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I had many questions about exes and engagement etiquette, so I decided to do something crazy. Me: I have some theories on why people call their exes to tell them about an upcoming engagement. Paul: I could really see that as being a reason why an ex would reach out, especially if things ended on good terms.
The curious thing about relationships and breakups is going from knowing every nuance about someone’s day to knowing nothing at all. Kaarin Moore is the owner of Closet Caucus, a fashion consulting company located in Washington, DC.
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She happened to be browsing online and stumbled upon Brian’s picture with his soon-to-be wife.

For example, should we expect a phone call, email, or conversation over coffee when an ex gets engaged? When it comes down to it, I think you should only contact an ex if you get engaged or get an STD. Maybe contacting an ex about your engagement is a way of harkening back, or paying your respects, to an era when your lives were tied together. And until someone is ready to have a baby, we believe they should have access to birth control. It did make me laugh a little when he said that he hoped I wasn’t putting on a brave face. With all that extra time, it makes sense that we’d be experiencing more relationships in our 20s. Or, if you have an engagement ring on your finger, is there a need to call up the guy who you thought might be “the one” until things went sour?

In his mind I think he got an emotional high from showing his ex how great his life turned out. I expected him to get involved and get married at some point and, by the time his engagement happened, everything between us was water under the bridge.
Perhaps the new rule of etiquette should be that if you get out of a relationship and engaged to someone else within the same year, a phone call is in order? Getting married later means we have more time to date a variety of people and, hopefully, learn about love.
Your ex wants to make sure you hear it from the source, rather than in such an impersonal way.

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