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The present study deals with the estimation of nutritional status by four anthropometric indices, viz. The views expressed in IJMBS articles are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of the journal, the editor, the editorial board  or the  medical association.
Department of Neural and Pain Sciences, Dental School & Program in Neuroscience, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Figure 2: Disease-induced functional and structural plasticity in neural substrates of pain. Pharmacology Institute, University of Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld, 366 Heidelberg, Germany. Cumulative distribution function curve for a simulated analysis of two groups, placebo and combined treatment created from data used for the graph in Figure 2. Figure 3: Cumulative distribution function curve for a simulated analysis of two groups, placebo and combined treatment created from data used for the graph in Figure 2. The x axis represents cut-off points in percentage of change in pain intensity, and the y axis shows the cumulative proportion of subjects that have achieved that level of response or higher.

Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Anesthesia, Clinical Associate in Neurology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Quetelet’s index (QI), Oliver’s typologic index (OTI), Lorenz’s constitutional index (LCI) and muscle index (MI). Molecules may become functionally sensitized (top), synaptic transmission may become potentiated by presynaptic mechanisms (second row, arrow to the left) or by postsynaptic plasticity (arrow to the right), cells may respond to noxious stimuli with increased activity and expanded receptive fields after injury (third row) and network function may change so that more cell ensembles respond to noxious stimuli, collectively leading to a higher net spinal output after injury or inflammation (bottom).
For example, for the combined treatment group line at the 50% response mark, approximately 19% of subjects achieved that level or more. Subjects were selected from 106 confirmed cases of patients with low back pain (69 females, 37 males, aged 21-76 years) who came to the OPD of Aulakh Bone and Joint Centre, Tarn Taran, Punjab, India. Macrophages infiltrate into the space between SGCs and neurons and secrete inflammatory mediators. An adequate number of controls (n = 50, 36 female and 14 male) with no prior history of back pain were also included from the same clinic for comparison. A total of fifteen anthropometric characteristics were measured for all  subjects to estimate the four anthropometric indices.

In findings, gender distribution of chi-square values of four anthropometric indices showed MI and LCI were significantly associated with LBP patients in both sexes QI was found to be statistically significant in female patients only. With age-related chi-square values, MI was significantly associated with female patients of all four age groups but, with male patients, only the younger age group, i.e.
LCI, OTI and QI were significantly associated only with male patients aged 41-50 years, 51+ years, and 21-30 years respectively. Occupation-wise distribution of chi-square values revealed that female patients with working women and housewives were significantly associated with MI but only housewives were significantly associated with LCI.
In male patients, MI was significantly associated with the group of others (comprisedof politicians, carpenters, retired employees and labourers), OTI with agricultural workers, and QI with agriculture, businessmen and the group of others.
It could be concluded from the present study that, MI and LCI could also be successfully used as the risk indicators of LBP.

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