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Manufactured Opioids have been the main method of pain relief for years because alternative medicine like marijuana have been illegal.
Medical marijuana is a science just like manufactured medicine so you need to utilize a dispensary that is knowledgeable and thorough.
It was only in the last century of the industrial revolution that we have become so dependent upon chemicals to keep our crops clean. There are hundreds of strains of MMJ with different medicinal purposes so you need to make sure that you have a patient consultation with your dispensary so they can recommend the correct medicine for your needs. Function of Ozone Vaporizer Facial SteamerOzone vaporizer open up the skin pore, soften the grease,blackhead, make-up remnants and dirt for deep cleaning inside. It seems pointless to utilize naturopathic products that are bathed in pesticides and chemicals.
For patients who do not like to smoke, your dispensary should also offer organic edible medical marijuana.

For nature-paths, an organic lifestyle is a very serious commitment and finding quality medication is a difficult process for patients.
Finding the medicine that is right for you is not a difficult task in a progressive state like Colorado.
Yesterday I got my AMAZING essential oil air diffuser + big box of essential oils in the mail, and I figured it was time to do a comprehensive post on why you should always have essential oils on hand and in your medicine cabinet. Therefore Organic Essence Shea ButterĀ  does not require the addition of essential oils to mask the natural (somewhat unpleasant) odor of most shea butters.This organic shea butter is naturally cold pressed from the African karate nut, and is superior at healing and deeply moisturizing dry or aging skin and promoting optimal capillary circulation. Our day to day lives are so toxic that we need to be hyper vigilant about what we put in our bodies especially in the name of healing. If you are making the choice of alternative medicine and pain relief go one step further in your commitment to natural healing and choose organic. So strong in fact, that you cannot put most oils directly on your skin; they must be diluted in a carrier oil.The carrier oils in this picture are Aloe Vera oil (far left) and Apricot Kernel oil (far right) since you guys know how much I love my cancer-curing B17!

If you missed my post on how Apricot Kernels (which are banned by the corporate-interest funded FDA) cure cancer, you can read it here. Colorado is a very green state and finding a Denver dispensary with organic medicine will not be too difficult. I melted dark chocolate chips + coconut nectar + a touch of coconut oil in a bowl using the double boiler method (so that the melted mixture is slightly WARM, not hot).

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