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Lock 21, located off the southwestern end of Macdonnell Island, is accessible by land from the Historic plaque. Guard Lock 21 is located at the upper entrance to the 11-mile long Cornwall Canal which was built to circumvent the great rapids of the Long Sault.
During the lunch hour members of the OPSEU were at Nathan Phillip's Square in Toronto to protest last month's closing of Ontario Place.
Last year as new General Manager John Tevlin worked to bring a positive change to Ontario Place attendance was up 89 percent over 2010.
The government of Ontario decided last month that it was time to close the park after just investing more than $10 million into upgrading the grounds and adding new rides. Petitions are online at Save Ontario Place to present to the government letting Ontario's leaders know that the people want to have Ontario Place up and operating this summer. The saveONenergy conservation programs is designed for Ontario home and business owners to make it easier to manage your electricity usage.

This site was designed to help you learn about all programs and any benefits you can take advantage of to help save on energy. Getting Freebies in your mailbox - will be one of your highlightsWhat We DoEnjoy our Daily Dose's of Coupons, Freebies, Contests and Deals all designed for Canada in Mind! Not only were more people at the park, part of Toronto for four decades, the revenues saw a rise. It's low costs allow families of all income levels to enjoy a day out at a local attraction. Daryaw,Conestoga, Rothesay, Kinghorn, Keystorm, Benson, Wexford, Southern Trail, Lyman M Davis.SAVE $10.00 by buying the full set! And Currently they have a long list of printable coupons to help you save money on your Electricity bill. The Department of Railways and Canals operated the lock until 1936 after which the Department of Transport took over when the area was flooded to serve as headwater for the Hydro dam at Cornwall.

This is despite the fact that in honour of Ontario Place's 40th birthday there were no admission fees during the season. While it is true that the park does lose money according to saveontarioplace.ca the actual losses are at $6 million.
Picnic tables are on location and a snackbar, washroom, nature trail and camping facilities are only 4 km away on Woodlands Island.

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