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Our Doctors and Staff, in partnership with you, are dedicated to providing unparalleled individualized Naturopathic healthcare, education, encouragement, and support in your progression toward better health of body, mind, and spirit. Out of State: It is common that Out of State Insurance coverage will not reimburse for Naturopathic care.
Know your benefits: Please call your insurance to confirm benefits for Naturopathic care, Acupuncture and Massage therapy. NFM Seattle is proud to provide the services of Seattle’s best independent medical practitioners. I want to let you know that you have been a very important influence in our lives as a family and provided a turning point that changed the course of my parenting journey for the better.I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you in writing for all you have done to help me in my quest to feel better. Today’s CouponCheck out great coupons for Naturopathic Family Medicine on LocalSaver!
Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine are general practioners of natural medicine and are also primary care providers trained to work in cooperation with other health care practitioners. In addition, there are a wide variety of acute conditions such as colds, flus, ear infections, bronchitis and sinusitis that we can treat. This partnership is deeply rooted in the Principles of Naturopathic Medicine which guide our unique approach to health care and wellness.
You should also check to see if there is a maximum number of visits per year or a percentage reimbursement.

It is the patients’ responsibility to obtain one from their Primary Care Physician (PCP), prior to scheduling a visit. Frequently, naturopathic medicine is part of the complementary health care system that includes medical doctors, massage therapists, speech language therapists, midwives, physiotherapists, chiropractors, reflexologists, osteopathic practioners and others. Many people visit a Naturopathic Doctor to learn about health promotion and focus on disease prevention. Patients are encouraged to contact their employers or individual insurance agents directly to determine if they have coverage and what it entails. Each patient is asked to complete a set of intake forms which will provide your practitioner with your health history. After studying several advanced techniques she studied with Judith Aston and became a certified Aston Patterning Practitioner, and later completed Aston Arthro-Kinetics. Maximo is excited to blend the wisdom of Eastern and Western perspectives to offer the patient the best, most effective treatment options. Hansen is a naturopathic doctor who is interested in providing her patients with personalized health care using a mix of herbal and conventional modalities. I will never forget crying in your office on that first visit, and how you told me you would help me to feel better and that you were committed to finding both answers and solutions. This information, combined with an in-depth discussion, will enable your practitioner to formulate a treatment plan that will best meet your needs.

She offers relaxation massage and injury treatment massage, including ergonomic injuries and issues.
She focuses on the patient as a whole person and devotes the time and energy needed to get to the root cause. You kept that promise from the start.It was a difficult to diagnose type of cancer, but she identified it in time for intervention and now, thanks to Dr.
She believes in creating a relationship with her patients that focuses on a partnership where patient and doctor can work together towards achievable goals. She particularly values the naturopathic principle of Docere (doctor as teacher), and is pleased to find that she often learns just as much from her patients as they learn from her. Patients of NFM Health Incorporated and any Practitioner are encouraged to receive health care services from the provider of their choice. This initial consult is a great opportunity to form a bond with your practitioner and learn about options that are available to you. I always feel well taken care of and like my opinions and ideas about my own body are respected and valued.

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