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Pain due to poor posture is experienced by many Torontonians that have a sedentary occupation and lack physical activity. Lack of movement can diminish the ability of your body to distribute nutrients to the affected areas resulting in diminished tissue health. The treatment goal is to relieve pain, improve tissue health, eliminate trigger points, decrease muscle tension, improve muscle length, strength and flexibility, and restore normal range of motion. First the short and tight muscles of the affected areas are slowly stretched back to normal length, to allow more room and less resistance. Then the therapist works on the lengthened and weak muscles, stimulating the muscle fibers to rebuild its strength and tone.
If you have any questions about how massage therapy can help with work related pain or postural dysfunctions, please give us a call at 416-926-0084.
Toxin overpowers the normal excretion mechanisms, the body produces inflammation in the areas where toxin is present in an effort to rid itself of the problem.
A remarkably painless and effective new technology which is proven to be very effective in treating acute injuries and chronic pain. A detoxification program is not about deprivation and starvation.? Instead, it is a total indulgence of your body’s needs. Contributing factors for obesity vary in men and women, many of which are identifiable through blood tests known as male and female weight loss panels.
When is the last time you had a proactive health check-up: a series of tests to find out how your systems are functioning in your body before disease occurs? Intravenous Therapy, Lab Testing, Naturopathic Medicine, Pain Treatment, Shockwave Therapy, and Weight Loss. Naturopathic ideology approaches each individual as a vital whole with an emphasis on overall health and disease prevention. This holistic approach uses many different treatment modalities and practitioners may recommend the incorporation of conventional medicine, when indicated. Naturopathic Medicine uses the least invasive, most physiologically supportive methods possible, carefully chosen after a personalized analysis of your health needs. Naturopathy is a distinct form of primary health care that combines modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine.
Naturopathic training closely parallels medical training including three years of undergraduate pre-medical sciences and a four-year full-time program focused on preparing clinicians for the challenges of a primary care practice. Similar to their medical counterparts, Naturopathic Doctors are general practitioners trained in the clinical and laboratory diagnosis of disease. Naturopathic Doctors are trained to identify and treat the underlying causes of disease rather than focus on the symptoms.
Naturopaths encourage collaboration with conventional medical doctors as each has something complementary to offer. Naturopathic treatments are based on traditional natural approaches using modern scientific knowledge.

Botanical Medicine The use of plant based medicines and compounds may be beneficial for certain conditions.
Homeopathy A form of natural medicine that originated in Europe, Homeopathy is based on the energetic properties of naturally-derived substances that help the body expel disease and attain balance. Physical Medicine A variety of hands-on techniques may be recommended for spine, joint and soft tissue symptoms. At Sanas Health Practice we live and breathe the practice of health and want to inspire the same in you. Our stunning practice relaxes and welcomes you and you are always greeted with a smile and feel like you are coming to your place for you time. Your health can be reinvented utilizing our clinic’s cutting edge, innovative and classic diagnostics, testing and therapies. Our health practice programs have been specially developed to address your most pressing concerns, or if you simply want a roadmap to being the best you. These are individuals whose work requires them to maintain a static posture for more than 6 hours a day and those who do repetitive activities. The most common symptoms are tension headaches, neck and shoulder stiffness and pain, difficulty breathing and decreased range of motion usually in the cervical spine.
The therapist works on the patient’s main complaint while addressing compensatory structures at the same time.
In addition to this, patients improve breathing, build up confidence, stamina and exhibit a healthier posture. Examples of tight muscles are the pectorals, scalenes, sternocleidomastoid, suboccipitals, upper traps, hip flexors and hamstrings.
It has become a very difficult task especially with the lack of proper ergonomics in the work space. In fact, symptoms, such as high fever, chills, headache, extreme fatigue, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches and possibly diarrhea and vomiting, which we associate with colds and flu, are actually signs that our immune system is already fighting the flu virus. IVs go straight to the source as they bypass any inadequacies and malfunctions inside the body to work on problems fast. Amauri is located at 1200 Bay Street, Suite 1102 in Toronto, Ontario in the heart of Yorkville. Emphasize the condition of health to promote well-being and to prevent diseases for individuals, each community and our world.
This is accomplished through education and the promotion of lifestyle habits that create good health.
The philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine views the individual’s total lifestyle as a key factor in increasing overall health and well-being. Naturopathic Doctors must pass regulatory board exams, including NPLEX for North American standards, and maintain their competency through continuing education. The biggest difference is that Naturopathic Doctors are specialists in natural medicine, preventative care, and the integration of modern scientific knowledge with traditional healing wisdom.

The patient is viewed as a whole person so that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors are considered when diagnosing and developing a treatment plan.
Naturopathic Doctors are trained to refer patients to other health care practitioners, where appropriate, and most frequently cross-refer. Personalized diets, vitamin and mineral supplements, and enzymatic therapies may be used to promote health, address deficiencies and treat disease processes. A Naturopathic Doctor is trained to identify the interactions between herbs, medications and supplements. A Naturopathic Doctor will help you identify risk factors and make recommendations to help you optimize your physical, mental and emotional well-being, as well as provide knowledge to empower you to improve your overall health and prevent illness. You can feel confident that you are working with leaders in the naturopathic medicine profession who can guide you to your best health practices.
They have been formulated to be some of the best naturopathic protocols to help bring your body back to health and speed your healing journey. The treatment includes progressive passive stretches on the upper chest, neck and shoulders combined with joint mobilizations in these areas and also on the elbows, wrists and the small joints in the hands. The therapist uses fast and heavy tapotement to wake up the tired muscles of back and shoulders.
A doctor will assess risk factors and hereditary susceptibility then design appropriate interventions to avoid further harm or disease.
Based on prevention and the root cause of illness, Naturopathy also addresses emotional aspects so healing can occur at a deeper level and boost the body’s natural ability to heal itself. We often ignore the pain and tolerate it as much as we can and wait until it gets debilitating before we get help. The therapist may also use friction technique on areas with adhesions and muscle stripping on the intercostals and rhythmic mobilization from the cervical spine down to the sacrum. Hydrotherapy may also be incorporated using heat to improve blood flow in tight muscles, and cold hydrotherapy to reduce swelling.
Take short breaks occasionally, stand up take a deep breath and stretch your entire body by reaching up with your arms and then bending forward touching your feet with your hands. At this point, corrective action must be taken to restore the body’s natural alignment and function. The therapist encourages strength training exercises for the back and shoulder muscles to slowly build normal strength and function.
And when you get home at the end of the day, have a warm bath with Epsom salts and immerse yourself in rest and relaxation.

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