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Blog about the latest news and commentary pertaining to affordable health insurance and healthcare. It's easy to understand why most people are confused about the difference between a virus and a bacteria infection. The main difference between a virus infection and a bacteria infection is that antibiotics have no affect on viruses. Although viruses and bacteria are different and not treated the same, they are spread in the same manner.
DISCLAIMER: The content or opinions expressed on this web site are not to be interpreted as medical advice. Contracting herpes can be a very serious medical complication if is not treated properly, but most people assume they is only one form of herpes. The first version of this illness to be looked at is commonly known as a cold sore or known medically as herpes type 1.
Herpes type 1 can be identified by a cold sore that will appear somewhere on a person’s lips, but it may also be found inside of the mouth.
Herpes type 2 will mainly affect the genitals of both men and women; this is because it stays dormant at the base of the spine.
Also, there are two other types of herpes that people can have that most do not even know counts as a form of the sickness.
When you are sick, these two terms are often used interchangeably to describe what type of infection you have.
A virus usually has more widespread symptoms where a bacteria infection tends to stay within one area, such as the throat. Please consult with your doctor or medical practictioner before utilizing any suggestions on this web site.
In reality, there are several types of herpes that can affect people in many ways, but it can be surprising what can be considered a form of herpes. The next version of this terrible problem is generally known as genital outbreaks and it is known by others as herpes type 2. The actual cause behind this is that the virus stays near the ears when it is in its dormant period before affecting someone. Unlike the first type, type 2 does not usually spread throughout the body and it stays in the area of the genitals.

That first odd form of the virus is known as the chicken pox, which is a problem most people deal with when they are children.
Our FDA approved testing starts at $54 after discount, which is 50% less than a doctors visit. With over 8000 testing and collection centers in our network nationwide (except NJ, NY, and RI), we now offer a fast and reliable prepaid service at a laboratory facility near you. Strep throat, tuberculosis, and urinary tract infections are examples of infections caused by bacteria.
They also have similar symptoms, such as coughing and sneezing, fever, inflammation, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and cramping.
They range from the versions of the disease that most folks already know about and they extend to an illness most people had when they were children. Oddly enough, both versions of this disease have a lot of the same symptoms and both are very serious to have. The amazing fact here is that the majority of people in America have some form of this virus, but it gets bad for most when it spreads to other areas of the body. Although the movement of the virus is a lot less than the other type, people still need to seek medical treatment if they suspect they may have it.
That other odd form is called mono, which the majority of folks will relate to it as the “kissing disease.” It is amazing to think that these two seemingly random issues can be considered forms or herpes, but they actually are.
Each test is Physician Supported and includes a FREE doctors consultation for positive client. Visit the collection site location you chose after receiving your registration email and your lab results will be available in approximately 24-48 business hours.
A virus may produce phlegm that is clear or cloudy, but a bacterial infection may produce phlegm that is green, yellow, bloody or brown. If you or somebody you know thinks they have any kind of herpes, it would be in their best interest to seek medical help immediately.
Although both have a lot of the same symptoms, the general consensus is that type 2 is the worst of that group.
The key method to stopping it is to seek medical help before it spreads to other areas of the body, including the brain. This bit of information can relief some stress for some folks, but it can still be a terrible thing to deal with.

No matter what types of herpes anybody can have, it is really important to get treated as soon as possible.
The sores may occur after a mouth injury due to dental work, aggressive tooth cleaning, or biting the tongue or cheek. Canker sores can be triggered by emotional stress, dietary deficiencies (especially iron, folic acid, or vitamin B-12), menstrual periods, hormonal changes, food allergies, and similar situations.
Particularly large ulcers (greater than 1 cm in diameter) often take longer to heal (2 to 4 weeks). Occasionally, a severe occurrence may be accompanied by nonspecific symptoms of illness, such as fever. Canker sores often return. Exams and Tests Your health care provider can often make the diagnosis by looking at the sore. If canker sores persist or continue to return, tests should be done to rule out other causes, such as erythema multiforme, drug allergies, herpes infection, bullous lichen planus, and other disorders. Canker sores are not cancer and do not cause cancer. There are types of cancer, however, that may first appear as a mouth ulcer that does not heal. In most cases, the canker sores go away by themselves. If you have a canker sore, you should not eat hot or spicy foods, which can cause pain.
These medicines are applied directly to the sore area of the mouth. The easiest home remedy is a mixture of half hydrogen peroxide and half water.
Then, dab a small amount of Milk of Magnesia on the canker sore, three to four times a day.
This is soothing and may also help it heal. Another home remedy is to mix half Milk of Magnesia and half Benadryl liquid allergy medicine. Swish this mixture in your mouth for about 1 minutes, then spit it out. Other treatments for more severe cases include applying fluocinonide gel (Lidex) or chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash. Other symptoms disappear in 10 to 14 days. Possible Complications Antibiotic treatment for canker sores may lead to oral thrush (a type of mouth infection) or other Candida infections.
Rarely, bacterial infections such as cellulitis and Ludwig's angina may occur. Canker sores are not cancer and don't lead to cancer. But if you have a mouth ulcer lasts more that 2 weeks, you should see your doctor to rule out possible cancer. When to Contact a Medical Professional Apply home treatment and call your health care provider if symptoms of canker sores persist or worsen, or canker sores recur more often than 2 or 3 times per year.

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