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Naturopathy Treatment is a practice of treating diseases by using natural medicines and natural healing process. Naturopathy Treatments deal with the healing power of nature since its treatment is based on the philosophy that all healing powers are within your body. It is among the oldest healing practices in the world which is a part of traditional Chinese medicine.
Music Therapy is the unique application of music to enhance personal lives by creating positive changes in human behavior. In this therapy a special type of mud is smeared over a person's body which provides relief from several physical as well as mental ailments. Moor (Peat-based organic mud), Fango (Thermal mud of hot springs), Brine mud (Highly saline coastal mud), and Healing clay (Usually swelling mineral clays) are some of the popular types of mud which are used in this treatment. In this process different massage and pressure point techniques are used to relax and loosen muscles of the feet and hands. It is a type of therapeutic treatment which involves the application of small static magnets to various locations on the body. Crystal and gem therapy is the use of semiprecious and precious stones to enhance mental, spiritual, and physical health.
Please mention your other travel requirements related to catering, accomodation and lifestyle needs. Methods of treatment in naturopathy are non toxic, supports in stimulating healing and cleansing responses in a patient.
Treatment in naturopathy involves diagnosis and prescription of modalities and methods of nature.
Fasting Therapy: Fasting means complete abstinence from food for a particular period pertaining to a specific purpose and this is nature's oldest, most effective and yet least expensive method of treating diseases, recognized as the achievement of natural healing.
Mud Therapy : Earth was used extensively for remedial purposes in ancient times as well as the middle ages. Massage Therapy : According to the methods of treatment in naturopathy an excellent form of passive exercise is massage. Acupressure: In the methods of treatment in naturopathy acupressure is a special form of massage in which fingers or finger-like simple wooden instruments are pressed on certain points of the body to minimize aches, pains, fatigue, tension, stress and various other symptoms of disease. Aromatherapy : Aromatherapy is the alternative branch of medicine that heals and improves the mind and the body, by using natural plant extracts. Magnetic Therapy : Magnetic healing is a science as well as an art demanding knowledge of human organism and the skill to cure through proper application of magnets. Strictly vegetarian food is served in all of them, as per the doctor or dietician's prescription. Some Indian naturopathy centers prescribe a minimum stay of ten days, as they say that no significant effect can be observed within a shorter period. Treatment charges vary depending upon the complexity of treatment warranted by the specific ailment.
The Kaivalya Yoga & Fitness Group (KYFG Power Yoga Studios) is the perfect yoga location where the benefits that yoga has to offer can be understood well and they can be practiced by everybody. The Gym Club is based on the concept of turning the mundane and boring workout sessions into a fitness party!
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It is a form of treatment which accentuates the natural tendency of the body to retain a sense of balance and cure itself.
This means that within every human organism there is a healing energy, which includes our immune system, physical body and psyche, which affects our wellness and our capacity to have good health. It is based on the concept that disease results from disruption in the flow of 'qi' and imbalance in the forces of yin and yang. In this medicinal treatment a plant's berries, leaves, roots, seeds, flowers, bark or buds are used for treatment.
In this therapy complete abstinence from food for a particular period of time is taken because of specific purposes. Due to palliative and curative virtues of water, pain can be eased by accurate Hydropathic procedures. It is important for maintaining good health which helps in preventing many chronic health risks such as, heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes and many more.
The placement of magnets on several body parts stimulates body tissues and cells which help in healing several physical and mental ailments. It is a supportive therapy used along with other natural methods for maintaining good health.

It is based on the belief that certain crystals and gems possess powerful energy that can positively affect imbalances in human energy fields and thus promote health and well-being. In India naturopathy treatment is typically a practice of treating diseases by prescribing natural medicines and is completely holistic in nature.
By depriving the body from food for a specific period of time, the organs of elimination such as the bowels, kidneys, skin and lungs are given opportunity to expel, unhampered the overload of accumulated waste from the system. In modern times, it again came into prominence as it was discovered to have remarkable effects to refresh, invigorate and vitalize the human body; especially during the night. A massage involves the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, which if done correctly, can be highly stimulating and invigorating. Along with other natural methods of preserving health such as correct diet, adequate rest and relaxation, exercise, yogic asanas and so on it is best used as a supportive therapy. It is a periodic rest of the body, which is absolutely essential for its efficient functioning. Unlike acupuncture, in which sharp needles are pierced into the points in the skin, Acupressure is non-invasive, safe and simple. These plant extract are called essential oils, and are known to convey the "Life Force of Plant".
In the methods of treatment in naturopathy magnets are designed specially for human applications as magnets have the power to interact with the energy system of the body, to create a different field for efficient cellular and hence organic activities. Charges vary, depending upon the kind of room the visitor prefers, with choices ranging from a dormitory to an entire cottage. Children below fifteen years of age are not allowed inside these centers nor are pregnant women. Allergies include hay fever, food allergies, atopic dermatitis, allergic asthma, and anaphylaxis.
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They have unique yoga training programmes that have been designed by keeping in mind the modern lifestyle and the health problems faced by people. They believe that every individual needs to be paid individual attention and it begins the moment you enter this place. It has a well equipped gym, a fitness studio, spa, salon and a swimming pool that is temperature controlled. In this process treatment is done not to disease but to the patient's body as a whole which helps in stabilizing the disturbed harmony. In acupuncture specific points of the body part are stimulated by a variety of techniques, including the insertion of thin metal needles through the skin. All plants produce chemical compounds as part of their normal metabolic activities which produce many chemical ingredients that work together to produce a beneficial effect on human body. When food is not given to the body for a specific period of time the organs such as the stomach, kidneys, skin and lungs get an opportunity to oust overloaded accumulated wastes from the system. The process of Hydrotherapy helps in restoring normal functions in the body by balancing metabolism between various organs of the body. Music Therapy has a wide variety of functions that can be used in medical, institutional and educational settings.
And massage therapy uses touch through rubbing or kneading of the body parts which aids circulation, relax the muscles and provides sensual stimulation. Natural reflexology therapy is vital in the case of disorders like back pain, insomnia, digestion, migraine, arthritis and hormonal imbalances.
The use of different colors and different colored lights helps to cure many health problems. Nature can heal all ailments and therefore body can heal naturally -this very concept forms the cornerstone of naturopathy. Thus, fasting is merely the process of purification and an effective and quick method of cure, assisting nature in her continuous effort to expel foreign matter and disease producing waste from the body, thereby correcting the faults of improper diet and wrong living. In the method of treatments in naturopathy it is believed that for wounds and skin diseases, application of clay or moistened earth is the only true natural bandage. Massages have been used from the ancient times, as old as 400 B.C and yet been used as a mode of treatment for many ailments, since it has restored many a sufferer to health and vigour. According to practitioners of chromotherapy, the lack of a particular colour in the human system can cause various diseases. It has been called "most cheering restorative of tired bodies," since sleep repairs the wear and tear of the body and mind incurred during waking hours. In fact, it is a very natural form of physiotherapy, which follows anatomical guides and motor points, stimulation of which relieves various disabilities. Essential oils can be extracted from the herbs, plants, flowers, fruits, bark, roots or the resin of some trees. Magnets are applied to a painful area of the body to stimulate the nerves in that area for pain relief, as a part of the nature's healing process.

