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Until recently, acetaminophen (also known as APAP) was considered to be a fairly harmless painkiller.
Today it’s common for senior citizens and retirees to take 5-10 or more different prescription medicines for various health conditions. Advanced energy work and vibrational healing catalyze transformation, restoration and healing on a very deep fundamental level rather than merely treating symptoms.
Energy healers believe a deeper layer of everything exists energetically, and that energetic and spiritual healing can be effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady as well as the interactions that occur in locations where people live and work. An energy treatment often resembles liquid love or a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around your entire whole person - the energy of joy and peace and healing moves through your body, emotions, mind and spirit. Sometimes the practitioner uses the frequencies of the human voice to produce greater levels of sympathetic resonance with the patient. As a spiritual-energetic treatment, David's meditation and prayer work is not dependent upon your own intellectual capacity or spiritual development. If you are in urgent need of a remote healing appointment when sending a message online, please let David know; he will do his very best to accommodate you or your loved one.
If possible please find a quiet place that will not produce distractions and where you will not be interrupted. Consider bringing any special sacramental objects that are important to you - a picture of a loved one, a rosary, a crystal - into the session; these objects can help your communion. Your session with David has concluded, but your session with the miraculous is just beginning!
After being gravely ill for seven and a half years, with 13 major surgeries, 1386 days in the hospital, 8.5 million dollars of insurance money spent on therapies that weren't working, I went to David Speer for a consultation.
After two hours, with David's help, the life force returned to my body, restoring it and I have been doing well ever since.
I was amazed that the daily discomforts of our members were mostly relieved after only 2 hours of his time. One of the women, who was having trouble hearing, and who had received no help from hearing aids, had her hearing restored to normal after just a few minutes of David's time. Another woman suffering a weak left arm after a stroke, regained the use of her arm as a result of David's work with her.
In the city of Los Angeles, Ca., bottled water was prepared for a double-blind study that would involve 2000 participants in Tokyo, 5,000 miles away. The theory behind this study and others over four decades, influencing the properties of water, is based in alternative medicine given the body compromises of approximately 70% water. The Tokyo group of approximately 2000 people focused their “positive intentions” toward samples of water which were electromagnetically shielded in a room.
Biases have been taken into consideration about the possibilities of several instances of contamination of the study, from photography training to the types of bottle used to house the water, but most are effectively ruled out in the discussion of the report. Though other studies have been conducted over time in the attempt to establish a relationship between precognition or retroactive influence and noticeable action (in this study, ice crystal formation), the “unconventional explanations” that have arisen from this study have provided a foundation to explore this hypothesis further, and with more variables. They Hide(Government,Banksters …) us the Power of Mind, Everyone can elevate his level of consciousness.
It has been scientifically proved by Tesla we emit vibration with our thought which are then transform into energy or whatever we do. For those of you that don’t know, if the experiment cannot be repeated by peer-review, then it is NOT using the scientific method. Their whole study makes no sense… Why did the bottles have to be on the other side of the world to demonstrate this experiment? 2) Muhammad Rashid Rida (1865-1935) - From what is now Lebanon, wanted to rejuvenate the Ottoman caliphate. He made no statements opposing Islamic supremacism, but he is called a Reformera„? for denying the way things are like so many today.
3) Muhammad a€?Inayat Allah Khan (1888- 1963) - Born in Punjab, founded the Khaksar Movement, a Muslim separatist group. The astonishing similaritiesa€”or shall we say the unintentional similarity between two great mindsa€”between Hitlera€™s great book and the teachings of my Tazkirah and Isharat embolden me, because the fifteen years of a€?strugglea€? of the author of a€?My Strugglea€? [Mein Kampf] have now actually led his nation back to success.
