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Every day that I walk the 8 blocks from my house to my office, I savorĀ  the luxury of being able to commute by foot to work. People have a number of reasons why they don’t see a naturopathic doctor for their health problems. As professionals go, naturopathic doctors are actually quite reasonable, lawyers and dentists charge more like $350+ per hour. Did you know that naturopathic doctors regularly deal with the most challenging and complex health issues? While you may be able to find information online about the best restaurant or running shoe, I wouldn’t rely on Google for health information.

My interests range from healthy cooking, kickboxing, and triathlons, to parenting, reading and ballroom dancing.
It is something that I dreamed of when I used to drive 17 miles each way to another office location, and now that my dream has come true, I embrace the chance to weave exercise into my day before I start seeing patients. Pamela Frank, BSc(Hons), Naturopathic DoctorI'm passionate about health, fitness and disease treatment and prevention through natural medicine.
If you would like to see daily updates on the science that supports naturopathic medicine, go here to like my Facebook page, 4 times per day we post studies that on natural medicines. Because at least 60% of our patients have already gone through the entire medical system, including specialists and didn’t get help for their problem, so they came to see us as a last resort.

I’ve walked home in thunder snow storms, pouring rain, searing heat and blustering winds. Moving my body through the simplicity of walking outdoors allows me to see my neighbors, observe the change of season, and experience my environment in a much more tangible way than if I was in a car.

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