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Also in this issue, we publish a report by breast surgeon Dr John West, MD, on a link between carrying a mobile phone in a bra and the development of breast cancer – in some cases in women as young as their early 20s.  Also relevant to breast cancer prevention is a growing body of research showing aluminium accumulation in breast tissue, raising the possibility that aluminium-containing anti-perspirants may contribute to the development of this disease in some women. Chronic pain can be a terrible burden for people who have degenerative diseases or other long-term conditions in which pain is a significant symptom.  In this issue we feature an article on a non-drug method of pain relief – SCENAR – therapy by Dr Jorg Prinz as well as an introduction to prolotherapy which can assist in cartilage regeneration. In other articles, Malcolm Harker, MHD, one of New Zealand’s best-known herbalists, shares some of his secrets in an article on how to make your own home remedies, and Dr Ben Kim tells you what most doctors won’t tell you about cholesterol and your health.
In healing with food, Sayer Ji, PhD, explains how garlic could save your life, and expounds on the health-promoting properties of coconut oil. How homoeopathy helped a woman with pneumonia recover so that she no longer required a ventilator, how reflexology can promote a relaxation response and enhance healing and how a pine-bark extract developed in NZ offers hope to people with drug-resistant migraines. This downloadable edition of The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine comes as a .PDF file which you can view on your preferred e-reader, tablet, smartphone, or computer. If you enjoy this free sample, you can purchase the full issue (in print version or as a PDF) from our online shop.
Many people who want to stay slim or lose weight reach for artificial sweeteners believing them to be a safe alternative to sugar.
Also in this issue, Sayer Ji, PhD, takes at look at radiation therapy and asks whether this widely used treatment is worth the risks, while Dr. This issue’s review section features the compelling personal story of Beth Sturdivant who developed electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome while living in close proximity to high voltage power lines. If you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, the review of Ann Andrews’ book Positively Parkinson’s may be of interest, while if you have a child who has glue ear or a friend or relative who is prone to wax build-up in the ear canal, the review of Jili Hamilton’s new  book Candling for Optimal Health:  Common and Lesser Known Benefits may provide information that can help solve these common problems.
In an excerpt from a new book by naturopath Benjamin I Brown, discusses the ability of the humble NZ kiwifruit to treat constipation. All told, Issue 16 is one of our very best yet, with 100 pages of vitally important, potentially life saving information on every page.

This issue will be on sale in New Zealand from February 2 and will reach Australian stores and subscribers in March. Produced like a spoof prescription drug commercial, Nature Rx offers timeless prescriptions for whatever ails you. Ed note: The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine features article about various aspects of health and how the natural world can support well being such as sensible sunshine exposure to promote healthy vitamin D levels.
If you would like to download a free sample of issue 20, you can find one at this link, while copies of issue 20 in print format may be purchased here or as a PDF here.
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Issue 17 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine covers the “hot button” issue of vaccination. In Australia, Tony Abbott’s recent announcement that families who have “conscientious objector” exemptions from vaccinating their children will lose these exemptions on January 1. While Prime Minister John Key has ruled out a coercive vaccination policy here, a prominent Northland GP has called for parents to be “compelled” to vaccinate their children, kicking off a national discussion on the vaccination issue here. Accordingly, this issue take a hard look at vaccinations: their side effects and effectiveness – and most importantly presents the evidence that unvaccinated children are generally healthier than their unvaccinated peers. For people who have suffered a vaccine-injury, a feature article in this issue also discusses how homoeopathy can be used to start the healing process. Maintaining good health over winter – and for a lifetime – is also covered in this issue, with editor Katherine Smith’s column “Better Health on a Shoestring” providing a succinct overview of the health benefits of vitamin D. Issue 17 investigates herbicides like Roundup that contain glyphosate as an active ingredient. Increased exposure to glyphosate may be partially responsible for the increased numbers of children who have autism spectrum disorders.

In our article on detoxification for this issue, naturopath Jillian Merz from the Colonic Health Centre  discusses the history and health benefits of colonic hydrotherapy in which purified water is used to flush away accumulated waste. Sexuality also features on this issue, with an article by Sayer Ji, PhD on alternatives to Viagra. Recently a  3D Investigates programme profiled four previously healthy NZ girls who became ill following the HPV vaccination Gardasil.  The programme also briefly told the stories of two NZ girls, Jasmine Renata (18) and Sarah Curran (16) who died unexpectedly following HPV vaccinations. Adults and children over two years: Take 1 capsule per day or as instructed by a healthcare professional. This issue features a story by a doctor who did just this – but found that the artificial sweetener he chose caused chronic joint pain.  He shares his story in the hope that it will assist others who are suffering from similar symptoms. Despite a plethora of severe and disabling symptoms, Beth did not give up and she has now largely recovered from this environmental illness and has written the book Backyard Secrets Exposed to share her experience with others. Co-authored by a retired doctor, thermographic technician and lymphatic enhancement therapy practitioner, this concise, user-friendly book provides vital information that could help many women avoid developing breast cancer, and proceeds from its sale are being donated to the Breast Health Foundation.
Side effects may include confidence, authenticity, remembering you have a body, and being in a good mood for no apparent reason!
2016 and no longer qualify for “Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate and the Family Tax Benefit Part A end of year supplement)”. Thanks to the creation of “Roundup-ready” genetically engineered crops such as soybeans and corn (which can be sprayed with glyphosate without killing the crops), glyphosate is contaminating the food supply at unprecedented levels. Glyphosate may also be used to kill wheat plants prior to harvest and this may be contributing to the development of gluten intolerance.

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