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They have photos of a large Sight with 650b wheels next to a photo of a medium Sight with 26" wheels. The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. You really don't need to search any further than the Norco web site to get an answer to your question. It may seem a bit early as it is barely August now but the 2013 Norco Bikes are about to be announced.
I hope Norco gains a little more momentum this year with being such a runner up in the 650b market. While it seems that some companies have jumped into the 650b movement headfirst, other companies are testing the waters with just a couple of models.
Depending on the bike, you’re getting top-shelf components like the CTD Fox system (Fox 34 float and 150 Kashima FIT CTD), with a Fox Float Remote Kashima CTD Custom Trail Valved rear shock for the 790 MSL. With three geometry positions (front, middle, rear) and three positions (upper, middle, and lower) you get a total of nine combinations, resulting in the ultimate in adjustability. For 2013 Scott has completely eliminated the 26″-wheeled Genius from its lineup and completely redesigned the bike around 650b wheels. The Carbine is almost identical to the Tracer, with one key difference: the Tracer is aluminum, and the Carbine is carbon! Based on what I observed at the show, it seems that, at least for the moment, what I hypothesized a few weeks ago when I wrote my Jamis Dakar SixFiftyB Pro review is holding true: most companies are releasing bikes with 650b wheels in the trail and all-mountain categories. While we were able to find answers to some of our 650b questions at Interbike 2012, our experience at the show seemed to raise more questions than it answered. The cable routing is all internal, but different port covers provide compatability with a number of different technologies. A small integrated chain catcher is useful for adventuring off the beaten path, yet you won’t find disc brakes on this model. Speaking of racing, the Tactic is Norco’s go fast model, and receives this fresh new paint scheme for 2015.
On the XC front, this top of the line Revolver now comes equipped with a Rockshox RS1 fork. Norco releases the 140mm travel Sigh a few years ago, but the bike has received subtle updates for this year. After revisiting the manufacturing design, Norco realized they could move away from hydra forming to mechanical forming to reduce cost and weight, without any difference in stiffness or performance.
These frames have been been amongst my favorite 650B models since they were introduced, and the killer graphics don’t hurt. Prices for the Sight begin at$2,140 for basic completes and go upto $6,600 for a top of the line build. Building on the success of the Big Foot, Norco will be selling these fat bikes at three different price points, from $945 to $1,785 – plus a Bionics electric version. If you prefer your fatties with a little suspension, the new Sasquatch is designed around the new Rockshox Bluto Fat Bike Fork.
Just a small correction: The Sigh will replace the RS REVELATION for a Pike, not Revolution.
At the bike shop I own I have made it a point to weigh EVERY disc brake road bike I have worked on. I don’t doubt I can build a 17lb disc brake road bike, But I KNOW I can build a 13lb rim brake bike. The complete Shimano R785 system (shifters, hoses, oil, brake caliper, rotor, hardware) comes in at about 1,065 grams, approximately 340 grams heavier than an equivalent Ultegra Di2 6870 system. I find it hilarious to see bikes under the UCI weight limit get weights added just to make weight… but a disc brake is deplorable?
All right all you roadies, if you are worried about weight so much then don’t use disc brakes. I like your enthiuasm and idealism, but peoples are sheeps, and I have always been a black sheep who are too experienced. Disc brakes seems to apply more to the newbies, they can feel more safe since they feel that the hand have a less impact on locking the wheel. The Norco Sight is a 140mm trail bike introduced at Sea Otter last year and made official at Norco’s 2012 launch in Whistler last fall.
We’ve played with 650B wheels on the bike, too, but the majority of the test was in stock form. Hollo-Form linkage welds two halves into a single piece, which lets them create a svelte yet burly piece. The chainstay yoke is heavily shaped and designed to accommodate cable routing patterns for both SRAM and Shimano front derailleurs. The tapered headtube gets really big at the bottom, and the downtube takes full advantage of the width with shaped, hydroformed tube the meets the full width. The Sight comes in four different versions varying from around $3000 USD up to approximately $9500 greenbacks (whoa!). I did find the 740mm wide Norco 6061 aluminum handlebar to be a little too wide for my taste.

