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Most sexually active high school students and young adults do not get tested for HIV infection. In a report published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers of the study said that only 22 percent of high school students and 33 percent of young adults between 18 and 24 years old who have had sexual intercourse have been tested for HIV at least once. Van Hadel and colleagues found that 17 percent of male and 27 percent of female high school students who had sex were tested for HIV. Van Handel said that the low HIV testing rate can be attributed to barriers that adolescents and young adults face.

The researchers likewise said that some healthcare providers may not be aware that in 2006, CDC recommended HIV testing for all people between 13 to 64 years old.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that most of the sexually active high school students and young adults in the U.S.
However, less than one-quarter of high school students who have had sexual intercourse and one-third of young adults have ever been tested for HIV, and there was no evidence of increased testing," the researchers wrote in their study.
Individuals in this population group, for instance, usually lack access to confidential health care services.

Poor knowledge about their sexual health may also lead young people to underestimate risks for HIV infection.

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