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Treatments are often diet- and nutrition-oriented with attention given to the patient's personal history and lifestyle.
According to a recent survey 76% of global drugs are consumed by USA and European countries. Topping it up with a pampering warm aromatic herbal bath, which is just divine and so uplifting. A A A  There is the mud bath, enema, steam bath, reflexology, nose shower, hydro therapy, just to name only a few. And in between treatments there is always a nice aromatic herbal tea waiting for me and a relaxing stroll trough the lush gardens. They are a feast in them self, prepared with love and care they invite you to truly eat with awareness and joy.

The staff is always nearby to care for your needs so much individual attention,I never experienced in a western spa or resort. As Acharya ji explains to me, laughtera€™s are also an important medicine for a persons well being. And in my spare time it is always so refreshing to go for a walk in the beautiful garden, filled with the smells of all the herbs growing here to be used in the resort. The herbs are found everywhere, in the food, in the herbal bath water, in the mud packs, in the tea, in the massage oils and even in my tooth paste.
And most important, no single plant on the entire property is treated with any pesticides or artificial fertilizer. Every moment of my stay at the resort was filled with the experience of total indulgence in care for my body and soul.The combination of my health care program, yoga and meditation in the natural setting of beauty, filled me with deep relaxation and peace.

And when I leave this resort I will always remember it as a place where my body, mind and soul could rejuvenate so completely and deeply.A A I cana€™t wait to come back some day soon! Surya Bahadur Karki ji, Prominent Naturopath of Kathmandu, Nepal. Adhunik Bhim-  Shri  Vishva Pal Jayant, Yoga GuruSh.
They went beyond the call of duty to give me every thing I needed and always with a smile.  All in all I am very glad I came here.

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