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TERMINATOR-HSD Concrete Cleaner is better than acid-base cleaners at removing oil stains without discoloring the surface.
If you have tried detergent based cleaners to remove oil from concrete then you know that they might remove some of the surface dirt or oil and grease.
TERMINATOR-HSD uses the highest concentration of micro bacteria to digest oil stains where they are. The term for the TERMINATOR-HSD process is bioremediation, and is favored by the Environmental Protection Agency for removing oil from parking lots, driveways, gas stations, commercial equipment yards and industrial properties.
Bio-remediation is the preferred manner of oil spill cleanup for The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Due to the remarkable results seen with TERMINATOR-HSD, it has become an extremely popular product for those serious about removing oil stains from oil spills. Many factories that use special lubricants and hydraulic fluid from time to time spill onto the concrete or ground. From these photos you can see that many satisfied customers have been seen tremendous results from using TERMINATOR-HSD.
Weather it is a new heating oil fuel leak in the basement, a hydraulic fluid spill on the cement, a diesel spill in your garage or motor oil spill on your driveway,   TERMINATOR-HSD has got you covered. Stains new or old are no match for the strong hydrocarbon eating ingredients in TERMINATOR-HSD. About 45 years ago, it was discovered that bacteria exist that eat and digest Petroleum Hydrocarbons in oil fields around the world. TERMINATOR-HSD is the same strength you will find in our commercial product line, only in smaller packaging that makes it the perfect size for a home driveway cleaner. There are many oil stain removal products on the market today that are designed for concrete and driveways. In the past this has been very costly to business and industry and virtually unavailable to the general public. Other times factories and industrial businesses use grease or other organic or protein based materials in their production. If you are environmentally conscious you would be better served to just leave that oil stain on your driveway rather than use conventional mechanisms to clean your concrete, asphalt or pavers.

Scientists discovered that Mother Nature had created a better product for removing oil than man ever could.
After it is applied to an oil stain, it penetrates and digests the petroleum compounds, leaving behind safe biproducts that are beneficial to the environment. TERMINATOR-HSD goes deep into the pores to naturally remove oil stains from concrete leaving behind a like-new appearance.
Try it for 30 days, if you’re not 100% satisfied just return the unused portion for a full refund. One of the best things to do if you have a oil stain, whether it’s old or new is to use TERMINATOR-HSD. The trouble with most is that they contain only a fraction of the microorganisms that TERMINATOR-HSD does. After bio-remediation products became available for home use, they were not that strong and most were far too expensive. When this happens and you need a safe and environmental friendly way to clean up messes when they happen. It contains the same strong hydrocarbon eating micro-bacteria as its Concrete Cleaner sister product. Just sprinkle a little bit on the stain,  sweep over the area,  moisten with water and watch as it completely removes oil stains from your concrete over the coming days and weeks. It is completely 100% environmentally friendly and does an amazing job – it should not be overlooked! It is only recently that this product has been made available in a concentrated form to treat oil stains on concrete and asphalt.
No other type of concrete cleaner for oil stain removal can make such a claim.  Even other dry concrete cleaners do not have the power of TERMINATOR-HSD.
No other products on the market including detergents, acids or even other dry concrete cleaners are as strong and effective as TERMINATOR-HSD. Even if you scrub all day with a detergent you will never remove the oil and grease that has soaked into the pores of your concrete driveway. There are other products that use hydrocarbon eating bacteria but none compare to TERMINATOR-HSD.

When it comes to driveway cleaning you really can’t get more bang for your buck than you will with this product. If you have an oil stain in your parking lot you could do a lot worse than treating it with TERMINATOR-HSD. We are so sure that it will completely remove the oil stains from your concrete that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.
Acid-based concrete cleaning products leave behind a bleached-out stain of their own that is much more difficult to correct. Though many stains will need 1 treatment, for fastest results treat weekly until the stain is removed. TERMINATOR-HSD has more than 6 time the active ingredients of other leading brands and cost about the same as non-ecofriendly products.
Numerous factories have already implemented TERMINATOR-HSD into their regular process of dealing with oil spills.
And it goes without saying that acid-base cleaners are not especially good for the environment.
Today you can completely remove that oil stain on your driveway and you can do it for  less than detergents or acids thanks to the science of bioremediation and TERMINATOR-HSD. TERMINATOR-HSD Concrete and driveway cleaner gives you the peace of mind that you are eliminating oil spills and stains in an environmentally beneficial way. But since there is no need for scrubbing, TERMINATOR-HSD is a great option for oil stain removal. If you breath the fumes, get them on your hands or in your eyes you are headed to the emergency room.

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