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You can achieve up to 80% improvement with the use of Vaser Skin Tightening, Fractional Laser and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).
For more modest improvements with less downtime, patients can opt for a Dermapen with Platelet Rich Plasma treatment.
Patients wanting a more invasive option, with up to 85% improvement, are combining Vaser Skin Tightening, Fractional Laser and PRP.
If you have loose skin and want a complete removal of stretch marks, you will need to cut out the skin with a Tummy Tuck or Arm Lift.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma that contains a high concentration of platelets which activate collagen production in the skin. At the start of this treatment we take a small amount of your blood, put it in a test tube and then spin it in a centrifuge. Also known as skin needling, this treatment stimulates new tissue formation through the use of micro-fine needles on areas of skin with stretch marks. One of the most exciting applications of Fractional Lasers is for striae (also known as stretch marks). A Vaser Probe is passed under the skin to heat up collagen fibres inducing the formation of new collagen.
Verum (Vitamin E, panthenol, elastin and methanol) has also been shown to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It is worth noting that once stretch marks have formed, they need to be treated with procedures tailored for stretch marks for there to be any significant visual improvement. Stretch marks treatment costs and prices vary widely depending on your overall situation and expectations.

National TrainerCosmos Clinic is one of only 20 national trainers for Allergan in Australia.
In this instance, the best way to treat the area is to cut the skin out with a Tummy Tuck or Arm Lift. These new treatments have resulted in significant improvements in the appearance of stretch marks. For this treatment option you will generally need 2-3 treatments spaced 1-2 months apart to achieve the best possible results. For this surgical option you generally only need one treatment for a marked improvement in your stretch marks.
As your red and white cells fall to the bottom the platelets contained in your blood rise to the top in the form of a golden liquid. Microscopic holes are made into the dermis, which stimulates the production of new collagen and new cell growth.
A recent pilot study of 20 patients showed significant improvement in the appearance and texture of mature (white) striae after 3 treatments were performed on moderate settings.
Although this technology was originally designed to tighten the skin, recent trials have shown promising results for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. The theories include genetic factors, increased levels of body steroids, and mechanical effects like pregnancy, obesity and weight lifting. They then increase in length and acquire a dark purple colour and over time, become white and flat.

This substance that is referred to as PRP is your plasma which is made up of platelets that are rich in growth factors. Redness in the treated areas does seem to persist a little longer on the body than in the face, however this fades in time. At Cosmos Clinic we use Vaser to improve stretch marks on many of our patients who have poor quality skin with great results! It is important to be aware that the sooner the stretch marks are treated after pregnancy the more likely they are to respond to the treatment. As a guide, PRP combined with Dermpen and Fractional Laser prices range from $750 and can be bought as a package. Stretch marks are caused by abnormal collagen formation and all the treatments used at Cosmos Clinic are aimed at improving the collagen fibres in your skin.
When these growth factors are injected under the skin they stimulate the stem cells which induces collagen formation, thereby tightening the skin. Therefore, the best way is to treat scars is with a multimodal approach and so we apply the same treatment plan to stretch marks.

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