When I first got the bike a couple of things I noticed were the massive oversized head tube, hydroformed frame and Syntace 142×12 rear drop outs.
After spending just over a week riding this awesome bike I can honestly say that it feels more like pedaling a XC bike (with the Pro Pedal turned on) than an all mountain bike, but when the trail gets rough or turns downhill, the Sight really comes alive. Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure.
Many Norco dealers have already tried the bikes first hand and as early as August 12th the new line will hit the web hard and show you what is to come.
Didn't think they've been officially released yet, so I had to wonder who I saw bomb by me. Looks like there is no longer the ergonomic linkage swing-arm for hike a bike-like I use that one much. Designed for those who want it all in a bike, this is a rig that can descend as well as climb. Add to that a RockShox Reverb Stealth dropper post, SRAM X0 components all around (crank is the non-series carbon SRAM S2210), DT Swiss wheels, and Raceface Turbine bars and stem and you have one serious ride!
If you’re a heavier rider or prefer to climb more, the adjustment chip has you covered.
Available in multiple price points to appeal to riders with pockets of various depths, Scott is by no means completely committing to the wheel size. The $5,450 CAD top-level build kit features a RockShox Revelation RCT3 fork, Fox Float Factory CTD rear shock, Sun Charger Pro 650b wheelset, Schwalbe Knobby Nic 650b tires, Shimano XT 2×10 drivetrain, Shimano XT brakes, and a RockShox Reverb dropper post.
Only time will tell whether or not 650b will stick, if any of the Big Three will adopt the tweener wheel size, what the role of the 26″ wheel will have in the future, and what applications 650b will excel in. So it could be done on the side of the trail but with two hex keys, but if you loose anything there, your done. Designed to be a comfortable for all day efforts and the occasional race, it has several neat features. Norco’s stance is that not every road bike needs discs, and they will only produce them for certain applications where it makes sense, until the UCI makes discs legal for racing.
The old frame utilized a super intensive process to produce the subtly swooping curves and high performance ride characteristics.
Complete models stay at roughly the same level as previous years, but they’ve moved from Revolution forks to the acclaimed Pike.
The frame is now half a degree slacker than the previous model, so now both the carbon and aluminum frames share the same geoemetry.
You have someone get the bikes good and steady, then they step away, and you shoot as many pictures as you can before the bike starts to fall.
We’ve been ripping one around our local trails in NC and VA for about nine months under a few different riders. The cycling press has praised it, and it’s attracted a lot of attention from dealers and people on the trail. There is also a Sight Forma line for the ladies with two build options, how awesome is that?! Clean and well swept lines along with quality, smooth looking paint jobs and unobtrusive, well played graphics make for an appealing roster. By using these elements it allowed the engineers at Norco the ability to gain impressive amounts of front end and overall frame stiffness with little to no weight penalty. Far more than could be had from the “big 3”, is this because Norco is less well known?
If you are heading up to Crankworx this year in Whistler BC the new lineup will be on display starting Wednesday August 15th.
Laughing a little at the grips on the Aurum's though, probably rip those off in a minute if I had that bike. The Altitude is an all-new design from the frame material to suspension configuration (available in carbon or 7005 series aluminum). Basically, adjusting the chip changes the static head and seat tube angles, as well as the bottom bracket height in order to maximize performance. Add an aftermarket Cane Creek Angleset for yet another degree of adjustment, and this just might be the most adjustable, most tuneable mountain bike on the planet! Still, at present Scott is probably the biggest bike company to go 650b, and if the scientific-looking displays around the booth are any indication, the company thinks this is a trend that will continue to grow. MSRP for the top-end build kit is $5,850 CAD, but there are two more affordable build kits available. And even more, I really appreciate the amount of writing you take the time to include in each post. Simple threaded bottom bracket makes emergency replacements easier as most shops will stock these parts. Standout features are a rock solid tapered head tube allowing for larger frame tubes and weld connections, which Norco fully exploits. Does this mean that I’m going to rip their legs off in a sprint or KOM them on hills?