Mashriqi emphasized repeatedly in his pamphlets and published articles that the verity of Islam could be gauged by the rate of the earliest Muslim conquests in the glorious first decades after Muhammada€™s death - Mashriqia€™s estimate is a€?36,000 castles in 9 years, or 12 per daya€?. 4) Hajj Amin al-Husseini (~1896 - 1974) - Studied Islamic law briefly at Al-Azhar University in Cairo and at the Dar al-Da'wa wa-l-Irshad under Rashid Rida, who remained his mentor till Ridaa€™s death in 1935.2 3 Perhaps more a politician than a sharia scholar, he is on this page because of his authority and longtime influence as Grand Mufti of Jerusalem beginning in 1921. 5) Sheikh Muhammad Mahawif - was Grand Mufti of Egypt, in 1948 issued a fatwa declaring jihad in Palestine obligatory for all Muslims. 6) Sheikh Hasan Maa€™moun - Grand Mufti of Egypt in 1956 issued a fatwa, signed by the leading members of the Fatwa Committee of Al Azhar, and the major representatives of all four Sunni schools of jurisprudence. There are hundreds of other [Koranic] psalms and hadith urging Muslims to value war and to fight. 10) Sheik Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi (1928 - 2010) - Grand Sheik Al-Azhar University, Cairo 1996 - 2010.
BBC said Tantawi a€?is acknowledged as the highest spiritual authority for nearly a billion Sunni Muslimsa€?. He devotes a chapter to the various ways Allah punished the Jews, among them changing their form.
1996 - 30 years later was appointed Grand Imam at Al-Azhar U., then met in Cairo with the Chief Rabbi of Israel.
President of many influential orgs, founder and president of the International Association of Muslim Scholars which issues many fatwas. During the Arab Springa„? in February 2011, after Mubarak's fall his return to Egypt for the 1st time since he was banned 30 years before drew the largest crowd since the uprising began - over 2 million. He said he worked with and was influenced by Hasan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, where he is a longtime spiritual advisor, and in 1976 and 2004 turned down offers to be the Brotherhooda€™s highest-ranking General Leader. Report on Goma€™a: a€?A fatwa issued by Egypta€™s top religious authority, which forbids the display of statues has art-lovers fearing it could be used by Islamic extremists as an excuse to destroy Egypta€™s historical heritage. 15) Sheikh Gamal Qutb - The one-time Grand Sheik of Al-Azhar on K- 4:24, and sex with slave girls. 19) Sheikh 'Ali Abu Al-Hassan - Al-Azhar University Fatwa Committee Chairman on suicide bombing in 2003. 21) Sheikh Hassan Khalid (1921 - 1989) - Sunni jurist, elected Grand Mufti of Lebanon in 1966 where he presided over Islamic courts for 23 years. Tibi said, "First, both sides should acknowledge candidly that although they might use identical terms these mean different things to each of them. Muslims frequently claim that a€?Islam means peace.a€? The word Islam comes from the same three-letter Arabic root as the word a€?salaam,a€? peace. 23) Majid Khaduri (1909-2007) - Iraqi jurist, Ph.D International law University of Chicago in 1938, member of the Iraqi delegation to the founding of the United Nations in 1945. 25) Hatem al-Haj - Egyptian, leading American Muslim jurist, MD, PhD, fellow at the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the author of this revealing 2008 Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America paper, which says the duty of Muslims is not to respect the laws of the country where they live, but rather do everything in their power to make the laws of Allah supreme.
Warraq says the main arguments of his book are few, since more than fifty percent of it is taken up by quotations from the Koran, from scholars like Ibn Taymiyya, from the Hadith, from Koranic commentators like Ibn Kathir, and from the four main Sunni schools of Law.

Defensive Jihad: This is expelling the Kuffar from our land, and compulsory for all individuals. 28) Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (1939 - ) - Shiite jurist, Supreme Leader of Iran, he was #2 in a 2009 book co authored by Esposito featuring the world's 500 most influential Muslims.
