guides our practice.
Our comprehensive patient visits ensure personal and individualized solutions and treatments.
Naturopathic medicine treats all forms of health concerns — from pediatric to geriatric, from irritating symptoms to chronic illness and from the physical to the psychological. Your generous support will allow us to continue our important public awareness programs and the work of the CNF and the CAND to improve the health of Canadians for generations to come.
We are located in the Tangletown neighborhood of Seattle, just south of Greenlake and north of Wallingford. Please note that if you are driving east on 56th Street, the numbers change right at First Avenue- from the 2300 block of North 56th Street to the 100 block of NORTHEAST 56th Street. Naturopathic doctors can also complement and enhance health care services provided by other health care professionals.
Make an appointment with our Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto or Naturopathic Doctor in Etobicoke. Assesses body functions through a detailed medical history profile and use of diagnostic medical tests.
Low Intensity Laser Therapy has evolved from predecessor lasers to modern laser therapy systems. Clinically verified Laser Therapies eliminate pain and inflammation in acute and chronic conditions. With "back problems" laser therapy should be the universal treatment approach and clearly establish its role as the treatment of choice. Students learn to do what any family practice doc does: check ups, yearly Pap smears, and management of any condition that brings you into the doctor's office from allergies to fibromyalgia to irritable bowel syndrome. While licensed NDs rely heavily on natural and nutritional therapies, they are also skilled in conventional diagnoses and treatment, meaning that your health is always in medically-trained hands.

The license means that he or she attended a four-year graduate-level naturopathic medical school (it was a little less like Hogwarts and more like any other medical school – and yes, I was disappointed too), completed internships, and passed two levels of rigorous board exams. Dr Brooke specializes in PCOS and Hashimoto's hypothyroidism helping these fat loss resistant women feel, look and be better.  Her knowledge of both conventional and alternative medicine helps her give patients back the control of their body, their hormones and their life. Brooke is a licensed naturopathic doctor devoted to helping women achieve a healthy weight and a happy state of well-being through her integrative and holistic approach to health.
Brooke specializes in stubborn fat loss, thyroid disorders (particularly Hashimoto’s disease), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and other female hormone issues. Brooke has expertise in sleep and mood disorders, diabetes and skin issues, as well as stress management and infertility. Brooke has appeared on Martha Stewart Living Radio and various television appearances on Veria Living. Brooke earned a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a masters in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine from Bastyr University, the leading institution training primary-care physicians in alternative medicine. It's not so surprising when it comes from someone I meet in a coffee shop or on an airplane, but I still hear it from other doctors, too. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are currently licensed to practice as medical professionals in 16 states, and two U.S.
Preventing heart disease and cancer through diet or helping someone break the pattern of insomnia is not nearly as exciting as rare diagnoses or ethically questionable emergency transplant surgeries. As ND students, we spend all our clinical time in a family practice (outpatient) setting, under the supervision of an attending (usually ND) physician.
For instance, in California my license is nearly identical to that of a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant.
I've reported several people like this to California's Naturopathic Medicine Committee in the last year. In this way, we also work with patients who haven't developed a disease yet, and simply seek to improve their health whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually. We each exist uniquely in the world, with different values and priorities, and as NDs we believe our health care should reflect that. Kind has a very eclectic, Naturopathic Medical Practice including Nutritional and Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy, Physical Therapy, Neural Therapy, Prolotherapy, and a wide range of intravenous applications from Chelation techniques to Immune augmentation. Time is invested to make certain a complete history and understanding of your life is gathered and understood. We are conveniently located on the southeast corner of First Avenue NE and NE 56th Street, just two blocks west and six blocks north of the 50th Street exit from Interstate 5. Please be aware that at First Avenue, the street names change from North 56th to NorthEast 56th, so it can be confusing to find our clinic.
Referrals are made for imaging, further testing or to a specialist when warranted - just like your family doctor would do. I help women like myself — with metabolisms less than cooperative and with years of mental baggage from trying every diet under the sun. It's tough, but we persevere because we want more for ourselves and want to set a great example for those we love. They feel like their body has betrayed them as they've tried to lose fat, get pregnant, and just have enough energy to live their lives. As a woman and mother who shares these struggles, she helps the women she works with live the adage: between perfect and giving up, there's better. Using tailored nutrition therapy, coaching and a comprehensive naturopathic and functional medicine approach, she helps women heal their metabolism and restore their hormonal balance. A large part of her expertise is in helping women recover their very damaged metabolisms and psyches after years of failed dieting.
Reminding women, that when they mess up, it doesn’t mean they should give up – between perfection and giving up, there’s BETTER.
Brooke identifies each patient’s unique dietary needs and metabolic makeup in order to develop a customized plan for fat loss, hormonal balance and most importantly, feeling better about themselves.
She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her comedian husband and their two daughters, Lola and Gigi.
In fact, it's more surprising when someone (outside of Seattle or Portland) has actually heard of what I do.

