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Please call our office for all scheduling needs, we are not able to book or re-schedule an appointment via email. Born and raised in Windsor, Nova Scotia, I have a passion for health and happiness and am eager to be back in the Annapolis Valley to contribute to the health and harmony of the community. After earning my Bachelor of Medical Sciences from the University of Western Ontario, I spent time teaching outdoor education and biology in Canada and traveling around the world. NDwebsites™ is a professional service offering high-end website development for ND's who recognize that their online presense is a vital part of building a successful practice.

NDstorefront™ allows Naturopathic Doctors to set up an online store to sell suppliments, herbs, and other natural health products to their patients. I understand that symptoms are your body’s way of indicating something is wrong or in disharmony and am dedicated to working with you to find a holistic approach to health.
I received a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver, B.C. This approach doesn’t rely on drugs to suppress those symptoms, but focuses on understanding and treating the cause of them.

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