30) Sheikh Ahmed Kuftaro (1912-2004) - Grand Mufti of Syria, after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, yes to suicide attacks against Americans there. Grand Ayatollah Sistani (1930 -) - Shiite jurist and marja, the a€?highest authority for 17-20 million Iraqi Shia€™a, also as a moral and religious authority to Usuli Twelver Shia€™a worldwidea€?. 32) Saudi Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh (1940- ) - Saudi Grand Mufti, the leading religious figure of Saudi-based Salafi Muslims. 33) Saudi Sheikh Saleh Al-Lehadan, Chief Justice of the Saudi Supreme Judiciary Council, and a member of Council of Senior Clerics, the highest religious body in the country, appointed by the King. 34) Saudi Sheikh Wajdi Hamza Al-Ghazawi - preacher started a popular new website "Al Minbar. 35) Saudi Sheik Muhammad al-Munajjid (1962 - ) - well-known Islamic scholar, lecturer, author, Wahhabi cleric.
36) Saudi Sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Sudayyis - imam of Islam's most holy mosque, Al-Haram in Mecca, holds one of the most prestigious posts in Sunni Islam. The Saudis boasted of having spent $74 billion a€?educatinga€? the West that Islam is a Peaceful Tolerant Religiona„?. 43) Mazen al-Sarsawi - popular Egyptian TV cleric comments in 2011 on what Muhammad said about IS&J. 46) Sheik Taj Din Al-Hilali - Sunni, Imam of the Lakemba Mosque, former Grand Mufti of Australia & New Zealand, Ia€™m not sure of his education but he is on this page because he was the highest religious authority there for almost 20 years.
47) Imam Anwar al-Awlaki - American imam, became a leading figure in Al Qaedaa€™s affiliate in Yemen.
Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (1971- ) - First Caliph of the new Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL) created in 2014.
If youa€™ve been through this site then you dona€™t need Raymond Ibrahima€™s explanation why the a€?religious defamationa€? laws being called for internationally in 2012 would ban Islam itself and its core texts (One & Two) if they were applied with the same standard to all religions. 10) Sheik Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi (1928 - 2010) - Grand Sheik Al-Azhar University, Cairo 1996 - 2010.A  Grand Mufti of Egypt 1986 - 1996. After all, it’s found in commonly used over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol, as well as stronger prescription medications like Vicodin and Oxycodone. Beneath the physical, the psychological, the emotional are energy and spirit; and because energy and spirit are not confined by time or space, David can even provide remote treatments, over the phone, much like remote viewing, when travel is not possible. In this modality several subtle energetic bodies are carefully studied and treated by focus and visualization.
Unexpected resolutions, alignments and healings unfold as you journey toward your highest and greatest good.
Although energy work can go hand-in-hand with revelations and psychic information as a means for reaching resolutions, Spirit is infinitely courteous and will never share any embarrassing information with David. If this feels unusual, give thanks to good friends, good food or anything that makes you happy. In this particular study, water that was under the intentions of the group, produced symmetric, aesthetically pleasing crystals, while the control group produced poorly formed ones. Using a prayer of gratitude, they focused on the bottled water – on digital images sent from California – aiming their positive intentions.
One remains that “space conditioning effects” of the “ambient electromagnetic radiation” may have the potential to play a part in the outcomes. Those responsible for this study in question have also suggested that more investigation is warranted, both to eliminate any possible bias, and to explore these unconventional explanations. No reputable scientist would leave their evaluation to human judgement… The evaluate MUST be objective. It was co-founded by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell and former Exxon executive and crank billionaire Paul N. Its time to except there is a vast amount of things science can’t explain and considers ridiculous, as there always has been scince science began, that are real, true, and very powerful. We shook hands and Hitler said, pointing to a book that was lying on the table: a€?I had a chance to read your al-Tazkirah.a€? Little did I understand at that time, what should have been clear to me when he said these words! But only after leading his nation to the intended goal, has he disclosed his movementa€™s rules and obligations to the world; only after fifteen years has he made the means of success widely known. In 1922 he became President of the Supreme Muslim Council where he had the power to appoint personally loyal preachers in all of Palestinea€™s mosques, making him indisputably the most powerful Muslim leader in the country.2 Exiled, eventually to Germany from 1937 - 1945 where he was Hitlera€™s close associate. He founded the political party Hizb ut-Tahrir in 1952 as an alternative to the MB, and remained its leader until he died in 1977. 90-91), Irana€™s Ayatollah Khomeini himself married a ten-year-old girl when he was twenty-eight. English translation in Barry Rubin and Judith Colp Rubin, Anti-American Terrorism and the Middle East (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002), pp.
