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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If there is any painful sores or lesions in the mouth, or a break in the mucous lining of the mouth it can cause mouth ulcer. Two type of mouth ulcers are recognized namely aphthous ulcers called canker sores and cold sores (oral herpes or fever blisters).
Poorly fit dental fillers or fixtures can also cause mouth ulcers and it can be easily cured, if the fixtures are removed.
Presence of lesions or blisters on the lips and inside mouth is a common symptom of mouth ulcer. Normally oral ulcers are approached with symptomatic treatment which means the symptoms are controlled first. Follow proper oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly for cleaning plague or other food particles.

The Aphthous Ulcers occurs inside the mouth and the other name for this disease is canker sore. A mouth ulcer often occurs in the lips and under the tongue area and sometimes on the roof of the mouth.
It may be due to bacterial infection or due to the wound caused by using sharp pointed objects on the mouth. Getting mouth ulcer is common if you visit dentist for any lengthy procedure like fixing teeth or removing it. Those who are in the habit of smoking will get mouth ulcers, if they suddenly quit smoking. It is characterized by the inflammation or infection on the soft tissues of the oral cavity. Sometimes, taking hot foods and excess of salt can damage the soft tissues or lining of the mouth causing ulcer.

If you have similar symptoms, with pain and swelling for more than 2 weeks, you need immediate medical care.
You can even find this on the upper throat area which is caused by a kind of break in the mucus membrane. Using mouth rinses that contain benzocaine is recommended for individuals with moderate mouth ulcers. It may occur due to dental braces or due to the painful process during wisdom tooth removal. This is a sort of an ulcer and when caused inside the mouth can cause immense problem in eating.

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