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There are some points about this build for KEYSTONE, we need to point the GHOST REAVER, VAAL PACT, UNWAVERING STANCE, CONDUIT, RESOLUTE TECHNIQUE and IRON REFLEXES in Passive Skill Tree.
Blood Rage applies a buff that deals physical damage to the player over time, while increasing attack speed and life leech. Physical damage reduction - Damage dealt by Blood Rage is lowered by physical damage reduction.
Fixed a bug where Blood Rage would not get modifications such as duration increases when the buff reset due to monster kill. Blood Rage now gives increased attack speed that only comes into effect when the character is on low life.
Increased Blood Rage's life leech at low levels and decreased the damage it deals you at lower levels. A ground effect is the general term for a patch of terrain that has some consequence on characters or monsters positioned on it.

Detrimental ground effects do not affect allies of the character that created them, while those ground effects created by monsters or the environment will not affect other monsters. Characters and monsters can be affected simultaneously by different types of overlapping ground effects.
Burning ground is a detrimental ground effect that deals burning damage (fire damage over time). Consecrated ground is a beneficial ground effect that provides additional life regeneration. Desecrated Ground, created by the unique Lightbane Raiment and the new skill Desecrate, now deals flat chaos damage per minute rather than a percentage of life as chaos damage. When the character is leveled up to a high degree and after the process of accumulating equipments, many players with high Energy Shield can use this KEYSTONE OF SKILL for better items in path of exile. With this skill gem, we can increase 1% AREA OF EFFECT RADIUS, so we should use the Gemcutter's Prism to increase its 20% of its quality.

Killing an enemy while this buff is active refreshes the buff duration, and has a chance to grant a frenzy charge. Note that armour only reduces physical damage from hits, and thus does not affect the damage taken from Blood Rage. And the Light faded and hope waned Zahndethus cast aside his faith and embraced the darkness. For ground effects that inflict damage, only one of each type with the highest damage per second will cause damage at any given moment.
So I firmly suggest the use of the Dream Fragments Sapphire Ring (which can protect us from freeze) and Fairgrave.(which can prevent us from shock).

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