Consumption of alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco, and the consumption of tea, coffee, and non-vegetarian foods are forbidden in all the centers. The main motive behind this fitness centre is to help women lose weight in a friendly environment with simple workouts meant only for women. They help in determining where you are in your fitness journey and help you reach where you want to be.
Prime Treatments in Naturopathy involve diagnosis and prescription of modalities and methods of nature. This insertion removes blockages in the flow of qi and restores the energy flow in the body. This process purifies the internal organs of the body which helps to keep the body in normal function.
Some of the most popular treatments in Hydrotherapy are Cold baths, Sitz baths, Steam baths, Neutral bath, Flotation, Cold Packs, Wrapping and more. In this therapy it is believed that every color emits specific wavelength which has energy. Thus naturopathy treatment is a form of treatment which emphasizes the tendency of the body to retain a sense of balance and cure itself.
Colour therapy in the methods of treatment in naturopathy is a technique of restoring imbalance by means of applying coloured light to the body. Sleep is thus a vital element in man's mental as well as physical life, since the loss of sleep exerts seriously detrimental effects upon the nervous system. These magical extracts from plants can amazingly affect our physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual being.
All the naturopathy centers require the visitor patient to stay on campus, for a duration that depends upon the nature of his or her complaint. Due to the ample experience in the fitness industry they are able to come up with new ideas. They create a road map for you and guide you in each step you take to reach the final destination.
They have a team of experts that design an exclusive health and nutrition programme for each member. The diagnosis of acupuncturist is based on the concepts of a€?vital energya€™, a€?energetic balancea€™ and a€?energetic imbalancea€™.
Foods contain vital nutrients that aid our bodya€™s metabolic function which in turn helps in our body development. Massage Therapy manipulates the superficial layers of muscles and connective tissue which enhances the function and promotes relaxation and well-being. Treatments in naturopathy are non toxic and supports in stimulating healing and cleansing responses in a patient.
Long periods of wakefulness may cause profound psychological changes such as loss of memory, irritability, hallucination and even schizophrenic manifestations. Whether it's beautifying the skin, reducing weight, prevention and cure of diseases, inducing sexual attraction, relieving tension and anxiety, to sedate or refresh individuals, the essential oils come in handy. And based on the diagnosis report the practitioner stimulates certain areas of the body which activates the body self healing process. Massage is an effective therapy which releaves stress, promotes relaxation, improves blood circulation, and relaxes muscles. For example red color has power to increase blood circulation and white and blue have the tendency to regulate the blood pressure. According to naturopathy therefore both inside and outside the body water can be effectively used.
It can be used hot, cold or lukewarm, for the smooth functioning of all the body processes.
This has been backed up with numerous modern scientific studies demonstrating the positive effects of its component herbs on the gastrointestinal tract. When assayed these tablets contain Tannin NLT 28%.) -  In Ayurvedic herbalism for thousands of years, Amla has been historically used as a ‘rasayana’ (rejuvenative) to promote longevity, support digestion, heart health, healthy vision, hair growth and to rejuvenate the body. Amla has active ingredient tannins unique to Amla that can help, support and modulate immune function.
This has been backed up with numerous modern scientific studies demonstrating the positive effect of its component herb to provide strong anti oxidant protection from free radical damage and help support the immune system and healthy aging Benefits : - The best Rasayana mentioned in Ayurveda, helps strengthen Immunity, Rejuvenate body and helps to fight against diseases -  Acts as an excellent tonic for skin, hair and eyes - A potent antioxidant.

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