The 2 largest standing Buddha carvings in the world from the 6th century were blown up by the Taliban in 2001.
Ahmad AlA­Tayyeb - Grand Sheik of Al-Azhar University, was President of Al Azhar for 7 years, was Grand Mufti of Egypt. Career spanned more than 65 years, joined SAIS faculty in 1949, then created the first graduate program in the U.S on the modern Middle East.
Islamic Education, Darul Uloom, Karachi, now hadith and Islamic economics instructor, sat for 20 years on Pakistani Supreme Court, he is one of the most respected Deobandi scholars in the world who authored over 60 books, an expert in Islamic finance who was quietly terminated or resigned in 2008 from the Sharia Supervisory Board of the Iman Fund, formerly the Dow Jones Islamic Index Fund (sharia finance). Al-Azhar University in The Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, Shariah degree Damascus University, influenced by Sayyid Qutb and knew his family while in Egypt, lectured for years at Saudi Arabiaa€™s King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah until 1979.
Although acquitted by an Egyptian court for complicity in the 1981 slaying of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, he has bragged about issuing the fatwa that approved the killing. He meets frequently with Crown Prince Abdullah and other senior members of the ruling family. But if the standard is how violent a reaction it provokes from the offended people, then only a€?defaminga€™ Islam will be banned. Including all his references, they amount to a mountain of evidence that shows the consensus on IS&J in all 5 schools since the 7th century, especially in the absence of any book full of contrary opinions from authorities with the stature of the examples you have seen. If they had, it would be easy to demonstrate with the kind of evidence you see here, from whatever era that was.
He founded the political party Hizb ut-Tahrir in 1952 as an alternative to the MB, and remained its leader until he died in 1977.A  Its stated goal is jihad a€?in clearly defined stagesa€? against existing political regimes, and their replacement with a caliphate. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. Acetaminophen has been sold in modest quantities all across the world, and has been used to treat everything from mild headaches to more severe forms of pain. Fancy smart phones are impressing everyone with their ability to make life more convenient and fun.But is anybody questioning the health costs of all this technology? The human consciousness, through intention and voice, can deliver millions of discrete vibrational frequencies to assist the healing process through the multi-dimensional levels of the human energy field.

David has studied this complex modality for many years, and holds the highest certification possible (Level 7) and is considered an advanced practitioner. Ministers who operate in the light embrace your free will and encourage your creativity and individual communion with the universe. Gratitude is a special vibration and can help us continue in a frequency that resonates with what is much larger than ourselves - the source of miracles - so that we may continue receiving our highest and greatest good, hours, days, even weeks after an energetic session has ended. The double-blind study conducted on ice crystals under the hypothesis that positive thinking can influence structure, has unveiled some potentially remarkable results.
This supports the hypothesis that alternative medicine therapies involving intention, can have a positive affect over the body.
Other control water samples that the group were unaware of, were set aside in a separate location. Needless to say, the question of influence remains until more studies are concluded in this field. When you think that at any given second your mind is performing 6,000,000,000,000 functions regulating every single cell in your body. After the war he was wanted for crimes against humanity, but returned as a war hero to the Middle East, and remained Grand Mufti at least 10 years after WWII.
Hizb reportedly now has secret cells in 40 countries, outlawed in Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and many others, but not in the USA where they hold an annual conference, and ita€™s still a legal political party in UK. Extremely influential Sunni jurist, sharia scholar based in Qatar, memorized the Koran by age ten.
Chairman of the board of trustees atA Michigan-based Islamic American University, a subsidiary of the Muslim American Society, which was claimed by the Muslim Brotherhood as theirs in 1987.
