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Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2, or genital herpes, is thought to affect one in six people aged 14 to 49. A new drug for genital herpes appears effective in treating the condition, according to a new study. Existing drugs work to suppress flare-ups of the sexually transmitted virus, but the new drug, pritelivir, may prove more effective in preventing its spread, said authors of the study, which was published online Thursday by the New England Journal of Medicine. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six people between the ages of 14 to 49 have an HSV-2, or genital herpes, infection. The currently approved drugs to treat genital herpes don't fully eliminate symptoms and only partly reduce the risk of spreading herpes, Dr. Wald, who was involved in the new drug trials, added that the current drugs only act in cells infected with the herpes virus, while pritelivir acts in uninfected cells, making it potentially more effective in reducing transmission from person to person. The study found no serious side effects associated with this dose of the drug, though previous research found high doses of pritelivir were toxic when given to monkeys, LiveScience reported.
Send a Letter to the Editor Join the Conversation: facebook Tweet Get Daily News stories, delivered to your inbox. Using fire to fight fire seems like a fairly bad idea when it comes to curing the human body of fatal diseases. According to a study published on March 27 by the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the drug, called T-VEC, tested positive in the phase 3 trial, making it the first “virotherapy” treatment to make it this far in testing. Part of what makes T-VEC such an amazing breakthrough for cancer treatment is its ability to attack and potentially overtake cancer when it has advanced throughout a person’s body and into their organs, a condition which is generally very grim.

The results are particularly promising considering the state most of the patients were in when treatment began. The revolutionary drug works by first attacking the cancer cells directly and then drawing the attention of the immune system to come in and finish off the remaining cancer. After the immune system is drawn by the initial T-VEC attack on cancer cells, it quickly launches an assault on all the cancer cells in the body, even those that haven’t been touched by the virus. When used to treat patients with stage III and early stage IV melanoma, the treatment increased survival rates dramatically. But larger, longer trials are needed, experts say By Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, Jan.
On the cutting edge of the NEWEST HERPES TREATMENTS, we've achieved fantastic results using phototherapy UVA equipment in a homeopathic phototherapy regimen. PUBLISHED CLINICAL TRIALS DONE IN 2001 SHOW ALMOST 100% OF PATIENTS HAD IMMEDIATE RELIEF OF SYMPTOMS AND EXPEDITED HEALING WITH NO FURTHER OUTBREAKS AT 5 YEARS FOR 93% OF ALL PATIENTS TREATED. Anna Wald, professor of allergy and infectious diseases at the University of Washington School of Public Health, told LiveScience. But a new drug that uses a modified form of the herpes virus to combat advanced cancer has shown extremely promising results, and may herald a new generation of cancer treatments. During the trial, one in four of the 400 patients treated with the experimental drug responded to the treatment.
The backbone of the treatment is the modified version of herpes that has been ‘neutered’ so that it can no longer produce the protein that causes it to attack ordinary healthy cells.
Patients who took the drug survived an average of 41 months, compared to the average 21.5 months in the 66 earlier-stage seen in patients who only received the control treatment.
Phototherapy techniques succeed where other COLD SORE REMEDIES and GENITAL HERPES TREATMENTS fail, effectively combating the herpes simplex virus through a safe, uncomplicated approach based on sound medical evidence.

The unconventional treatment is predominantly used to treat patients with advanced and aggressive forms of skin cancer. It’s the first time a virotherapy has been shown to be successful in a phase 3 trial,” Kevin Harrington, professor of biological cancer therapies at the Institute of Cancer Research London, who led the work told the Guardian. All of the patients had aggressive melanoma, and after the drug was administered, 16 percent of them were still in remission after six months and 10 percent were in complete remission, with no discernible trace of cancer remaining. Cancer cells, however, create a different version of the protein that was cut out of the herpes virus, causing the virus to attack and thrive within the regions affected by cancer.
The phototherapy UVA device is effective on herpes simplex 1 ailments for fever blister, sun blister, and COLD SORE TREATMENTS, for herpes simplex 2 ailments (herpes STD treatment), and HZV TREATMENTS FOR SHINGLES, or Herpes Zoster, as well as HPV Human Papilloma virus or GENITAL WARTS TREATMENT.
The drug is close to market ready, with scientists claiming that if it is approved T-VEC could be an option for cancer patients as soon as next year. After infecting the cancerous tissue, the herpes virus multiplies rapidly within the cancer cells causing them to burst open while drawing the attention of the otherwise blind immune system. In this case we are harnessing the ability of an engineered virus to kill cancer cells and stimulate an immune response,” said Professor Paul Workman, Chief Executive of The Institute of Cancer Research. For elimination of symptoms and a greater than 93% rate of permanent remission, this may be the most effective HERPES TREATMENT in modern medical science.

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