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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear MedicineUniversity of Maryland School of Medicine22 S. Teodora’s research interests encompass the wide field of cognitive neuroscience, with primary foci in language and development, emotions and memory from a neuroimaging perspective. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art imaging equipment, including three dual-headed gamma cameras, a SPECT-CT scanner and a PET-CT scanner.
We see patients with a wide variety of diseases and disorders, including cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, cancer, thyroid disorders, neurologic diseases (such as epilepsy, stroke, and memory loss), and gastrointestinal disease.
Our research team is working with chemists, molecular biologists, and pharmacologists to develop new nuclear imaging and therapy agents. She plans on challenging herself further in a doctoral program, and someday owning her own clinical practice.

Most of our tests are based on introducing minute amounts of these tracers into the body via a minimally invasive intravenous injection. We have best-of-breed image archiving and analysis software that allows for rapid, quantitative and highly accurate interpretation of our exams. We are developing new tracers for early detection of tumor metastases, and work on new imaging techniques to predict and monitor responses to new cancer therapies.
Each tracer is designed to migrate to specific organs or tissues and produce emissions that can be captured by imaging devices, such as PET or SPECT scanners.
The NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases operates a high quality SPECT scanner and our Columbus branch employs modern PET-CT and SPECT technology.
In addition, we offer treatment with radioactive iodine for patients with hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer, and radioimmunotherapy for patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. She continued her education at University of Hartford, where she earned an M.S in Neuroscience.

The resultant images yield unique and detailed information about the structure and function of the organs or tissues in question, such as the location and metabolic rate of a tumor, or the filtering and excretory function of an organ such as the kidney.
After, she spent a year and half at Yale University School of Medicine where she studied the effects of biofeedback on obsessive compulsive disorder in the context of fMRI. As a result of this ability to image body chemistry, many diseases and cancers can be diagnosed much earlier than with other imaging techniques. Response to therapy can by measured by visualizing changes in the biochemical function of the organs or tumors under study, and in some cases recurrent disease can be detected faster in order to help patients receive rapid and appropriate therapy.

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