In fact, when some "alternative" health approach is portrayed on one of these shows, you can be fairly certain it's why the patient is so ill.
Hopefully this article will help clarify what kind of training an ND gets and what they can do. Unlike Kramer's holistic healing friend, we learn to use the same labs, physical exams, and medical imaging (X-ray, CT, MRI) that hospitals and clinics utilize to diagnose diseases and monitor health.
Our training includes minor surgery, like removing a mole, but we don't go into the major surgeries that happen in hospitals. In Washington and Oregon, the license covers a greater scope of practices and ND care is covered by nearly every insurance provider. Naturopathic medicine is not how medicine is given specifically, but based on our six principles. There are times when we shine, and times when specialists or other medical providers are best suited for the task at hand.
So the moral of the story is, check to see that your health care providers have current licenses issued by the state (they should also be displayed for you to see in their office). We ask about everything that's going on with them physically, emotionally, and oftentimes spiritually. After many years of experience, she’s found that giving someone the plan is the easiest part -- ensuring they implement it is the hard part. Ironic, considering the now-famous JAMA article reporting "medical treatment" as a leading cause of death in the United States. It's pretty rare for me to have to break out the magic wand or have someone drink a cup of tea while wearing the pyramid hat! Instead of rotating through a variety of medical specialties, we learn when and how to refer to specialists to diagnose or treat conditions beyond our scope, just like any other family doctor.
Unfortunately, health insurance doesn't cover ND services in every state we're licensed to practice in, but our professional organization, the AANP, is working to change that. Naturopathic medicine refers to an approach to treating people, and tends to favor natural and low-force interventions.
We refer our patients to surgeons, cardiologists, and ERs when it's clear their conditions are beyond of our scope of training. Our "hippie" medicine works, and what we do is becoming less "alternative" and more "conventional" everyday. Brooke pairs her own seasoned insight with her specialized medical expertise to help hundreds of women hop off the hamster wheel of calorie restriction, hunger, bingeing and over-exercising — all of which erode self-esteem, wreak havoc on hormones and worst of all, leave women feeling they’ve failed yet again.
There are few residencies available for NDs, and since all of our clinical time is spent in family medicine, we tend to go straight into private practice with other medical providers. Our treatments with patients might include dietary changes, supplementary nutrients, exercise, herbal medicine, pharmaceuticals or homeopathy. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) and is President of British Columbia Naturopathic Association (BCNA). He has continued his education with courses in intravenous therapies, neural, and prolotherapy.
Brooke bridges this gap between knowing better and doing better by helping her clients implement successful habit change, create a positive mindset and stop clinging to the impossible quest for “perfect” that keeps them from making progress toward their best. So homeopathy can be part of an ND's treatment plan, but it's not the only tool in the shed.
That said, other medical providers may use homeopathy as well, and it doesn't make them naturopathic doctors. Further, he has recieved training in Homeopathic Medicine from the New England School of Homeopathy and certification with the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy and the BC Board of Chelation and Oxidative Medicine.

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