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Emory’s Pain Medicine Fellowship is a 12-month ACGME-accredited program providing intensive training in the evaluation and management of pain.
Fellowship applicant must possess either a Georgia temporary training permit valid for one year or a Georgia state medical license to practice medicine. We are currently accepting the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) application. The faculty members of KPMC are actively involved in transmission of their knowledge to professionals younger or senior to them. KPMC specialises not only in patient care but also in practising and teaching both acute and chronic pain management.

A gentleman who had developed chicken pox (herpes zoster) was suffering from very severe pain, to the extent he had attempted suicide to get rid of the problem. Applications are accepted starting January 1st of the year prior to beginning the fellowship (eg. Applications are reviewed starting January 1st with interviews typically scheduled in the spring. On an average basis we perform about 1200 a€“ 1800 interventions per year for both acute and chronic pain.
After evaluation was found to have facet joint (small joints interconnecting the parts of back bone) degeneration.

Our rich didactic program provides a stimulating, interactive framework for learning the art and science of pain management. Through exposure to a wide variety of patient cases and management strategies, our fellowship program strives to provide a balanced, exciting and rewarding experience for the fellows, ultimately generating competent and ethical pain consultants and leaders.Requirements and Application ProcessThe fellowship applicant must be a postgraduate physician eligible to undergo the examination and certification process of the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) or an equivalent Board, or have completed the process and been certified by the ABA or an equivalent Board (such as Anesthesiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurology or Psychiatry).

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