Goma€™a was #7 in the book co-authored by John Esposito featuring the world's 500 most influential Muslims, and he is widely hailed as a Moderatea„?. He was the program's director until his retirement in 1980 and University Distinguished Research Professor until his death at 98 years old. Deputy Chairman of the Jeddah based Islamic Fiqh Council of the OIC, and is a member of ECFR, whose President is Sheik Qaradawi. OBL was enrolled there from 76-81 where they probably first met; Azzam eventually became his mentor. In fact 3 times Pulitzer Prize winner and Middle East Experta„? Thomas Friedman wants to give a Nobel prize to him even though he is an Islamic supremacist. There is much more than those 2 books, here are reading lists with books full of more evidence from Muslim and non-Muslim accounts of institutionalized IS&J for over 1300 years.
University Dogma takes for granted that a majority of jurists and ulama scholars, past and present, taught against IS&J, but no one says who and where these people are, and exactly what they said about relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. This is sometimes called an ascension experience because the human consciousness is interacting spiritually on a cellular level. Long distance sessions require a great deal of preparation and concentration; David is only able to provide so many remote sessions per week. Is it that hard that impossible to believe it can effect a water crystal outside of the body?
He is remembered as the godfather of Palestinian terrorism nationalism - Professor Edward Said praised him as a€?the voice of the Palestinian people.a€? The History Channel made a film about him. Former Hizb-ut-Tahrir member Ed Husain, in his 2007 book The Islamist, says: The difference between Hizb ut-Tahrir and jihadists, is tactics, not goals.
Qaradawi was #6 in the book co authored by Esposito in 2009 featuring the world's 500 most influential Muslims. Similarly, when Muslims and the Western heirs of the Enlightenment speak of tolerance they have different things in mind.
Internationally recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on Islamic law and jurisprudence, modern Arab and Iraqi history, and politics. Even though he is not a sharia scholar, he is on this page because that is mostly what his The Calcutta Qur'an Petition (1986) is - quotes of Koranic commentaries by famous sharia scholars, in an attempt to ban the Koran in India. If you have any examples, please send documentary evidence so I can add it to the Tiny Minority of Extremists page, coming up next. Is one approach better than the other?As we see it, the only similarity between holistic and traditional therapies is that they’re both intended to fix problems related to health.
The aim is to adjust the subtle frequencies of the physical body to access higher dimensional energies and spiritual resources. Just read on the studies of the placebo effect if you want to be blown away on OUR minds abilities. They simply deny that it is a principle of Islam that jihad may include wars of aggression.
Mashriqia€™s book Tazkirah (a commentary of the Quran) was nominated for the 1925 Nobel Prize in Literature. What is the good of us (the mullahs) asking for the hand of a thief to be severed or an adulteress to be stoned to death when all we can do is recommend such punishments, having no power to implement them? Because of his huge influence, and to understand the significance of his connections with Moderatea„? American Muslim leaders that you will see in the Muslim Brotherhood page, you must understand what believes.
As the overall result from the blindly identified samples, the ‘treated’ water appeared to have a higher aesthetic appeal than that of the control water.
Why are most of the references referencing a Parapsychology Journal, that is bound to be unreliable?
Fouad Ajami said "Professor Khadduri was one of the pioneers of Middle Eastern studies in the United States. Beyond that, toxicity and high sugar intake are also key contributors to people feeling tired, cranky, or generally in poor health.
To rule out any possibility of contamination of the results, the photographer taking the analytical images of the crystals was blind to both the treatment versus control conditions. Why do they account for things like electromagnetism, when they have no prior knowledge of electromagnetism affecting how water crystals are formed? In 1930 I sent him my Isharat concerning the Khaksar movement with a picture of a spade-bearer Khaksar at the end of that book.
According to prosecutors, the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center (WTC), which killed six people, was part of the conspiracy. The intention of Mohammed, in what he said of jihad, may have been misunderstood and misrepresented.
Islam says: Whatever good there it exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword!
Founded the Shaybani Society of International Law, and was a founder of the Middle East Institute, and the University of Libya, where he became dean in 1957.
Until the newer conceptions, as to what the Koran teaches as to the duty of the believer towards non-believers, have spread further..

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