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The faculty members of KPMC are actively involved in transmission of their knowledge to professionals younger or senior to them.
KPMC specialises not only in patient care but also in practising and teaching both acute and chronic pain management.
A gentleman who had developed chicken pox (herpes zoster) was suffering from very severe pain, to the extent he had attempted suicide to get rid of the problem. Fellow status in the American Academy of Oral Medicine is a highly respected and sought-after credential for Oral Medicine practitioners who are not eligible for Board Certification. In addition, AAOM's Fellowship credential improves access to Oral Medicine services by helping medical and dental practitioners--as well as consumers--to identify providers with demonstrated proficiency in the field of Oral Medicine.

Maintaining membership in the American Academy of Oral medicine for at least two years prior to sitting for the examination.
Attending at least two Annual Meetings, one of which may be the year the examination is taken. Demonstrating proficiency in Oral medicine through teaching oral medicine, a residency program, hospital affiliation, oral medicine publications, and continuing education courses in oral medicine. Submission of an application form and a curriculum vitae that provide documentation of the above.
The primary faculty associated with the Tri-Institutional Pain Fellowship are all board-certified or board-eligible.

On an average basis we perform about 1200 a€“ 1800 interventions per year for both acute and chronic pain. After evaluation was found to have facet joint (small joints interconnecting the parts of back bone) degeneration.

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