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There are lots of small, easy things you can do that can help you feel more alive and have more energy.One of the keys to having more energy is to understand it's all about flow. Movement and exercise also raises your metabolism, causing your body to use energy more effectively and raising your energy levels. Consulting a natural health practitioner can be a great starting point, especially if you're feeling "stuck" for an energy boost in your life.
The good news is you don't have to wait for energy to miraculously appear, or for a bolt of inspiration.
Even the very subtle wave-like movement of your spine when you breathe is essential to your health and wellbeing. These energy-boosting benefits are tangible even with very small amounts of movement and exercise. This article was published in WellBeing magazine, Australasia's leading source of information about natural health, natural therapies, alternative therapies, natural remedies, complementary medicine, sustainable living and holistic lifestyles.
It increases your blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to all the different parts of your body and brain, giving you an energy boost.
This movement encourages the flow of cerebrospinal fluid -- the fluid that bathes your brain and spinal cord, providing them with essential nutrients and removing waste products. With every little bit you do, you'll have a little more energy and motivation to do it again. You'll find yourself breathing a little more freely and fully, thinking a little more clearly and feeling a little more alive.

Take a walk in the park or along the beach, play with your kids, wash your dishes vigorously by hand for a quick energy boost. WellBeing also focuses on natural approaches within the topics of ecology, spirituality, nutrition, pregnancy, parenting and travel.
Along with the growth in demand for electric power, sustainable development, environmental issues, and power quality and reliability have become concerns.Electric utilities are becoming more and more stressed since existing transmission and distribution systems are facing their operating constraints with growing load.
One unfortunate thing about this state is it often leaves us without the energy to do those things that are good for us -- cooking a nutritious meal, exercising or even going to bed at a reasonable hour. The rhythmic pumping of muscles also gets your lymphatic system moving, removing waste products from your muscles and other cells.
This movement also enables your spinal discs, muscles and ligaments to get the nutrients they require to stay healthy and flexible. Over time, you're likely to notice yourself doing more, and the more you do, the more improvements you'll feel and the more energy you'll have.
When you've finished the activity, pay attention to how you feel, how you sense the world and how you are breathing.
This state tends to perpetuate itself, setting up a cycle of low energy leading to more low energy.
Movement is also one of the best ways of releasing pent-up stress and tension in your body, and of freeing stored energy or emotion for that energy boost. You don't need to wait until you have the energy or motivation to run a marathon; in fact, big, impressive goals can often be uninspiring and seem overwhelming.

Put high on your list of priorities those activities that give you energy and make you feel more alive. It enhances your immune system function and activates the release of feel-good hormones and neuro-chemicals throughout your body and brain.
Doing them regularly will make life more enjoyable and help you be more efficient and effective in the rest of your life.
If you like the way it makes you feel, keep doing it for the simple reason it makes you feel more alive.
Individual units range in size from 3 to 250 kW or even larger megawatt size.The fastest growing renewable energy source is wind power.
On a worldwide basis, available wind energy exceeds the presently installed capacity of conventional energy sources by a factor of four.
Photovoltaic systems can be used in a variety of sizes and show better potentials in those areas with high intensity and reliability of sunlight. Every day, the generation and usage of energy produces more pollution than any other single industry.It's our time to use energy on smart and more efficent way.

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