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A empresa foi fundada em 2005 por profissionais de TI com experiência em diferentes segmentos de mercado. Even a man can be ostentatious once he sports a quarter million dollar necktie round his neck. An ‘it’ name in the world of Haute Couture, the Rendez-Vous Tourbillion Wild is a delectable accessory.
Cameron Diaz climbs the capstone of extravagance by acquiring a condo worth $9 million in Chelsea, New York. The scintillating Independence of the Sea cruise ship by the Royal Caribbean International is indomitable in every way.
As you would cut through the sea to land on exotic destinations, you would be enchanted by the various opportunities onboard that offer avenues of repose as well as adventure. The Independence of the Sea also features a Mini Golf club, an entertaining show and swanky shopping onboard. The Lotus Yoga Retreat positioned next to the pious rocky hills, is a paradise of tranquility.
The Yoga Retreat features Dynamic yang morning led-practice sessions, and restorative afternoon yin yoga for balancing.
The cost also includes all scheduled yoga holidays classes (yoga and meditation) wake-up juice, Welcome snack and 5% of all Holistic treatments. The grandstand was titled as “Cultural ties” and it demonstrated world’s most expensive ties. With a grand tour to some of the most breathtaking destinations of the world combined with ecstatic facilities onboard, the Independence of the Sea reverberates with impeccable fun times.

While the vessel flits across destinations, you can recline in the luxurious and well facilitated staterooms that are provided with the best of amenities. The H2O Zone with its thrilling water rides will be a great source to enliven your spirits.
You can even indulge in the spa massages and treatments that will help detoxify your turbulent mind. If you are in the mood for a quick snack and rich coffee, then Latte-tudes is the place for you. The practices are infused with Simon's teachings on Chinese medicine, anatomy and physiology, ancient and contemporary philosophy, Chi Kung & personal growth. The New Year Retreat, Dynamic Flow Yoga Retreat, Power Yoga Retreat, Liquid Gold Yoga Retreat, Jivamukti Yoga Retreat are a few to name. The timepiece is a part of the Limited Collection of 302 numbered pieces offered by Jaeger-le-Coultre. The dial of the watch is bedecked with lush feathers, the wonderful mother of pearl and spectacular diamonds to make it look like a charmer.
For some casual binging, there is Sorrentos that serve crunchy Pizzas or try a delectable burger with fries at Johnny Rockets. Retreats revolve around yoga, meditation, discussion groups, chat, leisure and other activities.
You can choose from fresh tropical fruit, homemade organic yoghurt, and a wide selection of vegetarian dishes, salads, and herbal teas. Renowned Indian designer Satya Paul has created a flamboyant tie to add a slight flash to a man’s outfit.

The 39mm case of the Tourbillion Wild has been crafted in sparkling white gold and its beauty is further attenuated by the embellishment of 366 paved diamonds.  The lovely case holds the 978 calibre Jaeger-le-Coultre Movement. For some high bound adventure you can try the wall climbing, get in the boxing ring or go surfing on the FlowRider. For fine dining and elegant atmosphere, Portofino and Chops Grille is the place that spells the mood of sophistication. The range of therapies includes Japanese healing art of ‘Shiatsu’, Reflexology, Reiki, Ayurvedic Treatments and Massages. The handiness of its bikes has lead international athletes to ride it in top notch racing events.
The generous adornment of jewels on the watch make it an absolute luxury accessory; a complete temptation for a woman.
The tie has been festooned with 261 diamonds that will add glistening glory to your apparel. The worshipped brand Cervelo became the first bike manufacturer in the modern era to have organized its own cycling team namely Cervelo TestTeam.

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