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Holistic Hands, Vaastu Consultant, Lecher Antenna, Buy Lecher Antenna, Online Purches Lecher Antenna, Crystal Therapy, Vaastu Speacialist, Geopathic Stress. She have been pursuing Vastu consultancy since 2004 and handling independent projects and practicing Tarot Card Reading since 2007.
Inhale as you lower your arms to your sides and raise them over your head in a lateral, circular motion. This is an essential part to learn when using colour therapy as this is how we cleanse our auras and chakras on the deepest level.
We are all aware that eating a balanced and healthy diet can improve our health, however eating certain coloured foods and avoiding others can be essential to your wellbeing and in treating certain ailments. Our professional Colour Therapy Course covers all this and more and starts with a colour test. Now we are aproaching the year 2012 learning to heal and developing your skills as a spriritual healer are becoming more and more important.  Holistic healing has always been and always will be the only true path to heal. All our holistic courses are accredited by iphm and ensure that you are getting the best possible online training.

Ear and sinus problems can leave us at best uncomfortable, and at worst in pain and unable to carry on with our normal daily lives.
Pressure point massage is a method of working on the whole body through Meridian pathways for health and wellbeing. Pressure point massage stimulates blood flow, improves circulation, encourages energy flow through the body.
After treatment advice will be given on which facial trigger points to press for self treatment. She is also a practioner of Lecher antenna which helps me in finding intense energy levels on all sites and persons. When your hands meet, press your palms together, thumbs crossed, arms straight, and reach toward the ceiling.
Its a bit like giving your house a good spring clean instead of just a quick flick with a duster.  Learning how to do this correctly can help change your surroundings and attract the right energy to yourself or your client. If you are a spring person for instance then the colours you choose to wear and the foods you eat may vary from a winter personality.

You will learn how to use scarves, crystals and oils and how to do a full chakra reading on yourself or client. The more we rely on medicines and drugs the further away we are from our natural healing abilities which we all possess. Homeopathic remedies from the Energetix range are also available to support the healing process. Healing with colour is about getting in touch with our spiritual nature and bringing about harmony which in turn will help you to heal yourself and others.  Colour therapy also works well with Crystal therapy and Angel Therapy as all are connected.
Some people are drawn to crystals, others to oils and massage, however with colour therapy you will learn how simple healing can be and how to use the power of your mind.

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