Shimano occupies the main component groupos throughout the range, SLX to XTR, and there is a mixture of seats, forks, handlebars and other bits from low to high end.

The shifting on that groupo is so precise and crisp and the XT brakes, in my opinion, are some of the best feeling, best stopping brakes you can bolt on a bike.
I honestly don’t have anything harsh I can say about the Sight without digging deep with the sole purpose of just finding something unpleasant to say.
It has enough mass to feel stable on the gnarly sections, but not too much that dread pedaling to the top of the hill.
Rear suspension duties were given to Fox’s tried and true performer, the Float RP2 with Pro Pedal. To date (January 2015), I have ridden well over 400 different trail systems in 20 different states and provinces, and am adding more singletrack to my trail resume every year!
I usually find better information about any given product here than in every other major MTB news portal. FSR designs are particularly active, but Norco does a good job of taming the motion under pedaling without giving up any of the trail taming performance. As to be expected, I find it just as comfortable on this bike and a good fit for the application of a trail bike in general. This, combined with the proven FSR four-bar linkage suspension, had the bike soaking up small rocks and roots like they were not even there.
The bike looks awesome and feels really light when pedalling up the hills and feels like it far exceeds my capacity to take it to its limit on the deown bits, I am chucking it about far more than I did my hardtail (to be expected?) but is instilling far more confidence in me every time I go out on it. I enjoy all types of mountain biking, from ultra endurance cross country all the way up to chair lift-accessed downhill runs. For 2015, Norco went for a complete re-design on their Threshold CX bike.The goal was to make a North Shore-friendly CX bike that can handle the wet, muddy and sloppy conditions found in British Columbia and on cyclocross courses worldwide.
They just rely on eye-catching photograps or flashy videos, but are too lazy to write decent amount of information. The Slant Six tires and standard XT 2×10 drivetrain were matched well for our terrain and the less aggressive local trails. This, combined with Norco’s proprietary Holloform one-piece rear suspension link, equates to a lightweight, stiff and lively overall package with minimal lateral flex and a lot of go for a 140mm trail bike. However, I am going to keep up, have a better and more comfortable time doing it and hit every aggressive trail line I can find (or make up). Setup on it was straightforward and I got it dialed in to where I wanted it in two rides, about par for me. Where the rubber meets the trail on the Sight 2 are located Kenda Slant Six 26 x 2.35 kevlar tires.
When paired with the 140mm travel Rockshox Revelation fork with a 15mm Maxle Lite the bike felt really well connected front to rear. I am not an expert MTBer by any means, 48YO and just learning what having a big grin on a real bike means. We also took it up to Carven’s Cove and Anglers Ridge in VA, as well as to the trails in Boone, NC, and everything performed well. Together, they make the suspension mesh incredibly well with the platform, purpose, and geometry of the bike.
After logging several hundred miles on the Sight, I have had no issues with the Revelation and it has performed flawlessly the entire time. This allowed the bike to track straight through the rough stuff and helped keep my single-speed-XC-29er-hardtail riding self safe even when I got in a little over my head on the down hills. The only change really necessary for more aggressive stuff would be knobbier tires and, perhaps, a dropper post. At full tilt, it soaks up bumps without getting sloppy and keeps it composure even if you’re still driving the pedals and careening for thrills.
For a much better explanation check out the link and soak it all up from those who invented it, pretty neat approach. It is a well thought out design and is quality built (not one issue with all the hell I could throw at it). No, but I totally want to add this to my stable for those all day adventure rides with friends. The all-new Threshold is a product of our demanding environment and a symbol of Norco’s distinctly Canadian take on the cyclocross tradition.
The slack 67.5? head angle does a decent job on flatter trails, but definitely shines when things point down. The Slant Six rubbers weren’t my favorite when I got caught in the mud and did seem to wear faster than most trail tires. If Norco said we’ll give you the bike, but you’re never to be seen on your personal Cannondale Rize again, they’d have a taker and I’d happily adopt the Sight 2 as my personal trail bike. That infatuation continues as he founded this site in 1999 --sharing his love of road biking, mountain biking, trail running and skiing.

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