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All numbers are even, as there is space for two sets of electrons, paired according to opposite spins (as required by Pauli exclusion principle).
Elements that have valence electrons in s orbitals constitute the s-block, of the periodictable.
The question you normally get is, for instance, write the electronic configuration of aluminium. That shows also that the valence shell, n=3, has 3 electrons, 2 in a s type subshell and 1 ina p type subshell.

If we consider the capacity of subshells s, p, d and f, t he diagram also shows us the capacities of the main shells. These shapes are determined by solving the Schroedinger equation (gives quantum mechanical behaviour of electrons). The d block consists of transition metals, where the distribution of electrons in the 5 different orbitals are responsible for the varied colours and geometries of the complexes made using these elements. The inside shells don't usually interact with the exterior (other atoms or molecules that approach).

The fact electron are distributed in shells is a consequence of quantization of energy, so that there is not an energy value smaller than that of the separation between shells what implies that no electron can be in between shells.

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