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If you are committed to improving your health then you have logged on to the right website.
The combination of the best of Eastern and Western naturopathic medicine is great and powerful!!! The Clinic is located on the north-west corner of Richard Road and Richard Way in the Lincoln Park Centre. Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, saddened by something that you thought would be easier? Naturopathic Fertility treatment is an innovative blend of new research and ancient remedies that treat individuals to bring hormonal balance back. Sign up for our newsletter!Receive health and wellness information for pre-conception, fertility and hormonal health!
We honor your desire to receive information from us and only us - your information is never sold or distributed!

I have chosen to devote the majority of my practice to treat patients with fertility concerns and challenges.
Treatments are often diet- and nutrition-oriented with attention given to the patient's personal history and lifestyle. The variety of naturopathic medicine, holistic and homeopathic medicine offered in our Westport, Fairfield County CT doctor's office is designed to allow you to take charge of your health naturally.
Begin taking charge of your health by familiarizing yourself with our naturopathic medicine based services and with improving your medical vocabulary by clicking the hyperlinks shown to the left. It is a unique program that addresses the organs and systems that are vital to reproduction.
Because of this choice, most of my time spent in continuing education and reading is focused in on hormonal health, conception, pregnancy, and post-partum recovery. If you are among the many sufferers of pain, chronic diseases, metabolic disorders or chronic conditions, you will receive a customized health management plan to specifically accommodate your needs and lifestyle.

Often there are underlying causes that are undiagnosed in individuals seeking infertility treatment.
I have a vast knowledge base and experience from working with so many patients that are all experiencing a similar problem. Alternately from Glenmore Trail, exit northbound on 37 Street and turn right onto Richardson Way. Naturopathic medicine is a holistic care model that seeks out all underlying imbalances to assure that treatment is complete.
If you are traveling by Calgary Transit, our clinic is a short walk from the Mount Royal (Route 13) bus line.

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